Top 20 Places for Every Food Lover in Indore


Whenever you hear about Indore the first thing that clicks in your mind is FOOD! The food capital of the country, Indore is considered to be a dictator of food because you’ll find every variety of food here from Pani Puri to authentic Mexican wraps, from falafel to Italian, you have it all here. People here don’t eat to live, they live to eat!

So here are the Top 20 places for every food lover to visit when in Indore:

1. 56 Dukan

It’s a must visit place for every foodie, where you’ll have abundance of choices. From typical Pani Puri to Momos. You’ll get everything that you desire for. The reason behind the special name is that there are actually 56 food shops in just one area. So, you may call it a food paradise. One of the cheapest and the busiest food joints.

Address: Chappan Dukan (56 Shops), New Palasia, Indore – 452001, Madhya Pradesh


2. Square, Sayaji

The place where class and perfection go hand in hand. Square provides you a buffet with wide variety of food, and here the top class chef knows how to win hearts of the food lovers. It’s a perfect place when you are out for lunch or dinner with family, with abundant varieties of mouth-watering food..

Address: Sayaji Hotel, H – 1, Scheme 54, Vijay Nagar, Indore – 452010


3. Café Palette

We can also call it a perfect blend of art and food. Café palette not only serves delicious food but presents the rich art and culture. One can simply go there and get awestruck by the beautiful paintings, and then enjoy the mouth-watering delicacies. The burger bun is also known as the colourful bun, where the bun of red colour or green colour is made by adding natural colour agents. The food is as colourful as the paintings which makes it unique.

Address:  Café Palette, 136, Saket Nagar, Old Palasia, Indore – 452001, Madhya Pradesh, India


4. Pind Balluchi

One of the famous chains of restaurant which reminds you the days of pind. This restaurant serves you the classic Indian food, with less oil! It is a great concept of giving a village feel not only by the food but also by the ambience. Out of all delicious food, dahi ke kebab and dhaba meat are the must try.

 Address: Pind Balluchi, RH 13, Sector – A, Scheme Number 54, Vijay Nagar, Indore – 452010, India


5 JAL – A Jungle Restaurant

 A place with totally out-of-the-box concept, where you can relax and gaze at the beauty of nature and the serene environment. The restaurant is based on the jungle theme situated at the outskirts of the city and takes you one step closer to the environment. The most important thing which makes it lovable is the simple yet the delicious Veg and Non-Veg food.

Address: JAL, Behind Pushp Kunj Hospital, Khandwa Road, Bhawar Kuan, Indore (M. P.), India


6. Freito

Ever desired to go to the love city of the world – PARIS? If yes, then this is the place where you get to visit the very desi Paris. Freito, a rooftop restaurant with an Eiffel Tower provides you the authentic French food. It’s a romantic place perfect for couples. Here, the lust for food is greatly satisfied. It provides you with wide variety of lip-smacking dishes but the ones which stand out are the lemon marinated grilled vegetable and European pizza.

Address:  Freito, 343 – 344, Rooftop, Scheme 54, Vijay Nagar, Indore


7. Shreemaya Celebration

It’s a magical place where all your bakery food desires gets fulfilled. Shreemaya provides you with the best quality vegetarian food with systematic serving with a motto of serving with hygiene.

Address: Shreemaya Celebration, 12, RNT Marg, Near Madhumilan Square, Indore


8. Mangosteen Café

 Mangosteen brought a new concept of reading while eating. It provides you with books where you can enjoy your reading and the food. It doesn’t have one delicacy but many; from pasta to sizzlers, from Virgin Mojito to Chocolate Bomb, they will all leave you spell-bounded. It’s a perfect place to hang out with friends on the rooftop and the thing which makes it stand out is that the café has used recycled material while building it.

Address: Mangosteen, No. 4/5, 5th floor, Pushpratna Solitaire, New Palasia, Indore, (M.P.) 452001


9. Shree Gurukripa

 Its location provides a major boost to the business. It serves the best North Indian food. Gurukripa is a very pocket-friendly restaurant which always stays busy, from which you can understand the delicious food it serves.

