Top 20 Pizza Stations In Mahatma Gandhi Road, Kochi

Kochi, also known as Cochin, a city on the southwest coastline of Kerala ,blessed with an all-weather harbor,and mesmerizing sights, is a must-check-out place for food lovers.The epicurean delicacy that has charmed all is the taste of pizza. Check out these pizza stations:

1. La Pinoz Pizza

With one of the best reviews and stars, La Pinoz Pizza is the greatest attraction for pizza seekers. It has one of the best menus that offer a great deal that varies from sweet corn pizza to capsicum pizza.The buzz of the people makes the place much more exotic, adding to its allure.

2. Mezzo

Mezzo, the best-known place for great food, enthralls day trippers with elegant interiors and  soothing vibe. Serving a menu of Italian cuisine, pizza tops their rank as the most loved dish. The calming vibes and pleasant environment makes it the best place to have a bite of your pizza.

3. Dominos Pizza

One of the best-known brands for pizza lovers. The uniqueness and distinctiveness of its flavours have never ceased to put down anyone’s excitement. The best dine-in and takeaway that has established itself, both in the world and in our hearts.

4. Pizza Hut

A family-friendly chain, known for its made-to-order pizzas. The best site for a outing with family which can satisfy all the varied preferences. From the most exaggerated combo to the most classic one, there is nothing that Pizza Hut can’t offer.

5. Pizza Ricotta

A colourful site in contrast to the ricotta, yet unparalleled to its specialty pizza, has captivated the taste buds of its visitors. Pizza Ricotta is second to none as the best place for hangouts and fun with pizza.

6. Café Pizzeria

The captivating aura and delicious aroma mesmerizes any passerby who can’t resist taking a peek into this warm restaurant. A white wallpaper brushed with black ink and embraced with nature beckons you with its distinctive vibe.

7. Street Menu

As the name suggests,Street Menu is the home for street foods. Pizza in its raw street style is a must not miss. With its contemporary arrangement and street style, it brings out its colour.

8. Subway

Can anyone never leave out the subway when we talk about the best pizza offering stations? The name speaks for itself. A casual-counter service establishment that aim to offer healthy options.

9. The Mercy Roof Top

A rooftop bar at The Mercy Hotel serves cuisine and drinks amidst garden flowers, statues, and city sites. The best location for a break from schedules that helps to recharge one with its delicacies is this restaurant.

10. Café Canopy

An exquisite hotel restaurant offering a menu of south Indian and Continental dishes. Dyed in warm pastel colors, the restaurant is an amusement to those who enter. The artistic decoration of cuisines is a sight to behold.

11. Haji Ali

With juices and shakes as the main dish and snacks as the appetizer, Haji Ali has attracted a tribe of questors. A colourful combo of both the ambiance and buzz can stimulate our senses.

12. French Toast Bakery, Kitchen & Studio

Specialized in continental, Italian, fast food, and beverages, French Toast is cosmic for a platter. A coalescence of blue and yellow paired with white wallpaper is a befitting place for bookworms. A location for all weather people.

13. Munch Box

An ideal place for pizza and fast food. A pleasing presence wrapped in a black box with an equally appealing platter. Munch Box has started its way towards our hearts.

14. Edam Art Café

Located within the borders of MG Road, Edam Art Café is an enchanting place filled with wooden works and nature. A captivating presence for the spectators, a venue with aesthetic food and tenor.

15. Spice It

A vibrant harmony of variant colors is the usp of this shop. An apt place for pizza enthusiasts filled with a tempting aroma. The perfect  balance of adventure and thrill for food lovers.

16. Royal Bakers And Restaurants

This establishment serves cuisines like Desserts, Chinese, Kerala, Sichuan, South Indian, North Indian, Indian and Multicuisine. An all rounder for the dishes with a typical Keralite appearance.

17. Chicking

A verbatim for the fast food fans, chicking has never disappointed us. The red banner with white letters is a nostalgic taste for all. The never-disappointing taste and aroma have blessed our taste buds.

18. TGA-The Grill Arena

It’s always a pleasure to take a break and have a meal here because of the excellent service and food. The pleasant ambiance at this place makes it an ideal site for grill lovers.

19. The Touchings Bistro

The classic place to enjoy the uniqueness and aestheticisms of Kochi. Tucked away in privacy, yet bang on MG Road. It Serves  Seafood buffet lunch, Pizzas, burgers, and an assortment of combos.

20. Cocoa Tree

Cocoa Tree a well-known name in the Kochi threshold, is a place suggested by everyone everycafe lover in Kerala. Known best for its cozy ambiance, venue, courteous staff, crowd, and music, it is the heart of Kochi.