Top 20 Open Roof Cafe In Vesu, Surat

Top 20 Open Roof Cafe In Vesu, Surat

In Surat, to enjoy the beautiful open sky and have delicious food under it is a dream come alive. For a perfect romantic nightout the city is filled with rooftop restaurants, a highly anticipated first date, or just getting together with friends for some delicious food, and, while it warms up and starts slowing down, there’s no better time to enjoy a nice glass of wine on the terrace. Check out our list of the 20 best rooftop restaurants in Surat.

1.La Terranza RoofTop Restaurant Banquet

La Terranza Roof Top Restaurant And Banquet, in Surat, is one of the best available places in the beautiful streets of Vesu, Surat. La Terranza-Roof Top Banquet, Surat, has two beautiful banquet rooms that can be hired from small to large. To celebrate with family and friends, this is the best option. You can choose from various vegetarian dishes depending on the palate you prefer. In Surat, Khamani is a unique dessert that is hearty and perfect for foodies. Besides, Gujarati thalis are also very popular. Location: Blue Ribbon Building, Opposite VR Mall, 25 minutes from Udhna Junction. Cost: 500/- per plate.

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2.Level 5 Terrace Restro And Cafe

Level 5 Terrace Restro Café offers spectacular sunset views and various drinks and food options. You can try everything from a simple cup of coffee to a dessert. For visiting with family and outings with friends, this place is great. It provides everything you expect from a rooftop restaurant, including an fantastic location, excellent atmosphere, and, great Service. Location: Royal Trade Centre, Jalaram Society, Surat. Cost: 400-500/- per person.

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3.Sky Altitude Cafe And Retro Lounge

Sky Altitude Cafe and Restro Lounge are one of the most famous and sought-after places in Surat because of its breathtaking view. The location is good for enjoying the sunset and taking some excellent photos. The dining option here is a bit upscale, but that doesn’t mean the food here is overpriced or bad! From its great food selection to its delicious grill options, this place has something for everyone. Location: Aakash Retail Nr, NM Mavani Road, Vesu, Surat. Cost: 800/- for two people.

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4.The Lime Tree Restaurant

Lime Tree Restaurant serves delicious food at reasonable prices. The city lights can be seen in all directions because of the open air, making this place the perfect choice to enjoy the evening breeze. The staff here are amicable and welcoming, making it an excellent place after work or on the weekends when you want to catch up with friends and have a great drink. Location: Lords Plaza Hotel, Surat. Cost: 800/- per person.

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5.Spice Terrace Restaurant

Spice Terrace Restaurant is decorated with vibrant colors and a romantic atmosphere. A wide variety of food and drinks are offered, and they also have a special menu with some good options for vegetarians. It is a lounge where we can enjoy the perfect view. Location: Marriot Hotel, Surat. Cost: 2000/- per person.

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6.Table 101

Suppose you want to enjoy the view while dining, Table 101 is a wonderful place. They serve delicious food, and drinks and the atmosphere is beautiful. It’s also a great place to meet with friends, as it’s some of the only rooftop restaurants open late. Location: Ambika Niketan Road, Surat, Umra Gam Cost: 1500/- per person

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7.Basil Garden

Outdoor dining, beautiful city views, a wide variety of food and drinks, and a fantastic atmosphere. The Basil Garden has it all! This place is gorgeous during the day, but even more beautiful at night when the lights of the city are reflected in this place. The staff here is accomodating and friendly, making this a great place to go if you have friends new to town. Location: Top floor, Parle Point, Surat. Cost: 1100/- for two people.

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8.Leonardo’s Italian Mediterranean Dining

Leonardo Italian Mediterranean Cuisine is a beautiful place for a night out with friends or a romantic evening out with your significant other. The atmosphere is fantastic, and the food selection is excellent. This place has everything from pasta to pizza to burgers, making it the perfect place to eat with anyone. Location: Dumas Road, beside Iscon Mall, inside Spicevilla restaurant. Cost: 1400/- for two people.

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9.Pavilion Restaurant

Pavilion Restaurant is one of the best fine rooftop restaurants in Surat. That’s because they offer various food options and delicious drinks ranging from traditional Indian dishes to specialty dishes. This place is so open that you have a great view of the city at night, so their perfect place for a getaway, with friends or loved ones. Location: Behind CB Hotel, Vesu, Surat Cost: 1000/- for two people.

