Top 20 Must-Try Foods Of Chikamagaluru

Top 20 Must-Try Foods Of Chikamagaluru

Chikamagaluru is the most famous hill station in Karnataka. It is located in the Western Ghats and has major tourist attractions. Chikamagaluru serves the best coffee in India and is known as the Coffee Land of Karnataka and the Coffee Land of India. This article will contain much more information about the Top 20 Must-Try Foods of Chikamagaluru.


It is said that Baba Budan founded the first coffee plantation in Chikamagaluru. It is believed that Baba Budan carried seven coffee seeds from Mecca and planted them on a hill. The hill became famous after his name, Baba Budangiri Hills. Since then, coffee plantations have started in Chikamagaluru, and now it is known as the coffee land of India. The most famous varieties of coffee in Chikamagaluru are Arabica and Robusta. These coffee beans are handpicked and have spectacular aromas. It is dried in natural sunlight. The taste is heavenly. It is a must-try when in Chikamagaluru.


2.Akki Roti

Akki Roti means “rice bread” in Kannada. It is the most common breakfast in Karnataka. It is made with rice flour, carrots, onions, sesame seeds, beans, and customizable vegetables. All together, it is made into a dough and kneaded. It is flattened and heated with oil until crispy on both sides. It is served with some side dishes. It is said to be very healthy and nutritious.


3.Jackfruit Papad

Jackfruit papad is said to have originated in the Malnad region. Chikamagaluru has the most authentic jackfruit dishes and traditional snacks made of jackfruit. The process of making jackfruit is quite simple. A fresh jackfruit is picked, a jackfruit pulp is made, and it is mixed with spices. It is shaped like a thin, circular disc. It is dried naturally in the sunlight. They are of high quality. It is a must-try.

Jackfruit Papad

4.Huli Avalakki

Huli Avalakki is also known as Gojju Huli Avalakki. It is the most wholesome breakfast dish in Chikamagaluru. Its main ingredients include urad dal and gram dal. Though this recipe has many variations and the most famous one is grinding urad dal and gram dal. It is mixed with boiling jaggery, spices, and local herbs. The taste is unique and is a must-try.

Huli Avalakki

5.Cheenikaayi Kadubu

Cheenikaayi Kadubu is also known as Pumpkin Idli. It is a special Malnad dish prepared during festivals. It is a healthy breakfast and enjoyed by all ages. The process of preparing Cheenikaayi Kadubu is quite simple and quick. It is prepared using pumpkin and idli rava. It can be made sweet or spicy as per your taste. The sweet mixture includes jaggery, coconut, etc. The spicy mixture includes red chili, coconut, ginger, etc. It is very healthy and tastes delicious. It is a must-try.

Cheenikaayi Kadubu

6.Gujje Palya

Gujje Palya is also known as Halasina Kayi Palya or Jackfruit vegetable. Jackfruit is believed to be an integral part of the Malnad region. Jackfruit dishes are found only here and have the most authentic taste. Gujje Palya is prepared using raw jackfruits authentic spices and local herbs. The taste is spectacular. It is a must-try.

Gujje Palya


Holige is also known as Obattu. There are many different versions of Holige all over India. The main ingredients include jaggery, coconut, kova, chana dal, etc. Obattu is prepared in a traditional way by the locals of Chikamagaluru. It is served with a generous amount of ghee as topping. The taste is delicious. It is a must-try.



Pathrode is also known as Patra vada, Patra vadi, etc. Pathrode is the most common and delicious snack of Chikamagaluru. It is often enjoyed with evening tea or coffee. The process of preparing Pathrode is quite unique. The main ingredient of this dish is colocasia leaves. It is popularly known as Pathrode leaves. The leaves are filled with spices, herbs, coconut, etc. it is steamed and cut into pieces. It is later fried in oil and served with butter. It tastes delicious and is a must-try.


9.Hesarubele Carrot Kosambari

Hesarubele Carrot Kosambari is the most simple and easy dish to prepare. It required only two ingredients, Carrot and Moong Dal. The carrot is grated and added to boiled moong dal. A few light spices are added and served. It is very nutritious. Do give it a try.

