Top 20 Paan Stalls That Serve Great Paans

Top 20 Paan Stalls That Serve Great Paans

You haven’t genuinely tasted the true India if your taste buds are not acquainted with Paan.A Betel leaf that holds together the amalgamation of perfect flavors which might be the greatest thing you may have experienced, talking of which- we may have found you the right Paan stalls to upgrade your love for paan to the whole new level from all over India.

1Ragukul Paan Bhandar


Located at Lakshmi Nagar, Jaipur, this place has proven to be the abode of best Paan that will ever go in your system. It is like the great history, and art of Jaipur has rubbed off their magic in those heavenly Paan served there.

2Basant Paan Bhandar


Located at the jam-packed streets of Nizamuddin, where people stop by to have a little Paan break. They serve Paan here with too many incredible things for that leaf to hold; for instance dried coconut shavings, strawberry jam, etc. It is definitely worth giving that Paan a try.

3Prince Paan and Chat Corner


Tourists make sure that they don’t leave India before shoving Prince’s fantastic Paan in their mouths. Prince PaanBhandar is located at G.K part 1, New Delhi. Just eating Paan from here won’t do you any good so you can also devour their famous chaat too, what is better than that eh?

4Mucchadh Paan


Mumbaikars favorite Paan shop and they just can’t get enough of the paans from here. The bhaiya serving his golden paans while sporting that gigantic mustache is some serious fashion statement. We must never forget how even celebrities want the taste of this Paan on their tongue.

5Gareeb Paan Bhandar


“I would love anything chocolate “- us everyday, so why not a chocolate Paan, yes they serve chocolate coated Paan here. Janpath is partly visited just because people want to experience the taste of chocolate and Paan together. “It works like magic in your mouth”- says, everyone.

6Keshav Paan Bhandar


Is there anything that can beat Banaras Paan? We will answer you shortly in some billion years, but currently Banaras Paanshold a special place in our hearts like this phone shop that is located in Varanasi. Same tasteful traditional paan, fast service, and home delivery have hooked by the shop.


Yamu’s Panchayat


Who would have thought that oneday Pineapple Paan and butterscotch Paan will grace this earth with their bang-uppresence? Yamu’s mind-boggling creations like pineapple, strawberry and butterscotch Paan makes this place peculiar.

8Ram G Paan Bhandar


Name any Paan, and you get it here. You can find this shop at Manohar Nagar, Gurgaon.

9Paagal Paan Bhandar


Located in Bandra, the reasons are still unknown as to why this shop is named like this, but we care more about paans as the real greatness lies in it. Rajesh Khanna was said to be infatuated with their Paan, what? These Paan must have magic dust in them.

10Mukesh Kumar PaanBhandar


Situated at the bustling streets of Chandni Chowk, people come here to treat themselves with Paan of their choices, and these yummy paans never disappointed them.

11Mishra Paan Bhandar


When you’re visiting Juhu Beach you will probably need a little Paan break, so the ideal shop to have a paan break is at Mishra PaanBhandarundoubtedly. Stepping on the shore with Paan in your mouth is something everyone should have on their bucket list.

12Bednath Paan Bhandar


When you train reaches the platform of your destination and if that destination happens to be New Delhi you will be looking forward to Bednath’sPaanBhandar more than the place itself because of the shop’s heavenly Paan.You can find a shop at New Delhi railway station.And also this place gets 24/7- brownie points for that.

13Tau tea point


Your average tea stall which also happens to serve ultimate best paans which melt in our Mouth like Cotton candy does. You can find this shop near AnsalGolchakkar, Gurgaon.

14Ghantawala Paan Mandir


The bhaiya here serves Paan after ringing bell because he is a hard-core worshipper of Lord Shiva and to him serving Paan after ringing the bell means serving Paan to LordShiva.The shop also holds a record in the Guinness book for the maximum number of bells in the shop. Once you visit that shop, ChocolatePaan and MaghaiPaan is worth giving a shot.

15Gandhi Paan Bhandar


Hola to the greatest Paan served here; we would love to reside by this shop just to get enough of their Paan every day. Where to find this shop?- New Colony, Gurgaon

16Mama Paan Bhandar


There is short and rather sweet anecdote beside this name. The USP of this shop is that no artificial colors are used in the making of Paan and only the best ingredient is used.

17Shiva Famous Paan Bhandar


The name pretty much-justified kind of Paans that are served here, which is in fact famous. It is located at DLF City phase III Gurgaon.

18Varanasi Tambul Pratisthan


What’s good? A Banaras Paanmaybe, don’t worry you need not to visit Banaras to experience the goodness.It is located at Green Park, New Delhi.

19Gundi Paanwala


This shop is known for its famous ‘gundipaan’.GundiPaans are kind of rolled paans which are slightly different from your regular paans.This is the Place of colossal GundiPaan.

20Pandey’s Paan



For for some of those health freak out there PandeyPaan has developedsweet diet Paan just so you consume it without any fears of calories- yay moment for you all. Where to find this shop- presidents estate New Delhi.

We honestly feel that Paan is partly the reason India is known to be incredible. Now we  sit comfortably on couch while shovingPaan into our mouth and pretending to be a nawab.