Top 20 Nutritional Snacks In Tamil Nadu


Snacks are usually meant to be crispy, sweet, yummy and  with all kinds of tastes. As days are passing by, we are running out of time in everything we do, starting from skipping our breakfast. We lose our health by eating the tastiest snacks rather than eating the nutritional. Here it goes the top 20 nutritional tiny meal of TAMIL NADU, with all types of nutrients and an adventurous taste to your taste buds with distinct flavors.

1 Sesame Dish

Sesame is a cereal which is a rich source of calories. When sesame cake is combined with jaggery, when and baked as a cake, it gives a sweet taste and the crispness of the cake adds an extra aroma to the cake. They are considered to be the nutritional snacks and are good for diabetics, weight loss and so on.


2  Medu Vada

As the name suggests Medu, in Tamil, it means soft. The comfy nature of the vada gives an additional taste to the snack, which will obviously make the eaters go in love with the smell of the vada and the crispness of the vada. They are good for health as it is made up of black gram.


3 Ragi Murukku

It is one of the cereals which is rich in proteins,vitamins,calcium and fiber. It is a different type of murukku, which is considered to be good for health as it contains nutritional value and also on the other side tastes good from normal murukku.


4 Kuzhi Paniyaram

This snack is made from black gram,which is rich in calories.

It offers an option here, it can be eaten as either spicy when used chillies or sweet when used sugar. It is a suitable snack for all kinds of people to taste the kuzhi paniyaram amidst the regular snacks.


5 Puffed Rice Balls

Puffed rice  is also considered to be a healthy snack. Puffed rice along with jaggery when made into a ball like a shape, gives a sweet taste when tried. crisp nature of the puffed rice will eventually make one to eat more than one.


6 Green Pea Masala

Green pea is a small vegetable, which is rich in carbohydrates, dietary fiber, and proteins. Mixing boiled green peas with spices to add a different taste to the snack will end up in a delicious refreshment for everyone on a rainy evening at home.


7 Rava Laddu

Rava is usually used in various types of dishes namely rave up, Rava idli, Rava dosa and so on. Following this, rave is used in making laddu,which would be opted suitable as a snack for one to have a sweet snack in the evening. Rava with sugar, ghee, cashew nuts is a splendid sweet snack for one to taste it.


8 Peanut Cake

It is a vegetable, used in many ways namely peanut oil, peanut flour and boiled peanuts. To add an extra flavor to this sweet snacks, peanut along with jaggery, when tried either in a ball or square pieces in shape results in a watering taste and one can eat in his leisure time for him to take a break from his/her routine snacks.


9 Kozhukattai

Kozhukattai is one of the traditional refreshment of Tamil Nadu, it is made up of rice flour, and the stuff inside it differs from different kinds of people. Usually the stuff is coconut and sugar, the taste of this combination, when made into this shape and baked gives us a mouth-watering taste.


10 Achu Murukku

The next type of murukku, which gives a distinct taste. Rice flour, coconut milk, sugar, maida when made into a desired shape of murukku and fried in an oil provides a fresh snack and the combination of coconut milk and sugar will finally result in a unique taste of the achu murukku. This dish can also be spicy by adding chilli powder instead of coconut milk.


11 Masala Vada

The detail of the snack  is that, it follows a sum of ingredients to be added in this snack. Soaked dhal, red chilli, cinnamon, ginger, jeera when boiled deeply in oil gives a classic taste of all the ingredients in the dish.


12 Kamarkat

Kamarkat is a traditional snack of Tamil Nadu, a sweet recipe of coconut and a mixture of jaggery syrup made into a shape of a ball, gives an immense pleasure of having as a snack starting from kids to adults.


13 Athirasam

Athirasam is another traditional bite of Tamil Nadu, having a mixture of paagu vellum,rice flour and cardamom, when made into a perfect shape and fried, provides an awesome taste of sweetness. Rice flour is a nutritional food and it is also good for health.


14 Thatta

Thatta is a crisp dish, which is a mixture of rice flour, roasted gram, garlic, little amount of pepper either made into powder or not powdered, when made into a shape of round and gently fried in oil to fry until golden brown, will result in a satisfying snack for people who love to have a different kind of tastier snacks unusual from their routine refreshment.


15 Peanut Snack

This is an usual snack which can be prepared effortlessly at home and is also considered to be one of the healthy snacks which are a mixture of boiled peanuts, sliced carrots and some masala to add an extra flavor to the dish resulting in a colorful snack for an evening to be recollected.


16 Seedai

One of the best snack to taste. The mixture of rice flour, urad dhal flour, grated coconut, with required amount of chilli powder and salt, when made into a shape of a ball and fried in oil gives a wonderful taste. It is also a healthy food where urad dal is rich in protein and also eases digestion.


17 Moong Dhal Masala

It is one of the best snacks which is highly rich in calories, proteins,vitamin, sodium and potassium and is also one of the easiest preparative snacks. Boiled moong dhal along with coconut, required amount of salt and if needed small amount of spices or sugar to add an extra flavor to this beneficial snack.


18 Roasted Gram Ball

Here comes the snack when powdered and tasted will eventually not allow you to open your mouth because of its stickiness. The process goes like this, mixing the roasted gram along with jaggery and making into a shape of ball, when tasted gives a sweet and crispness of the roasted dhal.


19 Sprouts Snack

This is a different type of tiny meal, a usual form of cereal known as Chick pea (pacha payaru), can be washed and be placed in a cloth overnight and by morning it will become as sprouts (mulai katana payaru).It can be eaten as it is or some spices can be added to add an extra flavor to this snack.


20 Pachai Payaru Suzhiyam

This is a unique dish, along with the cereal pacha payaru, sugar a little amount of cardamom is added, when made into a shape of a ball,it has been fried in oil and gives a taste of sweet along with the cereal used.