Top 20 Places In Kerala If You Want To Try Some Seafood

Top 20 Places In Kerala If You Want To Try Some Seafood

Kerala, this term is remembered for having the best sea food and all the sea food lovers, this place is meant for you and people looking for fish, squid, prawns and crabs you need to visit the places below. These places have the best sea food your taste buds can ever taste.

1 Cassava

All the foodies out there this place is highly recommended for you people. It is a must visit place and the food and service here is amazing. These are really rare restaurants where you can find food that taste splendid and looks fancy/artistic as well and Cassava is one of them from the grill to the sound of sizzlers everything was on point including the ambiance.


Located at National Highway near Lulu International Shopping Mall around Marriott Hotel in Kochi, India.


2 Trilogi

This place is amazing in terms of everything from the ambiance to service and from service to food everything is on point, perfect definition of perfection. Food here is mouth watering and this place has end number of variety in cuisine and the mostly highly recommended dish is tikka sharma. It is a must try dish and for the fish lovers is fish biryani. It is finger licking delicious and a must try part of cuisine is cilantro soup.


Located at National Highway near Lulu International Shopping Mall around Marriott Hotel in Kochi, India.


3 Imperial Kitchen

This is rated as one of the best restaurants in Kerala and it is a must visit place. This place is highly recommended for kebab lovers. Here you’ll find probably the best kebabs in Kerala. This place serves amazing sea food as well as other non-vegetarian cuisine and in kebabs, fish kebabs are the best so all the fish lovers give it a try. It surely won’t disappoint you. The best part of this place is it surprises you in every single dish they have, amazing plating and flavorsome food from the kebabs to the thai beef. Everything is just worth a bite and once you take a bite you can’t stop yourself from taking another and not just sea food and beef but Indian cuisine as well. It is amazing and cynical talking about pizzas with that Italian finish, they are just incredible. This place is worth a visit.


Located at Keston Road near Devaswom Board Junction that is in Kowdiar, India.


4 Thakkaaram

This place is quite a traditional place where you’ll find good food and ambiance is based on train theme and its pretty good. Service is also fine and staff is really polite. Food is on point and the food here is like north Kerala Malabar style and the best ones are biryani and prawns. Here you also have vegetarian food but non-vegetarian food especially the seafood is really good and also this place has parking space as well. Its basically good in terms of all; food, ambiance and service as well. Must try, its worth a step in.


Located at Press Road Santhi Nagar near Naaz Tower, A-7 in Trivandrum, India.


5 The Tides

The location of this place is beautiful, ambiance too is amazing. This place has probably the best and fresh sea food fishes here and delicious desert spread and the pickle counter are the highlight of this place. For all the prawns lovers, prawns dimsum are worth a try and another is tiger prawn and Srilankan fish curry, do give it a try, it is delicious. Besides food and ambiance, service is also pretty good. This place is worth a visit.


Located at Kovalam Beach near The Leela in Kovalam that is in Trivandrum, India


6Samudra Floating Restaurant

This place is enchanting. It is basically a hotel floating in the middle of water and people use nearby boats to commute there. You can either have a seat at the restaurant or have your food in the boat itself. Hands down to the ambiance, during evening, people can enjoy delicious food in the boat watching sunset. No place can have a better ambiance than this. Highly recommended place; staff, service and food are way more amazing than the ambiance. This place serves Italian, Indian, Caribbean, Jamaican and seafood as well.


Located at Golden Sand Beach Poovar that is in Trivandrum, India.


7 Paragon Restaurant

This place serves Asian, Indian, Halal and seafood. The place is awesome so is the staff and the ambiance. Now moving towards food, it was worth every bite especially the fish mango curry, it was finger licking, flavorsome and so was the chicken biryani. Besides these, another highlight of the cuisine was Kerala fish Kozhikkodan. Highly recommended dishes are fish biryani, crab soup and mutton curry, it is worth every bite.


Located at 2nd and 3rd Floor in Lulu Mall near Ernakulam that is in Kochi, India.


8 Kettuvallam Family Restaurant

Fish curry is the word that comes first to anyone’s mind when they think of kettuvallam as this place is the best place to visit if you are searching for sea food and especially for fish curry, it is highly recommended. Besides fish curry, authentic Kerala food is also found here and you will also find some seasonal fishes here along with some karimeen fry.


Located at Kaloor Kadavanthara Road near Kaloor Bernaji Road that is in Ernakulam in Kochi, India.


9 Seafood Grill Restaurant

The most highest rated sea food restaurant in Kerala till date. This restaurant is the most amazing restaurant when it comes to sea food from fish biryani to prawns and from fish kebab to crab curry and squids everything is found here. So if you want to satisfy your seafood cravings no place can be better than this. Food service and ambiance it is at its top in everything and it specializes in seafood cuisines. It is worth a visit and rates are reasonable as well.


