Top 20 Must Visit Restaurants In Lucknow


Lucknow is the city of Nawabs, which is famous for its etiquettes, manners, tradition,culture and cuisines.People come here for buying chikankari dresses, seeing beautiful monuments to know about the ancestors and specially for food.People who are foody, should come to Lucknow for spending a quality time with their family.Lucknow is famous for its non-veg cuisines like tundey kabab, chicken korma, biryani, roasted chicken, fish,etc.

1. Royal Sky

It is located at heart of the city.It is among the best restaurants in Lucknow. This restaurant provide their customers with all type of food like South Indian,Chinese,Italian and many more.If one is bored and want to try something else, they will provide the customer to have food in open,under the showers of sky and can eat the delicious food under the twinkling stars.The scene from the terrace of the restaurant will give the comers a refreshment in their life.


2. Tundey Kababi

If you have come to Lucknow and without eating these mouth watering Tundey Kababi,there is no use of coming to Lucknow. These kebabs are made of minced meat. These kebabs are the soul of Lucknow,because of this the city of nawab,Lucknow is famous. The best kebab seller is in Lucknow.They not only sell these kebab but many more other cuisines like biryani,chicken korma,mutton,roasted chicken, chicken lollipops and many more things. The service of this restaurant is very fast and waiters are well-dressed.


3. L-14 Renaissance

A restaurant become famous because of its ability to attract customers and in this it is perfect. The architecture of this restaurant is the interesting thing to attract the customers. They provide a perfect dining experience. The service of this restaurant is the fastest then any other restaurant in Lucknow. This restaurant is marked in five starts and meals provided to the customers are yummy and delicious. Thoes who have to feel like royals and want to have something new can come here.


4. Barbeque Nation

Barbeque Nation is the well-known restaurants in Lucknow. Its speciality is that it will provide the customers with grilled and sizzlers food items. The people who love and are mad about sea food should come here and check out the hot and fresh garlic food items like fishes, prawn,octopus,shellfish, crab, etc. The table on which the customers eat and drink, the grilled machine is available there only, by that customers get hot and spicy food, by that services are also faster. Customers can spend a gala time over there with their family.


5. Spice Caves

People who want to show some exciting things to their children with lovely food, should come here.Restaurant is designed like old caves, old sculptures are there and rock caves are applied there. Children will have a good and exciting environment over there.They provide their customers with Indian, Chinese and barbecues.They can have the facility of free Wi-Fi here.The speciality of this restaurant is Chinese, they will provide best,hot and spicy food to their customers.


6. Oudhyana At Taj Hotel

It is the restaurant which defines our culture,tradition,values and beliefs through the art.The restaurant is meant to follow our old traditions by the fine art.When you will try the Mughlai dishes of this restaurant,you will automatically give a good feedback.After eating the Kebabs,different flavours of spices will burst in your mouth and want more and more until you are satisfied.Sheermal and Wakri paratha is the item which customers eat the more.The speciality of this restaurant is the Awadhi, North Indian food.


7. Vintage Machine

They serve you with the best drinks, snacks and sweets. The maintenance level of this restaurant will attract you like a bee attracted to honey, they provide their customers with marvellous Italian food. The curved table and soft cushion chairs will give you exotic feeling. The speciality of this restaurant is that the cool and fresh drinks provided by them will make your day refreshing.The pizza baked here is made by finest methods,which will flavour in your mouth.


8. Mainland China

The mall is situated near river-side.The food which is offered here will reminds you of china,the food here is so tasty,if you will eat once,you will try again and again.The environment here is causal and hot.They offer lovely Chinese like different types of noodles, momos, chilli garlic rise,sandwiches,pasta,macrauny and many more, which will never stop you from eating and eating on and trying several unique dishes.


9. Lebua

Lebua is the reflection of old tradition and heritage with large green lawn.It defines the significance of old 1900’s.It reminds us of our great grand fathers.The white colour of the restaurant defines modern trends, which care of every customers feelings and comfort.The old and trendy cars,scooter and antiques will remind you of yours childhood. The facility of staying is also there, those who want to stay can stay in the royal rooms which are five stars.


