Top 20 Places for Best Tea in Charminar, Hyderabad

top 20 places for best tea in charminar hyderabad

Tea is an aromatic beverage which is the second most consumed beverage in the world. People in most of the parts of India start their day by drinking tea as it gives refreshment. Charminar is famous for Irani Chai because of its unique taste. People who visit Charminar never miss a chance to enjoy Irani Chai. It is served with Osmania biscuits or Samosa. Chai is made by using different spices like ginger, black pepper, clove, cinnamon, cardamom, fennel seeds, saffron along with milk, sugar and tea leaves. These ingredients show many health benefits. As you enter Charminar you can find tea stalls everywhere. These stalls open in the early morning and run till midnight.

1. Nimrah Cafe & Bakery

Nimrah is famous for Irani chai and Osmania biscuits. The Irani chai has a unique taste. It is made by adding Mawa. It is served along with Osmania biscuits, fine biscuits and also with samosa. This café is located beside Charminar. You can sip the tea along with enjoying the view of Charminar.

Nimrah Cafe Bakery

2. Pista House Zafrani Tea

As the name suggests this café is famous for Zafrani tea or Kesar tea. It is a popular tea in Dubai. This chai can be prepared by using saffron along with milk, tea leaves, sugar and cardamom. This tea is served along with Osmania biscuits or salt biscuits.

Pista House Zafrani Tea

3. Bismillah Hasnain Café

Bismillah café located near to Charminar is a pocket-friendly café that offers tea at affordable prices. They also serve street food and Chinese food. It is a small café with limited seating. It would take some time to sit but the tea they offer will pay for your time spent here.

Bismillah Hasnain Cafe

4. Iqbal Café

This café is located in Purani haveli road and offers tea at reasonable rates. It is a perfect place to visit if you want to feel the roadside tea stalls vibe. They serve Biryani and Haleem at affordable prices. They also serve a special tea made with full cream. This café opens in the early morning and runs till midnight.

Iqbal Cafe

5. Shah Ghouse Café And Restaurant

This café is located at Shalibanda, Charminar. This is a small café famous for Irani tea. They don’t have many varieties of tea as this restaurant is famous for non-vegetarian items like chicken and mutton biryani but the quality of tea available is worth a try.

Shah Ghouse Cafe and Restaurant

6. Shahran Hotel

This hotel is located near Machli Kaman road, beside Irani Gali, Charminar. They serve tea at very affordable prices. This hotel is famous for the non-vegetarian items and the desserts like Faluda and Lassi. You’ll love this place. You can hang out here with your family and friends.

Shahran Hotel

7. Ameen Café

This café is present in Indira nagar, Ramnas pura, Charminar which offers a variety of tea that can be enjoyed with samosa and mirchi or with osmania biscuits, fine biscuits and toast. It runs till midnight. It is one of the famous restaurants for Chinese and street food whose prices are very reasonable.

Ameen Cafe

8. Farasha Café Restaurant And Bakery

This restaurant is opposite the Charminar. Irani chai is famous which is served along with osmania biscuits. It is well liked for the variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food items along with faluda. Tea lovers love the affordable varieties of tea served at this café.

Farasha Cafe Restaurant and Bakery

9. New Falak Restaurant

This restaurant near Moin Bagh road, Charminar is famous for Irani chai and Pauna chai. Pauna chai is a special chai in which a quarter portion of the tea cup is left empty so that thick milk is added to it. Chinese and non-vegetarian food items are also available. This restaurant is open throughout the day.

New Falak Restaurant

10. Mina Café And Bakery

This café is located in Baba Nagar, Charminar is famous for the Irani tea that they serve. This place is perfect to just walk into and get yourself a cup of tea. They also serve Biryani and street food which are mouth-watering. This café is open 24×7. It is a pocket friendly café that offers affordable tea.

Mina Cafe and Bakery

11. Kaunain Café Tea And Snacks

This café is located in Rain Bazaar, Yakutpura near Charminar. They serve tea along with snacks like Fine biscuits, Osmania biscuits, salt biscuits, toasts and samosa.

Kaunain Cafe Tea and Snacks

12. Mehraj Café

The café located in Talab Katta, Charminar is popular for the Malai tea. It is a small place with limited seating but the quality of tea available is amazing. They also serve a variety of fast food including noodles and fried rice which are specialties of this café.

Mehraj Cafe

13. Noor Café

The café is present in Yakutpura, Charminar serves a special tea made with different species like cardamom, ginger, cinnamon etc. You can have this tea with samosa. This café is famous for Chicken and Mutton biryani. You can sit and enjoy with your friends and family in this café.

Noor Cafe

14. Namaste Chai

This place is located in Charminar which is famous for a variety of tea like masala chai, zafrani chai, mint chai, ginger honey tea and lemon ginger tea.They sell chai in litres. 1 litre chai can be served to 12-16 members. Sandwiches, burgers, ice cream, thick shakes and different types of samosas are available.

Namaste Chai

15. Lassi N Café

This café is present opposite Chowmahalla palace, Charminar. This café serves a wide variety of tea and coffee like kadak chai, hazelnut coffee, caramel coffee, mocha coffee etc. They also serve desserts, lassi, fast food and snacks. This café runs from 11am-11pm. You can order food from online platforms.

Lassi N Cafe

16. Hotel Marhaba

This is a multi-cuisine restaurant located in Yakutpura near Charminar. It serves a special Irani chai. It is popular for chicken biryani, mutton biryani, sea foods, shawarma and desserts. They also serve vegetarian food items. It is a place to visit with family and friends for any special occasions.

Hotel Marhaba

17. Hotel Shadab

This restaurant is located near high court road Charminar. The special creamy chai that they serve is amazing which is made with condensed milk. It is one of the famous Irani café. They serve vegetarian, non-vegetarian and seafood. During the month of Ramzan they make haleem which you should definitely try.

Hotel Shadab

18. Deccan Café

This café is located in Bhavani nagar, Charminar. They serve different types of tea like pauna tea, decoction tea. It is well known for Chinese food like Noodles, Chicken Biryani and Mutton Biryani. Indoor seating is available for a limited number of people. The prices are very reasonable.

Deccan Cafe

19. Hotel Meherban

This hotel is located in Sultan shahi extension road, Charminar. They serve tea which can be enjoyed with samosa and biscuits. It is a non-vegetarian restaurant. They are famous for Mughlai, Chinese food, Chicken and Mutton Biryani at very affordable prices. Seating is provided in the hotel. They also provide online delivery.

Hotel Meherban

20. Hotel Rumaan

This restaurant present in Charminar offers tea at Rs 12. This is one of the places for good quality tea at affordable prices.  The tempting menu covers vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Average cost for two people is approximately 400. You can eat and enjoy here with your family and friends.

Hotel Rumaan