Address:  Gurukripa, Sarwate Bus Stand, Indore (M.P.)


10 Wanna Puff

 Situated in the midst of nature, away from the worldly desires; Wanna puff is the ideal place for students to spend their time and appreciate the creation of earth. Wanna Puff serves you with some mind-boggling dishes to satisfy your hunger.

Address: Wanna Puff, P-10, Jhoomer Ghat, Near Hotel Mashal, Rau, Indore (M.P.)


11. Tinku’s

 One of the favourite spots of Indori’s, what makes Tinku’s unique is the magical combination of bread and chutney and all sorts of sauces dipped in cheese! It’s a paradise for a sandwich lover and on top of all, it also serves one of the best cold coffees of Indore.

Address: Tinku’s, G-34, City Centre, 570, YN Road, Indore, (M. P.)


12. Café Terazza

 The most romantic café out of all. This is a rooftop café in one of the tallest buildings of Indore so you can see almost the entire Indore from here. It provides for both indoor and outdoor seating. The interior is very soothing and beautiful. The café provides you with the freshly cooked food with abundance of mocktails to choose from. Falafel is a must try.

Address: Café Terazza, 10th Floor, Airen Heights, Opposite C 21 Mall, Vijay Nagar, Indore, (M. P.)


13. Mama Loca

 This café is one of a kind, which went out-of-the-box and brought the concept of serving authentic Greek and Lebanese food. The décor is nice and simple, and is not overdone. The special feature of the restaurant is that it also provides home delivery service!

Address: Mama Loca, G-1, Princess Empire, 6/3, New Palasia, Indore


14. Mocha

 It’s just not coffee here but an ocean of food. This is a franchise of the famous MOCHA in Mumbai. It goes beyond the limit and makes everything possible to make its customers happy. They serve you with wide variety of coffees and all sorts of wraps. This place is of the favourites of people of all ages.

Address: Mocha, G-1 & G-2, Prakrati Corporate Building, Race Course Area, Y N Road, Indore


15. The Cube – Hotel Effotel

 A business class hotel which has a surprisingly pocket-friendly restaurant which serves in buffet style. Here you can fill your stomach with utmost satisfaction with very friendly staff and finger-licking food. From the starters to the dessert, everything is mind-bogglingly tasty.

Address:  The Cube – Hotel Effotel, Plot 10-C/CA, Scheme 94,  Vijay Nagar, Indore, M.P.


16. Apna Sweets

 The name itself is so welcoming that every family’s first choice is Apna Sweets. A famous restaurant chain not only famous for its sweets and namkeen but also the desi food it serves. It has a range of food variety suited for every individual of the family.

Address: Apna Sweets, Ground Floor, Navneet Tower, Old Palasia, Indore, M.P.


17. Mr. Beans

 The all-time favourite place of youngsters. The strong coffee it serves is enough to make you a coffee lover. The perfect blend of ingredients of coffee is the reason why every coffee fan comes here.

Address:   Mr. Beans, 100, Saket, Old Palasia, Indore, M.P.


18. Terminal 10

 The brilliant idea of using an airplane as a restaurant is surely applaudable. The restaurant serves you with food in the plane, literally. They provide you with a variety of mocktails and sandwiches and some yummy pasta.

Address: Terminal 10, 176/5, Star Square, MR 10 Road, Indore (M.P)


19. Kebabsville – Sayaji Hotel

 With all sorts of barbeque that they have in menu on the side of the swimming pool makes it appealing. When thinking of barbeque, think Kebabsville. This place is ideal for food plus drinks to be enjoyed at the pool side.

Address: Kebabsville, Sayaji Hotel, H-1, Scheme 54, Vijay Nagar, Indore


20. 10 Downing Street

 It is situated in one of the famous malls of Indore. Food plus music makes it the favourite of all. They have their own dance floor, so drinks and dance actually give you a Bollywood feeling! They have special karaoke night on Thursday.

Address: 2nd Floor, Malhar Mega Mall, A.B. Road, Scheme 54, Vijay Nagar, Indore, M.P.