10.Jannat,the Roof Top

Imagine having dinner under sky, with beautiful roof top scene with candles; best for the couples and youths who want to enjoy nightlife and couples can have a romantic dinner.It gives you a different experience and give you the feeling of Jannat.Bar and Hukka is available there.Barbieque,Italian,Indian,Thai,Sizzlers and sea food is available there.


11. Nanital Momos

This place has the maximum variety of momos as compared to others,from fried Momos to sizzler momos,veg to non veg momos,Afghani to Tandoori cuisines.The price of different types of momos is affordable, quality is up to the mark. These momos are so tasty,that you cant complaint about it.The place is always filled by many persons but you will get your order immediately,you don’t have to wait so long for your order. You will be amazed by their services.


12. Dastarkhawn

This is the perfect place for those who are non-vegetarian.They follow the trend of Mughals and follow it from bottom of their heart.They make cuisines with so much love and efforts. People who once come here,go with smile on their face.Their speciality is mutton and chicken biryani,which people eat most. Not only this but they offer Shami kebabs,rosted chicken, chicken masala and Mughlai Paratha.


13. Royal Cafe

Chath-papadhi, patashe-tikki lovers should come here.The best tikki of Lucknow is sold here.The mouth watering chart with different types of chatni that is white and red will give you the best felling.Not only this,but other cuisines offerws here are Chinese,Indian.The Indian food made over here will remind you of your home,the food made by your mother. You can spend best time with your family here.


14. Peeli Kothi

If you are found of Lucknow’s food,you should go there. The place is quiet warm,comfortable and good.Anyone can come here to eat Mughlai food.The soft music is always played for comforting the customers.Its not only a restaurant but a modern thinking which cares of old traditions and customs.


15. Mr Brown

Mr Brown sell happiness in their cookies,pastries,cakes and sweets in packages.People buy cakes and pastries, for birthdays,anniverseries and several functions which bring a big smile on others face and fill them with joy.The chocolate used is made with the finest method and a piece of this cake will fill your mouth with chocolate.


16. Colours

The motive of this restaurant is to fill colours in everyone’s life. This is a family lounge,you can fill colours in yours children’s life.The one and only restaurant available for whole family,children is allowed. If you are so found of selfie,you are provided with different selfie area,where you can click as many selfie you want. The food is in budget and very tasty also.You should take the view of outdoor seat.


17. The Cherry Tree

It is known for its famous cakes, cookies, muffins, biscuits and many more things.They made it with pure and secured method.It is a dual purpose bakery that also serve cafe, different types of coffee with cookies to their customers.They care for their customer’s love for food.The different recipes are made with love and care.


18. Jj Bakers

Different bakery serve different purpose,the purpose of this restaurant is to sell the sweets to their lovely customers and satisfy the different needs and wants of different customers. This is the best bakery shop in Lucknow. Those who want the cakes fast they can order the cakes and many more items online and they will get the delivery.


19. Baati Chokha

It defines the custom, religion, tradition of village, the importance of vegetarian food that to Indian. Those who love vegetarian food will love to know that this restaurant is best for them. Punjabis who are mad about hot and spicy chole bhathure,paneer masala,dal will love this place.The famous and favourite thing about this place is that the best chokha baati is sold over here,while eating all flavour will burst in your mouth.Those who want to try and love desi food will love this place and want to come again with their family members.


20. Sharma Ji Ki Chai

It is the oldest and traditional,which has outdoor seating.Famous for bun-makkhan and kulhar Chai. The best tea is sold here.Those who always go for walk in the morning can take tea as well as hot delicious samosas.The people who go for job can eat from here and can have a new start everyday.You can come here with your family and friends and can spend lovely moments’ with them. After eating from here, if you feel you have eaten a lot, there is a park available outside for you, you can exercise.