Top 20 Munchies In India

top 20 muchies in india

Munching is an essential part of the day. Snacking helps you regain strength, have a filling evening, and they are delicious. It is necessary to have the perfect munchies for your time of the day. Here are the 20 best munchies in India that you should try for a great snack. These are light and crunchy.

1.Bingo Chips

Bingo chips are a brand result of ITC, established in 2007. It was sent off with a ton of assortment in bundled salted snacks, and right until now, it is the market chief in finger snacks. Bingo additionally is profoundly conspicuous in the worldwide market due to its wide assortment of flavors.

Bingo chips


Lay is widely known globally for its potato chips. Since 1965, it’s been a subsidiary logo of Pepsico, an American multinational food, snacks, and drinks logo with a presence in extra than two hundred countries. There are various flavors of lay chips.



Doritos is another premium chip sub-brand that is 100% owned by Pepsico. Flavored tortilla chips have been made by Doritos since 1964. The brand started by offering unflavored chips, followed by various other flavors.


4.Parle Chips

Parle Wafer Chips are manufactured by Parle Products Private Limited of India, a Mumbai-based Indian food company founded in 1929. It is a giant biscuit and chips brand in the world by volume. Parle offers chips with different flavors and textures. Parle Chips are made from hand-picked potatoes. Its light and crunchy texture gives it a fantastic taste and feel when consumed.

Parle Chips


Haldiram`s is an Indian snack, sweets, and restaurant company. It was founded back in 1941 in Bikaner, also known as Haldiram. The company is headquartered in Maharashtra and offers potato chips, frozen foods, sweets, and snacks. Haldiram chips are famous and have become synonymous with chips in parts of India. Haldiram chips are made from specially selected, handpicked potatoes and are flavorful and have a delicious taste.



Pringles is a sub-brand of multinational employer Kellogg’s, headquartered in Michigan, United States. Kellogg’s was once based through Will Keith Kellogg in 1906. The bitter cream and onion chips or different flavors provided via Pringles are yummy, and the pack consists of 50 percent less energy than everyday chips, making them exceedingly higher for health.


7.Uncle Chips

Uncle Chips is an Indian chips company brought in 1992 by Amrit Agro Ltd. The agency used to be taken over by using the food, snacks, and beverage large PepsiCo in 2000. The Uncle Chips potato chips are professional with uncommon spices made from clean and handpicked potatoes. The chips are spicy and have a crunchy texture that tastes yummy and can be paired with smooth and cold drinks.

Uncle Chips


The RiteBite Max Protein chips come from the residence of Naturell India Private Limited. The company gives wholesome snacks, protein chips, a vitamin bar, a protein bar, breakfast cookies, and more. The RiteBite chips are gluten-free and have 35%  fewer fats than different chips. The Max Protein chips are made with great grains such as oats, ragi, sorghum, quinoa, and extra, which makes them ideal for your snacking needs.



Cornitos is an Indian snacks manufacturer launched in 2009 using Green Dot Health Foods Private Limited, a developing FMCG company. The company affords exceptional flavors of chips such as tomato, scorching jalapeno, peri-peri, tikka masala, barbeque, and more. The chips are free from trans-fat, Lack oil and cholesterol, and are Gluten-free.



TagZ is a Bengaluru-based Indian snack that was manufactured in 2019. The manufacturer claims that it produces revolutionary popped potato chips that are neither baked nor fried and incorporate 50%less fat. The popped potato masala chips used by TagZ have no synthetic flavors, gluten, or preservatives.


11.Real Namkeen

Real namkeen falls underneath the manufacturer title Laxmi Snacks Pvt. Ltd and used to be delivered in 1989. Real namkeen and actual bakers collectively produce a massive range of meal merchandise like namkeen, snacks, and different bakery products. The chips are light and delicious.

Real namkeen

12.To Be Honest Chips 

To Be Honest, is an Indian snack manufacturer-based company by Mayank Gupta. The manufacturer provides wholesome snacks made with actual veggies and fruits. The TBH chips include excessive nutrients, vitamins, fiber content, and 50% much less oil than regular chips. The gluten-free, tasty, and excessive dietary fiber chips are pro with delicious spices and baked with vacuum technology.

To Be Honest chips


Snacky is owned by Vishalakshi Traders, which was once hooked up in 1993. It is no longer solely the leading manufacturer and provider of a variety of merchandise like namkeen, dry fruits, salted snacks, and fryums. The agency is an adequately-regarded dealer for excessive fantastic meal products all over the globe.



If you love munching on crispy, delicious, spicy chips, then Kurkure is perfect for you. Their flavor is unique, and one-of-a-kind, and they have a marvelous quantity. Their most famous flavors are Masala and Green Chutney. It is very famous among the teens and adolescents of this country.


15.Too Yumm

Too Yumm is an Indian snack manufacturer and is the latest addition to the chips market. Too Yumm veggies Stix chips are crafted with a mixture of multigrain and greens that are prosperous in nutritional vitamins and proteins. This makes them an extraordinarily healthful preference for chips and snacks in general. As they are baked and no longer fried, they are additionally recognized for incorporating herbal oxidants.

Too Yumm

16.Jacker Chips

Jacker is a Malaysia-based product business enterprise that produces potato chips that are outstanding and delicious. Jacker potato chips are made from the best potato, which is imported clean, giving shoppers high-quality first-class and rich taste. Multiple flavors are handy such as potato chocolate, potato, and many more.

Jacker chips


If you devour Crax by sticking your finger in every chip individually, you are consuming it correctly! It is a preferred way by young people in India, specifically after college or playtime. These munchies are delicious and are available in various, different flavors.


18.Yellow Diamond

Yellow Diamond is an Indian-based meals corporation launched in 2004 by Amit Kumar. To this day, the snacks company is an enormous success and has its merchandise promoted in extra than 1.2 million shops all over the country. The chips are delicious and a must-try.



These chips are gluten-free, crunchy, and can be eaten with a dip. TOSTITOS Crispy Tortilla Rounds are a delicious complement to any match due to their enduring crunch and flavor. They are the best little vessel for dipping into all of your favorite toppings and homemade dips to journey their prosperous tastes. They have a pleasant crunch.


20.Naan Chips

Naan can be converted into chips by baking it twice and turning it into Naan Chips! There can also no longer be a higher taste aggregate in the world than meals that have been pro with the culinary alchemy of butter and garlic. Try the Win greens Farms Naan Chips with any sparkling dips and sauces.

Naan Chips