Top 20 Oldest Food Establishments In Peth Area Pune

10 SPs Biryani House

Pune has a rich cultural past. It was the seat of power of the Peshwas. At the same time, there are prominent educational institutions that date back to the 17th century. Punekars take active steps to cherish this past. Food is an integral part of this cultural heritage. The Maharashtrian cuisine includes some mouth-watering dishes like Puran Poli, Misal, Amti, Bhaji etc. A lot of these dishes are occasion-specific, and are prepared during particular festivals and seasons. The older parts of Pune, like the Peth area, are famous for these authentic Maharashtrian delicacies. Some of the oldest food establishments in this area are listed below-

1. Vaidya Uphar Gruha

Located in Budhwar Peth, this is one of the first restaurants to serve ‘Missal.’ It started in 1910 and has been part of the city’s legacy. It was a go-to place for freedom fighters and artists. Deepak Joshi is the fourth-generation owner of this joint. The ‘Kairichi Daal’ introduced by the owner’s great grandfather is still served here.

1 Vaidya Uphar Gruha

2. Aware Maratha Khanaval

This eatery is part of the ‘Khanaval’ tradition. It has one of the best Mutton Fry in Pune. It is located on Kumthekar road in Sadashiv Peth and was established in 1901. It is influenced by a Kolhapuri cooking style. 

2 Aware Maratha Khanaval

3. Poona Guest House

This lodge was started by Nanasaheb Sarpotdar, a close friend of Dadasaheb Phalke. Phalke was the first filmmaker of India. The actors who starred in his movies stayed in the Poona Guest House. So did Phalke, whenever he visited Pune.

3 Poona Guest House

4. Bedekar Missal

This extremely famous eatery is in Narayan Peth. It was established in 1954. Along with the mouth-watering Missal served here, the ‘Kharvas’ is delicious. The combination is a favorite for many Punekars. You have a choice of gravy depending on your spice tolerance. Have a heavy brunch here before you get on with your day!

4 Bedekar Missal

5. Badshahi

Located on Tilak road, this restaurant is one of the pioneers in serving Thalis. It was established in 1937, and the menu has not changed much since then. The affordable Thalis served here are preferred by students. They have a special Thursday and Sunday menu.

5 Badshahi

6. Prabha Vishranti Gruha

Established in 1940, this establishment was famous among the freedom fighters. They plotted against the British, sitting there. The Batata Wada, Sabudana Wada, and Khichadi are worth trying. 

6 Prabha Vishranti Gruha

7. Kawre Ice cream

Kawre ice cream might bring to mind many childhood memories for Maharashtrians. It began on Laxmi road in 1952. It became renowned during the 80s and started opening branches around Pune. Its Mastani and Faluda are particularly famous.

7 Kawre Ice cream

8. Cold Drink House

It is rumoured that this place served the first Mastani. The Mango Mastani that is served here is still famous. It is located in Budhwar Peth, near the Datta mandir.

8 Cold Drink House

9. Durvankur

One of the best Thali places in Pune is Durvankur. The food here is tried and tested by generations of Punekars. Its specialty is the Pune Thali. The setting is simple, but the wait for a table is long. A discount is offered to those who finish their Thalis! Durvankur is located on Tilak road near the Hatti Ganapati Chowk.

9 Durvankur

10. SP’s Biryani House

For those who thought that Pune only has Maharashtrian food, wait till you taste the Biryani served at SP’s Biryani House, located on Tilak road opposite SP college. Their Dum Biryani is made in pure ghee. As its smell wafts towards you, you will be unable to control yourself from tasting it. The eatery has been serving Biryani for over two decades and has grown from a small establishment to a 3-storeyed restaurant.

10 SPs Biryani House

11. Baldevprasad Gupta

This eatery needs to be found in the Mandai area. It is particularly hard to find out when it was established, but the food here cannot be missed! The jalebis, kachoris and samosas are worth a shot! It offers other affordable snacks as well.

11 Baldevprasad Gupta

12. Fish Curry Rice

For sea-food lovers, Fish Curry Rice in Sadashiv Peth is ideal. The fish served there is fresh. The food is simple, yet extremely tasty! The Fish Thalis they offer are considerable in size. Prawns are strongly recommended! You will come out of the restaurant totally satiated. 

the welcome fish curry

13. Sujata Mastani

This is a place famous for its Mastani since the 70s. It was initially located in Sadashiv Peth. However, it has expanded to several branches all over Pune. The Rose Mastani, and Mango Mastani are in great demand. Their portions are significant. The unique taste of Mastani is unforgettable!

13 Sujata Mastani

14. Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale

One of the most well-known sweet shops in Pune is Chitale Bandhu. It started in 1950, by its first branch on Bajirao road. The owners began with selling dairy products. As the business expanded to include a wide variety of snacks, the shop became immensely popular all over Maharashtra, and later, across the country. The Bakarwadi one gets here is worth dying for!

14 Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale

15. Husseny Bakery

It is one of the oldest bakeries in the city. It started in 1932. It is located in Bhawani Peth. Milk rusks with Chai or ‘Nankhatais’ can be an evening snack you look forward to!

15 Husseny Bakery

16. Appa’s Canteen

This establishment catered to Punekar’s needs since 1942. It is in Shaniwar Peth. The food is home-like and the ingredients are reliable. The ‘Sabudana Khichadi with cucumber’, and ‘Uppith’ are their specialties.

16 Appas Canteen

17. Apsara Restaurant

It is located on Tilak road in Shukrawar Peth. This place is family-friendly and has comfortable seating. It has a diverse menu, including Punjabi, South Indian, and Maharashtrian cuisines. The Dosas and Pav-bhaji are highly recommended. 

17 Apsara Restaurant

18. Durga Bhuvan

The Mutton Biryani served here is amazing! The food quality is the same after so many years. The appeal of the dishes is maintained. The place is basic with helpful staff. It is located in Budhwar Peth.

18 Durga Bhuvan

19. Hotel Pyasa

This place is located in Shukrawar Peth near Mandai. It was established in 1974. It is known for its North Indian food, particularly the Butter Chicken and Tandoori Chicken. 

19 Hotel Pyasa

20. Shri Krishna Bavan

This place in Budhwar Peth is known for the diverse range of snacks it serves, from Missal to Bhaji. It is pocket friendly and has prompt service.

20 Shri Krishna Bavan