Top 20 Non-Veg Food Outlets In Katraj, Pune

Top 20 Non-Veg Food Outlets In Katraj, Pune

Food—the word is enough to make you feel hungry. When we think about delicious food, our mind and soul instantly get happy. Nothing is better than tasty and yummy food, especially when it comes to non-vegetarian foods. So, in this article, we will see the top 20 best non-vegetarian food outlets in Katraj, Pune. Katraj is famous for its Bharti Vidyapeeth University, and its back gate has a vast food centre for all of the students in the University. Hence, we will talk about all of them one by one.


Kolhapur is a very famous destination for non-vegetarians. Here, one can find the authentic taste of Kolhapur, which is a place situated in Maharashtra itself. Kolhapur is famous for its spice, so in this restaurant, one can enjoy spicy chicken and mutton thali at pocket-friendly prices. Other than thalis, different types of chicken and mutton dishes are also available, which are a must-try.


2.Arabian Grills

It is situated at the back gate of Bharti Vidyapeeth University. It is most famous for its grilled chicken and a massive variety of shawarma. It is one of the best places one should try if they love shawarma. Other than this, they also serve multiple types of freshly grilled chicken dishes. They use coal for grilling purposes to maintain the original taste.



I know CSK is a bit of a weird name, but here it does not stand for Chennai Super Kings; instead, it stands for Chicken Shawarma King. Interesting, right? As the name suggests, it is a famous shawarma outlet that serves different varieties of shawarma at reasonable rates. Apart from that, other famous dishes include chicken noodles, chicken lollipops, chicken fried rice, etc. It is also located at the back gate of the University and is crowded mainly with students.


4.RK Biryani House

If you are looking for non-vegetarian food outlets, the involvement of biryani is a must. There are multiple shops in Katraj where you can find biryani, but trust me when I say biryani like RK Biryani House is very hard to find; this place is simply heaven for biryani lovers. They serve different types of chicken biryani along with raita and salad. And not only biryani, but you can also find different chicken curries here that also taste good.


5.Neha’s Kitchen

If you are a die-hard lover of Chinese food, you must visit Neha’s Kitchen. It is a small outlet in Katraj that serves Chinese food. They serve super tasty Chinese foods, and their chicken manchow soup is finger-licking good. One should try chicken soup here; apart from that, their chicken lollipop is also good. Choose the crispy chicken lollipop over the gravy one to treat your taste buds.


6.The Chinese Monk

It is situated at the front gate of the University and is very popular for its chicken triple schezwan fried rice and noodles. It is a complete meal in itself; it has rice or noodles, chicken soup, an omelette, and extra gravy. It is a must-try dish to eat when you are craving something moderately spicy that can keep you full for a longer duration.


7.Homely Meals

If you like homemade foods more than restaurant-style foods, then home-cooked meals are just the right choice for you. They serve homemade chicken curries along with plain chapati and rice. Prices are also very pocket-friendly. They serve different varieties of chicken curries. Apart from chapati and curry, they also have the option of chicken and rice, noodles, and many more.


8.Bhole’s Rock And Roll

It is a tasty non-vegetarian roll outlet crowded with students only. They serve a vast menu of non-vegetarian chicken rolls, which you can customise according to your liking. It is not a big and fancy restaurant, but a good and small outlet for roll lovers.


9.Chicken Xperience By Venky’s

This one-stop chicken destination is too good for chicken lovers. Here you will get burgers, fries, chicken nuggets, and many more to choose from. They also serve kebabs, coke, and lots of other drinks. It is most famous for its juicy and tasty chicken nuggets.


10.Bhatti Chicken

They serve some of the mouthwatering chicken tandoor all over Katraj. Grilled chicken is equally juicy, spicy, and tasty. The chicken leg piece is of very good size and loaded with spicy masala. They give you two types of dips to complement the chicken dish well.


11.Hotel Al Zaika

Here, you can find the best chicken and mutton thalis to treat your taste buds. The overall quantity of food here is very good, and even one thali is enough for two people. You can also find different combos here, such as chicken butter masala, chicken tikka with two parathas, dal khichdi, and many more. Apart from chicken, mutton is also a speciality here; you can try that too.



This restaurant serves freshly cooked seafood to its customers; some of the seafood that they sell includes prawns, crab, surimi, etc. Apart from seafood, they also serve chicken and prawn biryani, which is highly recommended. They also serve a wide range of chicken dishes to their customers.


13.It’s Yummy

It is a small cafe that serves pretty good dishes to enjoy with friends, and it is pretty crowded with students. They serve seekh kabab, burgers, chicken rolls, mini chicken lollipops, devil’s omelettes, and many more to their customers. The recommended dish here to try is their devil’s omelette, burger, and rolls.


14.Fried Chicken Destination

This restaurant is totally for those who love fried chicken over anything else. They only serve fried chicken in different forms, such as burgers, popcorn, strips, wraps, and many more. Apart from that, they also have a huge range of drinks that go well with fried chicken.



A true roll and wrap restaurant that serves a huge menu of rolls, their non-vegetarian rolls are the most famous, in which they mainly serve chicken and egg. Their combination of chicken with spices is just to the point. Their most recommended rolls include the chicken sausage roll, which is very tasty and flavourful. They are also famous for their special masala, which fits with any kind of roll very well.


16.The Good Bowl

If you love your food in a bowl and like to eat that way, then this is just for you. They serve their food in a bowl that is both wholesome and tasty at the same time. You can customise your bowl according to your liking. They serve super-famous chicken and rice bowl which is loved by many customers. Apart from that, they also serve kheema rice bowls, chicken tikka rice bowls, etc.


17.Masala Mantra

They serve yummy chicken dishes with one of the best masalas. Their foods are very unique and tasty. You can find different types of food here, ranging from thalis to fried chicken, they even have the option of Chinese chicken food and grilled chicken food.


18.Firangi Bake

An Italian and Mexican restaurant famous for its vast menu of chicken foods serves its customers. Their menu includes Chicken kheema lasagne, chicken kheema mac and cheese, quesadillas, meatball pasta loaded with cheese, and many more. Their lasagne is famous and liked by many customers.


19.Garva Biryani

It is a famous biryani outlet in this area. They serve different types of biryanis, including chicken Dum biryani, Hyderabadi biryani, Mutton dum biryani, tandoori biryani, and many more. This place is mainly crowded by locals and students, they also have a sit-and-eat facility.


20.The Traveller’s Cafe

Also known as TCH, this cafe serves many students daily; however, it is a bit out of budget, but still, students love to chill and eat here. They serve chicken tandoori, barbecue chicken, and many more dishes to the students. Their chicken wings are very famous and tasty. These are some of the best chicken outlets in Katraj, Pune. Every place serves different cuisines to its customers. You can choose anyone according to your liking and enjoy it with your family and friends.