Top 20 Mutton Dishes Famous In Trivandrum

Top 20 Mutton Dishes Famous In Trivandrum
Top 20 Mutton Dishes Famous In Trivandrum

Indians’ love for mutton dates back centuries. There is a huge fan following for mutton dishes throughout the country. Some places are well known for their mutton dishes, like Awadhi Biryani, Lal Maas from Rajasthan, Galouti Kebabs from Lucknow, and Rogan Josh from Kashmir. This article deals with the famous mutton dishes one should never miss when visiting Trivandrum.

1.Mutton Chaap

If you love pure mutton, never miss Mutton chaps. Soft and tender mutton pieces, with significantly few bones cooked in special masala, go best with Kerala porotta.

Mutton Chaps

2.Mutton Perattu

Intensely flavored mutton cooked in their signature masala is worth the hype. The mutton has a spicy flavor and a sweetness from the caramelized onions. One can have it with pathiri, idiyappam, or even rice.

Mutton Perattu

3.Mutton Stew

Yet another traditional mutton recipe of Kerala. Soft tender mutton is cooked with vegetables and coconut milk gives a sweet and flavorful gravy. This dish is best when served with pathiri or appam.

Mutton Stew

4.Mutton Fry

An oil deep-fried mutton is made from tender goat meat coated with spices and masala, served with some nicely chopped onions and a slice of lemon. It is usually taken as a starter.

Mutton Fry1

5.Mutton Roast

This masterpiece curry is a blend of tangy and spicy flavors. The semi-dry gravy goes best with oratti, porotta, pathiri, and even ghee rice. Make sure you buy mutton with bones. It has got extra flavor.

Mutton Roast1

6.Mutton Biriyani

Mildly flavored rice with a spicy mutton gravy is indeed lip-smacking. A pickle of any seasonal vegetable, curd raitha, and Kerala papad is served with it to enhance the taste.

Mutton Biriyani1

7.Mutton Kebabs

Kebabs, originally from the Middle-eastern region, barely need an introduction. Trivandrum has a handful of restaurants that serve a good variety of mutton kebabs. Their kebabs are minced meat with spices, served with green pudina chutney. Don’t forget to try these kebabs with mayonnaise too!

Mutton Kebabs1

8.Mutton Yemen Mandi

Mandi has become a prevalent dish in Kerala over the past few years. Very mildly flavored long rice cooked with the flavor of mutton is worth trying. The juicy tender mutton and unlimited mandi rice are served with special tomato chutney, mayonnaise, and some diced cucumbers.

mutton yemen mandi

9.Mutton Soup

This delicious recipe of mutton is made by boiling goat meat and bones in spices for hours. It has excellent medicinal uses and is mainly given to pregnant ladies and patients with wound and bone crack.

Mutton Soup

10.Mutton Botti/Potti

Its goat intestine, stomach, and other edible internal organs are perfectly cooked with grounded spices and bits of dried coconut. It is a famous delicacy in many parts of Kerala and is served with toddy.

Mutton Botti

11.Mutton Pepper Masala

As most of us know, Kerala is known for spices, especially pepper. Tender goat meat cooked with masalas especially grounded black pepper, and coconut oil, gives an authentic Kerala touch to the mutton. It is served with rice, porotta, pathiri, and even dosas.

Mutton Pepper Masala

12.Kapama Mutton

It’s a dish of Turkish origin, prepared from the mutton leg. It has a decent mild flavor to the soft, tender mutton and is served with a good amount of flavored rice.

Kapama Mutton

13.Mughlai Mutton

Juicy and tender mutton pieces cooked in thick spicy gravy, go best with naan or roti. Though being a north Indian dish, Trivandrum has places that offer Mughlai mutton in their style.

Mughlai Mutton

14.Mutton Kothu Porotta

Everyone must have heard of chicken kothu porotta. Some places in Trivandrum serve tasty mutton kothu porotta. Kerala porotta is diced and added with minced mutton and mutton gravy. This is given a good mix and served hot with some onions.

Mutton Kothu Porotta

15.Mutton Cutlet

For a mutton lover who wishes to eat mutton as a snack, this is the perfect option. It’s an ideal blend of minced mutton and spices deep fried in oil. It’s one of the famous and tastiest dishes in the town.

Mutton Cutlet

16.Nadan Mutton Muringhakka Soup

Muringhakka (drum stick) and mutton are cooked in medium heat for hours in spices and masala. This dish is an example of a perfect blend of red meat with vegetables. If you like to try out new dishes, definitely give it a try.


17.Mutton Liver Roast

The liver of a goat is something most of us through away. But this dish has proved that the liver could be used as an excellent dish. Diced liver pieces slow-cooked in a good amount of spices and caramelized onions enhance its taste. It goes best with porotta and pathiri.

Mutton Liver Roast

18.Mutton Sukkah

This dish gives a typical Kerala vibe. Meat is cooked in coconut oil and Kerala spices and mixed with a good amount of grated coconut. The mild flavor of the meat is enhanced with coconut oil and gratings. Kappa (tapioca ) is the best combination for the mutton sukkah.

Mutton Sukkah

19.Mutton Brain Fry

It’s a popular dish that sautés goat, sheep, or lambs’ brains in onions and spices. The soft texture of the brain changes to a medium-hard one during cooking and has a peculiar flavor.

Mutton Brain Fry

20.Mutton Dum Biriyani

Though it sounds similar to mutton biriyani, the making of dum biriyani is different. Layers of flavored rice and mutton gravy are sealed with dough to allow the steam to trap inside.

Mutton Dum Biriyani