Top 20 Paratha Houses In Pune

Top 20 Paratha Houses In Pune

Parathas have always been our breakfast friends. Be it with curd or pickle or even jam, parathas are too friendly to go with anything. There is so much to love about these hot parathas filled with aloo, veggies, or panner and loaded with butter on top that gives a kickstart to your day. If you are in Pune and want to have parathas, this list will come in handy.

1.Astha Roll- Paratha House

This place sells parathas that are perfect for the price. Pizza paratha is unique and very tasty here. They sell different kinds of parathas from which you can choose. The place is old and doesn’t really have an ambiance but, if you are looking only for taste, then this place is a must-visit.

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2.Amar Paratha And Biryani House

You will get the two most popular and loved food items here, parathas and biryani. They go a lot together and you get a good variety of options to choose. The size and filling of parathas are a lot at Amar, thus making it worth the amount and stomach filling.

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3.Aoji Khhaoji

You again end up having varieties here and the taste of parathas is just heaven. They also have an option for Thali for you to try out their specialties. When in doubt, visit this place for some garam garam parathas.

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4.Jm Housefull Paratha And Pure Veg

This place deserves full marks for the quality, taste, packaging, and quantity of food. You get the famous Bahubali thali here, whose quantity is enough for eight people. The paratha combos here are also a must-try.

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5.Chaitanya’s Paratha’s

This place serves the best parathas and kulchas you will ever find in the city. They also have multiple outlets which makes your job finding this joint a lot easier. Sumptuous Paratha, Amritsari Parantha, Mushroom Cheese Paratha, Peshawari Paratha, Aloo Cheese, and Mango Lassi are the popular dishes.

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6.Chhaya Paratha

Pocket-friendly and finger-licking parathas are right here at Chhaya Paratha. Chicken Parantha, Paneer Paratha, Parathas, Mutton, and Chutney are some good options here. The size of the parathas is huge and usually served with onion salad, chutney, sabzi, and sahi raita.

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7.House Of Parathas

Another place that is known for its paratha thalis is this joint. You will find some good options and variety on your colorful thali plate and the best part is that every item on your plate is finger-licking. For the perfect stuffing of parathas, sweet corn and cheese parathas are the best options.

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8.Juice Destination

This place is not just the destination of just whipped fruit juices but they also sell mouth-watering parathas. Their specialty is Papad Paratha which is pretty much unique to all of us. It is a good place and usually crowded as Juice Destination is right in front of the IT park.

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9.Kushyali Paratha House

All positive reviews so far for this restaurant. It is known for its good food, fast service, and budget-friendly prices. They also serve the best Chole Bhaturas that will leave you in amaze. You can ask them to spice up your food to suit your taste buds and have an even better experience.

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10.Lucknow Meri Jaan

This joint with a cheesy name should now be at your fingertips if you want parathas with kebabs. Lucknow is known for its kebabs and this place gives a Lucknow ka tadka to its parathas and kebabs. Try the Galauti Ke Kebab, Mutton Galawati Kebab, Ulte Tawe Ka Paratha, and Shami Kebabs when you visit this place.

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11.Oye Kiddan

Oye Kiddan is a cloud kitchen with no seating available. Don’t forget to order the famous items here, Chicken Parantha, Nutella Paratha, Paneer do Pyaza and Barbeque Chicken. They have excellent packaging, contactless delivery, and the best food.

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12.Punjab Canteen

Punjab Cateen is a relaxed place with nice decor and ambiance for you to enjoy your parathas in peace. It is recommended to have the Punjabi thali here. If you are at Punjab Canteen finish your meal with a full glass of lassi like the Punjabis.

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13.Shahji’s Paratha House

This place is famous in Pune and is a must-visit place to try your favorite parathas. Are there any cream and onion flavor fans here? Then the Cream and Onion Paratha Thali is something you shouldn’t miss. This joint has multiple outlets in Pune so you can find the nearest one and enjoy your parathas.

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14.Shiv Paratha House

All dhapata fans can visit this place. They sell delicious parathas and dhapata worth the price. There is no seating available and the place is a little congested but it shouldn’t matter if you have just come to fill your tummies with good, yummy parathas.

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15.Shreeji Naan Paratha

This joint not only serves Paratha thalis, but it allows you to customize your thalis. Imagine! How exciting and fun does it sound to choose from the delicious items and put them on your plate? There is no compromise on the taste and quality. Relax and chill with your hot paratha thalis.

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16.Singh Saab The Paratha House

Sing Saab is a recommended place for authentic Punjabi food. The place has a decent seating arrangement. The taste of the food is perfect and blended well with spices. Try the Bahubali Thali, Chole Bhature, Kulcha, Chaat, and Paratha.

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17.Swaad – The Paratha House More

The swaad of the food here is just mind-blowing. Not only parathas but one can get good Maharashtrian, North Indian, and other street food items. The prices are low and worth the food. It has good overall reviews.

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18.The Makhan Paratha House

This place will really give you some Makhan wale parathas. It has tasty food and good service. The flavors here are enjoyable and you will forget worrying about your calories. Their ambiance is warm and welcoming. You can never miss the Rajma Chawal here.

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19.The Paratha House

Their menu card is filled with a variety of parathas and you will never run out of choice here. You will find fusion parathas and the simplest aloo parathas also. They maintain their taste in everything they make. They have an entire section allotted to cheese parathas.

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20.Yummy Paratha’s

This place is home to some truly unique parathas for you to enjoy your meal. The food is worth the money here and they will never give a chance for you to feel dissatisfied. They are unique in terms of taste and the names of the parathas like the cocktail, afflatoon, atom bomb, etc.

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