Located at Willingdon Island that is in Trident Hilton Hotel which is near Brivston Road that is in Ernakulam in Kochi, India.


10 Blue Water Cherai

This restaurant also specializes in seafood but the highlight part is it serves veg as well as a dish named black pearl spot which is highly recommended and is said to be prepared in different types and all the forms are flavorsome to taste and the ambiance is amazing as well. It is located just opposite to the beach and has a beautiful weather. This place is pocket friendly as well. Its worth a try.


Located near Beach Road near Cherai Beach in Ernakulam that is in Kochi, India.


11 Hotel California

This place is really famous for sea food. It has end number of variety in sea food. Ambiance is beautiful and staff is really kind. This place is worth a visit and has really reasonable rates. Fish curry here is great and is worth trying. It specializes in sea food and the food is worth a bite. Overall a great place to hang out.


Located near Hmt road that is near Ernakulam in Kochi (Cochin), India.


12 Mermaid Hotel

This hotel is cynical. It specializes in seafood and is really worth a visit. This place has limited options when it comes to food but every bite is tasty excluding the buffet as it has end number of options. It takes a little time when it comes to service but wait is worth. Food is really amazing. The highlight part is brownies, cookies and candies that are offered. Fish biryani is flavorsome.


Located in Kaniampuzha Road also said to be Mermaid Hotel that is in Mermaid Complex located in Vyttila, Ernakulam in Kochi, India.


13 Fishy’s Fish & Chips

This place is quite interesting and so is the menu. The ambiance is quite good and so is the service but food is beyond description and perfection and so are its name especially the golden fried prawns, they were yummy and large and juicy as well. The best part of it was they were of butterfly cut and another amazing thing was batter fried calamari and the dip with it is enchanting. Must try things here are fish burger and sandwiches and how can we forget to mention crunchy fish fillet that was the highlight of everything. Do try crab and tuna burger. Overall a great experience.


Located in Tharappel building, S.A Road that is opposite to Lotus Eye Hospital in Ernakulam in Kochi, India.


14 Mezban

This place is awesome. It has great ambiance and amazing staff and food. Everything from egg curry to chicken curry and from boiled eggs to juices was on point. Not just seafood but also beef and juices found here are great and this place is worth a visit. It also has buffet and that buffet have both veg and non-veg food items and an end number of options. Place is a bit expensive but is worth a bite.


Located near Mavoor Road that is near Calicut in Kozhikode, India.


15 King’s Bay

King’s is probably the best place for foodies in the town. It is a must visit place. The best part of this place is food…food….and food. They have end number of varieties in food and flavors as well. Roast crab, Mangalore and kana fry were mind blowing and kundapur chicken was finger licking. Cuisine there was just mouthwatering. This place is a must visit and highly recommended place.


Located near beach that is near Taj Gateway Hotel in Kozhikode, India.


16 Lulu

This place is really great and neat and tidy. Ambiance is quite good and is a must visit place. Buffet here have a lot of variety. Ala Carte is the highly recommended dish of this place, try it once. Its amazing and this restaurant also has parking space and also there is a small garden for kids to play and have fun. This place is dope. It serves Asian, Indian, soups and sea food.


Located in Collectorate near Guruvayoor Road in Thrissur, India.


17Noor Jahan’s Hotpan Restaurant

Here you’ll find 101% halal food and everything is on point; ambiance, food, service and everything. Reshmi kebab and honey guzzled chicken are the best part of this place. Beef and chicken biryani was awesome and flavorsome and the desert is also amazing. This place is worth a visit and is pocket friendly as well.


Located in Emerald Residency which is near KSRTC Bus Stand that is in Thrissur, India.


18 Akshaya Hotel

This place is famous for fish curry with putty and also for chicken biryani and porrota with beef. Do visit and try these once, its worth every bite and is also pocket friendly and this is the best place to hang out with friends and family. Highly recommended to tourists if you want to taste some typical Kerala food.


Located near High Road that is in Thrissur in India.


19 Hotel Niya Regency

This place is amazing and is worth a visit. Food and service was on point and ambiance was also great. Rates were reasonable as well. This place specializes in Chinese and seafood cuisines and both tasted great. Everything from fish to manchurian tasted flavorsome. Its worth a visit. Food, no matter Chinese or seafood it is exceptionally good.


Located near Kanjany Road that is near Olarikkara in Chettupuzha that is in Thrissur, India.


20 Copper Spoon Multi Cusine Restaurant

The best place for biryani in the town so all the biryani lovers, this place is for you and the buffet as well. But the buffet is unfortunately available just for lunch. Ambiance of this place is amazing and even the staff is polite and helping by nature. This place is worth a visit. Chicken biryani here is highly recommended.


Located at M.G Road in Thrissur, India.