Top 20 Must Try Fast Food Under Rs 50 In Guwahati

Top 20 Must Try Fast Food Under Rs 50 In Guwahati

Guwahati is a hub for fast food; in every street of Guwahati, you will find some or other mouth-watering foods that are very affordable, the cheapest starting from Rs 10 to Rs 100-200. But today, we will mainly focus on foods under Rs 50, which will be pocket-friendly and satisfying to the mouth. Since Guwahati is a place where people from different states and cuisines stay together, it has brought us a diverse variety of flavors, and the people of Guwahati embrace it with love and acceptance.

1.Veg Momo

Fancy Bazar is a hub for fast food; it’s a famous wholesale market where you get everything starting, from clothes to bags, shoes, home and kitchen items, and groceries at a meager price. Due to its reasonable price, it attracts not only locals but tourists and visitors. Also, Fancy Bazaar has endless varieties of fast food for you to choose from, out of which, let’s talk about the famous Momo stall in Masjid Gali, which is renowned for its Veg and Cheese Momos. Momo Centre is renowned for its affordable and tasty Momos, which get sold out within 2-3 hours of opening. If you ever visit a Fancy Bazaar, don’t miss the Momos from Momo Centre.



Another famous thing for which Fancy Bazaar is also the best-selling street food is Faluda. It comes in different flavors, starting from Rs 50 to Rs 70. It’s made of custard, flavored syrup, rice vermicelli, dry fruits, chia seeds, tutti-fruit, and ice cream. It is served chilled and is very popular during summer. It not only soothes the body during the hot weather but also fills it.



Fuchka in Guwahati is to die for; with a starting rate of 20, you can try different types of Fuchka, Dahi Fuchka and Fuchka with varying flavors, you name it, they have it. There is no specific place for Fuchka. You can find Fuchka all around Guwahati. Some of the best Fuchka places are Fancy Bazaar, Six Mile, outside Nehru Park, etc.



Bhelpuri is again a widespread yet famous street food of Guwahati with a starting range of Rs 20 to 40; Bhelpuri is available at different places in Guwahati, among which Six Mile and Fancy Bazar are the best. Besides these places, you will find Bhelpuri outside any college or university and Digholi Pukhuri.


5.Sugar Cane Juice

It’s a must-have drink of Guwahati, especially during summers, i.e., Sugar Cane Juice. Sugar Cane Juice is the best option for summer at a very affordable price. You can get Sugar Cane Juice anywhere in Guwahati at just Rs 20, and the large glass costs Rs 30.



Pokora is also considered the oldest street food of Guwahati; you get different types of Pakoras like Aloo Pokora, Piyaz Pakora, Chili Pokora, and Bread Pokora; all these types of Pokora start from Rs 5- 20 maximum. You can get this Pokora in different places. Still, the nearest will be outside Appolo Hospital Christian Basti, and another location is outside Nehru Park.



Ghugni is another old yet authentic fast food of Guwahati; Momo and other street food made their way into the fast food industry, but before that, Ghugni and Pokora were the only street food we used to get in Guwahati. Till today, this simple Ghugni doesn’t fail to win the hearts of the people of Guwahati.


8.Chicken Lollipop

Like Momos and Pokora, the Chicken Lollipop is very famous and readily available in Guwahati; no matter the place or street, you will find one vendor selling Chicken Lollipops. The price may vary from place to place, but it generally starts from Rs 50 to 60.



Singara or Samosa doesn’t need any introduction; it is the love of Indian people. Until today, it is the choice of most Indians since it is affordable yet filling to the stomach. Near every single tea stall in Guwahati, you will find one vendor selling Singara at Rs 10, so whenever you are in Guwahati, try this Singara with your tea.


10.Anda Pakora

Anda Pakora is a specialty of Guwahati; students and kids love to eat Pakora, and you will find students gathering near the Anda Pakora stall right after tuition ends. Anda Pakora is cheap as well as very healthy. You will discover Pakora almost everywhere, but if possible, try Pakora from Khanapara bus stop, outside Nehru Park, or Digholi Pukhuri.


11.Veg Roll

Veg Roll is one of the cheapest fast food compared to its portion. It is very filling and, at the same time, affordable. You can quickly get a Veg Roll at Rs 50-60. There are many small stalls or food trucks everywhere in Guwahati where you can find Veg Rolls.



Chowmein is also very readily available in Guwahati; though there are many fast food choices. Guwahati has various Chowmein starting from Veg, Chicken, and Pork at just Rs 50. Pork Chow is the specialty of Guwahati, so try it if you ever visit Guwahati.


13.Veg Fried Rice

Veg Fried Rice is yet another highly recommended fast food of Guwahati. You can quickly get a full plate of Veg Fried Rice at Rs 50. Chicken and Pork Fried Rice may cost a bit more, but that is under Rs 100.


14.Masaledar Sweet Corn

Many people recently liked Sweet Corn as it is light and has a mixture of different spices, and the sweet and sour taste makes it savory. One cup of Sweet Corn costs Rs 50. It is not only healthy but tasty as well. If you are in a mall, you will find Sweet Corn there, but other than those different places like Beltola, and Six Mile you can find it easily.


15.Papri Chat

Six Mile is best known for its Papri Chat, and other types of chat, such as Allu Chat and Chole Chat, are also available there. After six miles, Fancy Bazaar is also known for its Papri Chat. You can quickly get the Papri Chat and other Chat at Rs 50.


16.Spiral Potato

Spiral Potato is the trendsetter; in Digholi Pukhari, one couple sells spiral potatoes for Rs 40. Their menu has three types of spiral potatoes ranging from 40, 50, and 60. Due to its popularity recently, you can see many people going there to try their spiral potato. Not only that, this spiral potato place is getting famous on social media as well. So, if you are in Guwahati next time, try the spiral potato of Digholi Pukhari.


17.Plain Dosa

Kerala Bhavan, located in the Paltan Bazaar, is a hidden jam offering some of the best affordable South Indian food. One of the cheapest foods from Kerala Bhawan is their Plain Dosa, which is Rs 40. The Dosa starts from Rs 40 and goes up to Rs 90-100. It is an old yet very authentic restaurant.



Kerala Bhawan also has the most affordable Idli, starting from Rs 40. Plain Idli is a healthy and affordable option in Kerala Bhawan. Kerala Bhawan serves Idli and Dosa and has a vast menu full of South Indian cuisine.



Paratha is available everywhere in Guwahati, but specifically during the morning time. Small food vendors and restaurants sell Paratha at a meager price. In some places, it can be Rs 20 or, in some, 30. It depends on the shop and the amount of the Paratha they offer.



Last but not least, Guwahati is famous for its unique food, which does not come under Rs 50 but slightly more. It is the renowned street Biriyani. You will see small food vendors selling Chicken Biriyani on the roadside at Rs 60 or, in some places, 70. It is the cheapest Biriyani of Guwahati.