Top 20 Native Items To Eat In Mittai  Theruvu Kozhikode


Kerala, which is also known as god’s own country, has 14 districts. Kerala is famous for its different mouth–watering food items. Each district has its variety of native food items which are unique, like the different slang of each district. Kozhikode is a beautiful district in Kerala. Kozhikode is famous for its different food items, and the scenic beauty of its beaches. When we look at history, Vasco Da Gama first landed on Kappad beach. The famous food street is called S M Street ( sweetmeat street ), also known as Mittai Theruvu. Here one can get sweets, spices, and clothes to handlooms; this place is a pedestrian zone with street shops to big shops. It is a well-maintained street with paved roads and no littering. When we come to the food items of this place, it’s mouth-watering. From ice urathi to Kozhikode biriyani, it has delicious food items.


Kozhikode is famous for its halwa. All over Kerala, Kozhikode halwa is very popular, and people travel to Mittai Theruvu to buy this toothsome food. It is a dessert made with a few simple ingredients like coconut milk, oil, jaggery, ghee, sugar, flour, and flavourings. There are different halwa varieties like black halwa, wheat halwa, red halwa, badam halwa, watermelon, and so.


2.Ice Urathi

Ice Urathi is a version of shaved ice. It’s a dessert made of finely crushed ice, along with pickles, peanuts, dry fruits, and fruit syrups. There is a salt, sweet, and spicy version of the so-called ice Urathi or quaint achar. It is the best snack to have while watching a beautiful sunset from the beach. It is available in most of the shops of Mittai Theruvu as well as in different places in Kozhikode. If you take a walk along the beaches, you can see kids eating this with utmost joy.


3.Kozhi Ada

Kozhi Ada is a snack from old times, which is served especially during iftar. It is also known as hot chicken pockets, where the spiced chicken will be stuffed in wrappers and deep fried. Sometimes, beef is also stuffed instead of chicken. It is had with sauce or chutney. It can also be prepared with coconut, sugar, and cardamon, and then it is called sweet ada.



Kallumakaya is also known by the name mussels. It is one of the prominent snacks in the Malabar region. Kallumakaya and the beach is a bliss for the natives and tourists. This can be made in curry, roasted, or steamed. Except for the divine taste, it is an excellent source of vitamins. It is a softly spicy, and breath-taking snack.


5.Ari Pathiri

Ari Pathiri is a much-loved food of Kerala, especially by the people from Malabar. Ari Pathiri, along with beef curry; chicken or mutton, or, fish gravy, tastes like nirvana. It is served for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is made using roasted rice flour with water and salt. A dough is made, which is then poured into a hot pan and the aroma that comes from this is flavoury. Sometimes, it is eaten simply with coconut milk.


6.Muttamala And Pinjanathappam

Muttamala and Pinjanathappam are sweet snacks. Elders in the house used to give kids by calling it yellow noodles as muttamala resembled noodles. Ingredients for preparing muttamala include egg, sugar, milk, water, and ghee. Only the yolk is used. The separated egg whites are then used to make pinjanathappam, which is served together. If we look into the history of this dish, we can see that its traces are there in Portugal.


7.Chicken Chattipathiri

Chicken ChattiPathiri has a great flavour. This can be seen inside every curio cabinet on S M Street. It is an evening snack served with only sulaimani, which is also known as black tea that has various spices. Chicken chattipathiri is made using chicken, egg, oil, flour, and curry powders like turmeric powder, pepper, and powder along with green chili, ginger, and garlic. Salt and garam masala is added along with curry leaves which will take the dish to another level. This can also be made without chicken instead of using sweet and coconut; then it is called sweet chattipathiri.



Unnakaya or Pazham Nirachath is a sweet snack filled with bananas, sugar, and spices. To enhance the flavour, ghee is also added. This can be served as breakfast. It is filled with nutrients and vitamins. Like any other snack, it has a unique shape, it looks spindle-shaped. It is prepared using ripe banana, powdered cinnamon, flour, coconut, and egg, where the banana along with coconut and egg, is stuffed and deep fried.


9.Milk Sarbath

Milk Sarbath is a must-drink item from Kozhikode. There are different varieties of sarbath like nannari sarbath, soda sarbath, etc. Under the searing sun, these are the only relief. It is a very heart-cooling drink. Milk Sarbath is prepared by adding nannari syrup into cold milk, then a few ice cubes and chia seeds are put over it. This is an effortless and easy-to-prepare drink that is also very refreshing to the mind and soul.


