Top 20 Noodle Recipes

top 20 noodle recipes
top 20 noodle recipes

Noodles are a famous food of the twenty-first century. However, it has its roots in the history of China. The oldest evidence of noodles is around 4000 years ago in China.  Noodles became prominent during the Han Dynasty. Hence, we can see that China is the Inventor of our lovely noodles. In today’s era, noodles are taking new shapes. Different countries have different ways of making noodles. There are plenty of ways of making noodles. Also, instant noodles are in trend right now. Henceforth, we will discuss the top 20 noodles recipe in the article further.

1. Zhajiangmian

Zhajiangmian is one of the top five noodles from China. Zhajianmian comes from Beijing, China. Zhajiangmian consists of wheat noodles, soybean sauce, and slices of cucumbers or radish. The soybean sauce has ground pork or beef and soybean paste in it. Zhajiangmian came to Korea around a hundred years ago. Koreans have embraced it and created their version of Zhajianmian.


2. Tsukemen

Many people must have heard about Tsukemen or Cold Noodles. Tsukemen are second in the top 20 noodles recipes. Tsukemen has noodles that are not allowed to cook to a certain extent. Tsukemen has a hot and spicy broth. They mix cold-washed noodles and spicy broth to make this heavenly delight.


3. Wonton Noodles

Wonton Noodles come from China again. Traditionally, Wonton noodles have chewy egg noodles with meat or fish broth and wonton dumplings. The dumpling has minced pork, shrimp, sesame oil, soy sauce, and grated ginger. Chewy egg noodles are the symbol of wonton noodles. However, the dish has many versions depending on the cooking area.

3.Wonton Noodles

4. Reganmian

Reganmian should come in the top five in the top 20 noodles recipes. Reganmian is famous for Hot dry Noodles. Basically, the dish originates from Wuhan. The street vendors here cook Reganmian from morning till evening. They cook the noodles in water and sesame oil. They toss them in the same mixture until the noodles get a coat of both. Lastly, they garnish them accordingly.


5. Soba Noodles

I am sure many people were waiting for Soba Noodles. Soba noodles are another form of cold noodles. Soba noodles come from Japan. Eventually, they date back to the Edo period. Today, Soba Noodles have plenty of types. They come in hot or cold versions. Also, they differ based on the broth they have.

5.Soba Noodles

6. Lo Mein

Lo Mein is another traditional dish from China. The Chinese know them by the name of Guandongese Lo Mein or Laomian. Basically, they have boiled egg noodles. They stir these noodles in a savory sauce with a good kick of Umami. The literal meaning of Lo Mian is “stirred noodles”.

6.Lo Mein

7. Tempura Udon

Tempura Udon is a famous dish with Udon noodles in it. Udon comes from Japan. Fortunately, You can find this dish in all the restaurants in Japan. Tempura udon has thick udon noodles with the epic Dashi stock. Also, the broth has a salty flavor because of Soy sauce and Mirin. Tempura Udon has tempura vegetables, shrimp, and toppings like scallions, fish cakes, or spicy shichimi seasoning.

7.Tempura Udon

8. Lagman

Lagman has its roots in the northeastern areas of China. The name features the quality of noodles. Originally, the meaning of Lagman is “stretched or hand-made”. These noodles do not have a particular recipe. They are present in a buffet. Here, people self-serve these noodles along with the combinations of their choice.


9. Okinawa Soba

Okinawa Soba is another classic originating from Okinawa prefecture, Japan. Okinawa has wheat noodles alongside pork broth. Also, it has pork belly, fish paste, fish cakes, scallions, and pickled ginger. The Soba noodles usually have black buckwheat noodles. In the case of Okinawa Soba, wheat noodles are present.

9.Okinawa Soba

10. Yaki Udon

You must have guessed their place of invention. They come from Kitakyushu, Japan. Over the period, Yaki udon has become the most satisfying and easy dish for many Japanese. Yaki Udon has stirred fried noodles with a good taste of soy-based sauce. Also, it has a variety of vegetables and meat. Hence, we include it in the top 20 noodles recipes.

10.Yaki Udon

11. Khao Soi

On the eleventh number, we have a famous Thai dish Khao Soi. They have flat egg noodles with slightly spicy coconut soup. Basically, the soup is more like a curry. The curry has coconut milk and red curry paste. The dish has a piece of meat. Plus, Khao Soi has toppings of fried noodles and chopped Cilantro.

11.Khao Soi

12. Quang-style Noodles

Quang-style Noodle is a classic Vietnamese dish. They consist of flat rice noodles and yellow egg noodles. Furthermore, it has a small amount of flavorful meat broth. In addition, it has crispy vegetables and herbs, especially Vietnamese coriander. Lastly, the topping has pork belly, shrimp, fish, roasted nuts, and fish crackers.

12.Quang style Noodles

13. Jjapaguri

Jjapaguri is a Korean instant noodle. They have two types of noodles. Firstly, the chapagetti or Jajang ramen noodles and the Neoguri or Udon noodles with spicy seafood broth. The Jjapaguri noodles became famous because of the movie Parasite. The dish uses Sirloin steak and some chopped green onions as toppings.


14. Shio Ramen

Shio Ramen is the oldest version of Ramen. Shio comes from the Hakodate region of Japan. Particularly, It is famous because of its salty broth. The noodles in this dish are straight thin noodles. The broth has seafood or chicken in it. Shio Ramen Broth is a clear soup with a strong salty taste. Concluding, the toppings in the dish have the Japanese-style pork belly, Chashu.

14.Shio Ramen

15. Curry Laksa

Curry Laksa is a perfect fusion of Indian, Chinese, and south Asian culinary dishes. Nevertheless, it has a firm hold on the markets of Singapore and Indonesia. Curry Laksa is a curry noodle dish. Curry Laksa has a curry-like broth. Henceforth, The broth is spicy and has a good amount of coconut milk. With that, it has toppings like boiled eggs, tofu, chilis, and coriander.

15.Curry Laksa

16. Champon

Champon is another recipe in the top 20 noodle recipes. Basically, Champon comes from Fujian. But, it is currently famous on the streets of Japan. The name itself means “a meat meal”. Champon has noodles, fried pork, seafood, and various veggies. Furthermore, the broth is a chicken bone soup. The cherry on the cake is the addition of Squids, oysters, and shrimp.


17. Liangpi

Liangpi is a famous dish from China. Liangpi has a different version based on the ingredients in it. The noodles here are either wheat flour noodles or rice flour noodles. Liangpi has peanut sauce, chili oil, and vinegar. Also, the garnishing has sliced cucumbers, bean sprouts, and Cilantro.


18. Beef Noodle Soup

Beef Noodle Soup is a prideful dish for all Taiwanese. Surprisingly, every year a festival takes place in Taiwan. The Festival is the Annual beef Noodle Festival in Taipei. Here, all the restaurants make their version of Beef Noodle Soup. The locals enjoy this heavenly delicacy.

18.Beef Noodle Soup

19. Bianbiang Noodles

Towards the end of the top 20 noodle recipes, we have the Bianbiang Noodles. They are from China. However, there is much confusion regarding the exact invention of these noodles. They are flat noodles with the goodness of Vegetables and herbs. Chinese even call them belt noodles in the regional language.

19.Bianbiang Noodles

20. Canton Noodles

One more famous name is the names of Noodles. Canton noodles are of Chinese origin. However, it is popular in the Philippines. Canton Noodles has yellow wheat noodles, a variety of seafood, meat, vegetables, and a flavorful oyster and soy sauce. People make this dish usually on festivals and special occasions.

20.Canton Noodles