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10.Lake View Restaurant

If you can only make it briefly, Lake View Restaurant is one of the best places to go. Delicious food, stellar views, and excellent service will make it the area to go for a quick bite! The place also has a great selection of drinks, making it the perfect place to hang out at night! Everything is excellent. Location: Surat, Himgiri Society Cost: 1000/- for two people.

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11.Cafe De Villa

De’ Villa Garden Restro Lounge in Surat serves Indian and continental cuisine. The property boasts an elegant and tranquil setting, with expansive garden views and well-appointed seating. One of the highlights of the De’ Villa Garden Restro Lounge is the outdoor seating area, which is perfect for enjoying food in the fresh air. The company also has a children’s play area, making it ideal for families. Sometimes, there is live music, enhancing the whole experience. De’ Villa Garden Restro Lounge has some must-have dishes like curry roti, Hyderabadi Biriyani, Paneer chilly, and Hakka noodles. They have a variety of wines, cocktails, and soft drinks. Their Cranberry Cola and Pina Colada are highly recommended. Location: Hazira, LP Savani Sports Complex, Vesu,Surat. Cost: 1000/- for two people.

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12.Cafe Piano

The cafe serves Indian food to its patrons. You can share salads, pizzas, and beautifully cooked sandwiches with your friends and have a good time on the open roof. Many guests come to sample the excellent ice cream and delicious brownies. Many reviewers think you can have a good cup of coffee at Cafe Piano. Location: The Grand Bhagwati, Vesu Surat Cost: 1200/- per person.

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13.The Chocolate Room

You can find recipes and ingredients from Chinese and Mexican food. Enjoy the best pizza, Margherita, grilled sandwiches, and spaghetti at this cafe on the beautiful open roof when you are nearby. Most guests recommend trying the sundaes, brownies, and delicious waffles. Start your meal with delicious margaritas. Visitors can enjoy delicious hot chocolate, cappuccino, and chocolate frappe at the Chocolate Room. Location: Opposite Safal Square, University Road, Vesu, Surat. Cost: 800/- per person.

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14.Momo Cafe

If you are a fan of Momos, this rooftop cafe can be a great place to enjoy it with a beautiful view. You can get perfectly cooked momos and delicious cheeses in this cafe. Location: Near VR Mall, Magdalla Road, Vesu, Surat. Cost: 100/- per person.

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15.Coffee Culture

A great plus for this cafe is its food delivery. Ordering beautifully grilled cheese, white sauce pasta and sandwiches is a delightful experience here. Try the best mango desserts, sundaes, and brownies. Coffee Culture offers a world-class sweet spot in its beverage range. Take the opportunity to taste a cold cup of coffee, hot chocolate, or delicious juice. Location: Ground floor, behind Rahul Raj Mall, Vesu, Surat. Cost: 800/- for two people.

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16.Coffee King

In Surat, it is one of the most popular coffee chains. To grab a cup of coffee on the go and have enough time to sample some of their delicious finger foods. It has a great atmosphere with a whole open roof and a family-friendly atmosphere too. Their best recommendations are Irish Coffee, Cappucino, Finger foods, Mexican rice, and Hazelnut coffee. Location: Vesu, Surat. Cost: 800/- for two people.

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17.Bakester’s Cafe

Bakester’s Cafe entertains you with all your heart. Bakester’s Cafe’s homemade food service is for everyone to spice up their taste buds and sweeten their tongue with our exceptional and delicious mouthwatering menu. It’s all about snacks and sweets for all. Location: Vesu, Surat Cost: 1000/- for two people.

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18.Sunny Side Cafe

One can enjoy the sunny side of life on this cafe’s rooftop. The best biscuits are served here. Customers visit this cafe to sample coffee, hot chocolate, or sweet tea. The friendly staff welcomes guests year-round. The service at Sunny Side Cafe could be named after something extraordinary. After a hard day, the peaceful atmosphere is what you will need. Location: Ashtha Corporate Capital, Vesu, Surat. Cost: 1000/- for two people.

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19.Chillax Terrace Cafe

To relise their delicious menu along with chill and relax at this rooftop cafe, Chillax Terrace Cafe is best. Location: Vesu, Surat Cost: 800/- for one person.

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20.Sizzling Bite Restaurant

This cafe serves delicious food in a rooftop atmosphere, catering to foodies and nature lovers. It does not only serves Italian but also Thai, Mexican, Punjabi, and Lebanese. The variety of fast food here will surely make your mouth water. Location: Opposite Central Mall, Vesu, Surat Cost: 850/- for two people.

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