Top 20 Pizza Restaurants In Mathura

Top 20 Pizza Restaurants In Mathura
Top 20 Pizza Restaurants In Mathura

Isn’t it true that hot crispy crust pizza loaded with lots of cheese and your favorite toppings just make you feel on cloud nine? No doubt this international dish is one of those dishes which have been able to put such significant impact on people in the whole world. Due to great liking towards this tempting recipe no one would like to compromise on the taste. For helping you to enjoy the best pizzas available in Mathura, we bring you the list of top 20 pizza restaurants in Mathura.

1. Pizza Olive

This pizza shop in Krishna nagar, Mathura has a soothing ambience and casual atmosphere attracting you to the hot cheesy pizzas available here. The pizzas here are worth your time and attention due to its quality and taste. On your visit to this place the tandoori crown pizza is something you must try.

2. Pizza House

This pizza outlet is situated in narsipuram, Mathura. The soft crust and the loaded cheese pizza is definitely a treat to the taste buds. The casual atmosphere of this place makes this place perfect for visit with family and friends.

3. Pie Pizza Mathura

This pizza outlet located on Masani road, Ganga vihar colony, Mathura serves delicious soft and cheesy pizzas. You can choose your favorite pizza from the various options available and can even try other items from here at a reasonable prize.

4. Da Pizza Hub

Are you somewhere in yamunapar painth, Laxmi nagar, Mathura and craving to eat a pizza? Then this is the suggested place to enjoy the delicious and creamy pizza of your favorite topping sprinled with some oreganoand chilli flakes.

5. Mama’s Pizza

If you are a pizza lover you can just not miss this place out. Yes this outlet in Goverdhan road, Mathura serves appetizing and appealing pizzas to satisfy you. You can enjoy some cold coffe here. It is a perfect place to take your loved ones for a pizza treat.

6. Just Itt

It is a very famous pizza shop located in Shri square mall, Mathura. The Margherita pizza served here is among their most selling pizza. You can visit this place whenever you feel like going out for shopping in the mall and enjoy both shopping and pizza with some tasty shakes too.

7. Ebay Pizza

It is one of the most high rated pizza Shops in Mathura. It is situated in shri Radha puram. Their pizzas are best in both taste and rate. On your visit to this place you must try the pizza prosciutto here.

8. Pizza City Spot

This outlet in Maruti plaza, Mathura makes some pleasing cheesy pizza for their guest and that too at a reasonable price. This place is open till 11 PM at night and one can enjoy the taste of their pizzas before that.

9. V’s Pizzeria

The speciality of this place is their V’s special electric oven pizza served here. This shop is located in Radha town market, Mathura. You can even try their other thin crust pizza to please yourself.

10. Amigos Bistro

Amigos bistro is a perfect place if you are planning to hang out with your friends somewhere in shri square, Mathura. This place offers various fast food items and one of them is your favorite pizza. Yes this place serves some delicious appetizing pizzas at a very pocket friendly prize.

11. The Chowks

This place is a perfect combination of good ambience, good vibe and good pizza. They serve various Italian recipes and some tasty shakes, but pizza is something to be tried when you visit this place.

12. Zaika

The outlet is located near janam bhumi temple, Mathura. The ambience of this place is good and the vibes of this place is also casual. The pizzas of this place are recommended whenever you visit this place with your loved ones.

13. The Food Garage

This place in govind nagar is very famous for the pizzas. The perfect place with disco, karaoke, games, books and what not. Apart from that they would be serving your orders in real huge trucks, isn’t this place just perfect for partying with your friends?

14. Craving King

As the name says, this place will make you crave for their cheesy appealing pizzas once you try them. They also serve a romantic platter for the special occasions, interesting for someone who wants to go on a date with their beloved.

15. Oven 180 Degrees

This is a fast food restaurant with casual atmosphere where you can enjoy your family outings by ordering the lip smacking pizzas they make. Surely, this place would not disappoint you with the taste of their pizza.

16. The Pizzeria Hub

It is a small shop near prem mandir where you can enjoy your order in an open space outside their outlet. The pizzas here are highly recommended especially the vegetable pizza. Apart from that they serve some other delicious Italian recipes too.

17. Si And Sa Food Cafe

This place serves you extraordinary pizzas that too on a reasonable prize. The presentation and service of food both are quite appreciable. No doubt this place is a perfect place for your family visits.

18. The Bakers Point

One of the best place in G-5 Pacific mall, Mathura to hang out with friends and family and enjoy the taste of hot crispy yet cheesy pizzas. This place has a casual atmosphere and soothing environment.

19. Rahul Bakers

This bakery shop serves pizzas that are best in quality and are super tasty that you would crave for them again and again. This place is good for baked items as the name suggests. They also accept payments through online mode.

20. Foodies Table

It might seem to be a simple place but the food served here and the hospitality both are top notch. The perfect blend of flavors and spices in your favorite dishes is just majestic. If you are somewhere near chandavan phase 1 you must visit this place.