Hesarubele Carrot Kosambari

10.Masala Dosa

Masala Dosa is the most loved South Indian Breakfast by everyone. It is common in all the households of South India. Dosa is filled with tasty potato and spicy red chutney. It is served hot with coconut chutney and sambhar. It tastes delicious. It is a must-try.

Masala Dosa

11.Rava Idli

Rava Idli is another variation of Idli. It is the most common South Indian Breakfast and can be found in almost all households in South India. In the Rava batter there is an addition of freshly grated carrots, peas, cucumber, etc. It is steamed and served hot with spicy green chutney and tangy sambhar. It is healthy. Do give it a try.

Rava Idli

12.Koli Saaru

Chicken curry in Kannada is known as Koli Saaru. This dish is spicy and flavourful. It is usually served hot with raagi mudde or steamed rice. There are many different styles and methods used for preparing Koli saaru. Each method is unique and tasty. It is loved by everyone and is a must-try when in Chikamagaluru.

Koli Saaru

13. Majjige Huli

Majjige Huli is the most prepared drink in the entire Karnataka. It is buttermilk with additives of spices and vegetables. This curd-based gravy tastes absolutely delicious with steamed rice. It is the most consumed gravy. It is very simple and easy to prepare. It is mildly spicy and sour. It is rich in flavours. It is a perfect drink during summer. Do give it a try.

Majjige Huli

14.Maddur Wada

Maddur Wada originated in Karnataka. They serve the most authentic Maddur Wada. It is the most popular evening snack often enjoyed with evening chai. It is made from rice flour, rava, and maida. Few local herbs and spices are added. It is made into a patty. It is deep-fried and served hot. It tastes delicious and is a must-try.

Maddur Wada

15.Ragi Mudde

Ragi Mudde is found only in Karnataka. It is the most healthy recipe. Ragi Mudde is made from Millet. Millet lumps are made and steamed. The taste is unique and nutritious. It is served with spicy gravy of vegetables or chicken gravy. It is very fulfilling and loved by everyone. It is consumed by the locals on a daily basis. Do give it a try.

Ragi Mudde

16.Jackfruit Chips

Jackfruit is the most common fruit used by the people of Chikamagaluru. They make many dishes out of Jackfruit. One such Jackfruit dish is Jackfruit Chips. Jackfruit Chips are the best pass-time snacks while travelling. The process of preparing these chips is simple and easy. It is prepared in most of the houses of the Malnad region. It is a must-try.

Jackfruit Chips

17.Jackfruit Fitters

Jackfruit Fitters is a traditional dish. Jackfruit Fitters are also known as Halasina Hannina Mulka. It is a perfect evening snack. The preparation is quite simple. Jackfruit is coated with gram flour and deeply fried. It is tasty. Don’t miss it out when in Chikamagaluru.

Jackfruit Fitters

18.Gasagase Payasa

Gasagase Payasa is also known as Poppy seeds kheer. It is the very healthy recipe as it helps to cool down your system. They have many other nutritional values. The preparation of Gasagase Payasa is simple. It is prepared using poppy seeds, rice, sugar, and water. It is garnished with nuts and raisins. It is served hot or cold as per preference. It tastes delicious and is a must-try.

Gasagase Payasa


Kalule means Bamboo Shoots. The Bamboo Shoots are Tender. It is a seasonal dish of the Malnad Region. It can be found only during monsoon season. Bamboo is cut and soaked overnight. A tadka is given to the cut bamboo pieces. Unique spices and local herbs are added to make it extra special. The taste is unique. It is a must-try.


20. Appekkayi Saaru

Appekkayi Saaru is also known as Mavinakaayi Saaru. It is made using raw mangoes. It is a tangy and spicy beverage served along with meals. It is said to be very healthy and nutritious. It is a Karnataka dish, they use wild raw mangoes to prepare this beverage. It is a must-try because of its unique flavours.