10.Ghee Rice With Beef Curry

When we hear the name of this dish itself, we will start watering. It’s heaven-like food. It is also called neychoru. It can be eaten with any curry, but neychoru and beef curry is another vibe; from small kids to older people, it is always their number one choice. Here the rice is cooked with spices, dry fruits, and ghee. When one is cooking this meal, the whole household will be running to the kitchen, the same happens when one walks through the street and the aroma of this dish comes. It feels like someone is pulling inside. It is a simple and easy-making dish, that is served with all love which makes it more delicious.



Kaypola is a pan-baked banana cake made from bananas and eggs. It is served especially during iftar. It has a very authentic taste. Different types of pola are available, like thari pola, irachi pola, etc. It can be cooked both on the stove as well as the oven. It is a very healthy food containing eggs, bananas, cashew nuts, etc.



Uppilittathu is also called pickled veggies. Different vegetables and fruits are dipped in salt water. Everyone visiting Kozhikode beach and Mittai Theruvu, this is a must-try snack. Mango, gooseberry, carrot, guava, pineapple, and cucumber are some of the fruits and veggies used. It is a nostalgic food. We can see students after class going and having it and laughing, which takes us back to our school days.



Rice fritters, commonly known by the name chukkapam, are a typical snack found in the shops of Mittai Theruvu. While walking through the street, we can see these chukkapams kept inside containers. It is prepared with powdered rice, coconut milk, egg, black cumin, and sunflower oil.  It is a Mappila food, which means when we look into the traces of this snack, it goes back into a long history. Chukkapam is an evening snack that is eaten along with sulaimani or kattan kappi ( black coffee ).


14.Kada Mutta Roast

Kada Mutta Roast is quail egg fry. It is an Appetizer, which gives a great start to having other delicious food. Here the boiled egg is cooked by adding flavourful masalas and spices, which is everything you need to delight your taste buds. Beachside, the view along with Kada Mutta Roast and Kallumakaya, is something common in Mittai Theruvu. Here people get these things together most of the time. It is a dry snack that can be had without any other main dish. Kada Mutta roast itself gives an authentic taste.



Erachichor is also known as Kerala meat rice. It seems like biriyani but it is not. Erachichor is prepared using boiled rice instead of basmati or biriyani rice. This makes it unique. A masala is made into which beef is added and mixed with cooked rice that, gives it a natural flavour. It is a heavy meal, and having Erachichor along with nannari sarbath is so fulfilling and refreshing to the mind and soul. It provides a heart fulfilling.  Instead of beef, mutton or chicken is also used. Erachichor should be accompanied by pappad. It is at last garnished with coriander leaves; the aroma of this dish itself is soothing.


16. Elanchi

Elanchi the sweet role is also known as muttakuzhlapam or maddaku san. It is a simple and tasty snack. People have it either as breakfast or during the evening as a tea-time snack. It is made using coconut, egg, and flour. It is then made into rolls, which makes it easy for small children and all to have it. To enhance the taste, cardamom is added. It is also called coconut-filled crepes. Coconut is grated and mixed with sugar, and the batter is then spread in a pan, and egg is added and cooked. Grated coconut, along with cardamom and sugar, is stuffed and made into a roll.


17.Biriyani Tea

Biriyani Tea is commonly called biriyani chaya. This is a layered tea. There will be three layers of tea which are made in three steps. First, strong black tea is made, and it serves as the first layer at the bottom. Above that comes the foam formed when milk is shaken well, which is the second layer, and above the second layer comes milk on top, which is the third layer. One should mix it and drink it. This hot tea is so good to see and have.


18.Kannu Vecha Pathiri

Kannu Vecha Pathiri is the most famous and typical food in the Malabar region. This food is a must-try food. This will be available at every family function. It is fried bread. In some places, it is known as poo pathiri, which means flower. It is called kannu pathiri or poo pathiri because of its shape. This dish has a lot of layers and is served with gravy. It is made with wheat flour then, and the dough is used to prepare this yummy meal.



Palooda is a famous Malabar traditional welcome drink. It is served during Ramadan as people fast; it can be a great meal; it is a semi-thick sweet drink that can be served warm or cold. Ingredients include Maida, milk, water, sugar, cardamom, cashew nuts, raisins, etc. It is a heavy and delicious drink. It can be prepared at houses also. When served cold, it gives a refreshing and stomach-filling feel.


20.Kozhikodan Dum Biriyani

Last but not least. This is one of the most famous and must-try foods all over Kozhikode. Kozhikodan dum biriyani is present in almost every family function to all the shops in Kozhikode. It is an exquisite food. It has a unique style of cooking. Beef, chicken, and mutton are used to make this. No other food can compete with the taste of this dish. This is served along with pickle, salad, and pappad. A unique way of opening itself is there for Kozhikodan dum biriyani, where the aroma of biriyani itself will cause water in the mouth. It’s like heaven to eat even one plate of biriyani; whoever tries this will say WAAH after having it.