Top 20 Places To Eat In Master Canteen Chowk, Bhubaneshwar

Top 20 Places To Eat In Master Canteen Chowk Bhubaneshwar
Top 20 Places To Eat In Master Canteen Chowk Bhubaneshwar

Nobody can deny that Bhubaneswar can be called the ‘food capital’ of Odisha. Over several years, people from different parts of the world have settled in this place and have contributed to its beautiful food culture. Starting from authentic Odia cuisine to the new-era fusion foods, anything and everything can be found here. If you plan to visit Odisha, make sure you come to Bhubaneswar and taste the delicious food here. Here are some places you could visit to have an amazing food experience:

1. Backyard Restro Café

It is a classy restaurant situated in Master Canteen Area. It is well-known for its kit-kat shakes, oreo shakes, latte, etc. The food here is affordable. The ambience is great. It is a great place for hanging out with friends. Although a bit small in area, it has been designed smartly enough.

2. O’ Kareem Restaurant

It is located in V.S.S. Nagar, unit 3.It is famous for its biryani and mutton kassa. If you are a non-vegetarian, this place is a must-visit. It has a variety of cuisines but the most famous cuisine of this place is the Mughlai Cuisine. The best thing about this place is its Tangdi Biryani. The taste is amazing and is quite affordable. The tenderly cooked chicken pieces coated with lots of masalas will surely make you drool.

3. Reliance Food Court

It is there in the Reliance Mall, Kharavela Nagar. It is very famous for its Chole Bhature and Raj Kachori. It is a very safe and family-friendly place. The place is very colorful with nice walls and beautiful balloons on the ceiling. You can enjoy your delicious food with live music. What else is required?

4. Chef Food And Beverages

It is very famous for its milkshakes and sandwiches. It also has regular main course items but the fresh lime soda and cold coffee here are to die for! It is a very affordable place especially for the college-goers. This place is known to have very high hygiene standards and great service.

5. Kuk-Doo-Koo Street Food

As you might have guessed from the name itself, this place is famous for all the chicken items. You can have chicken roll, hara bhara kabaab, chicken soup etc. You can also find Chinese and Indian foods here. It is one of the best and pocket-friendly restaurant in the city. The only drawback is that you cannot expect to sit and have your food. But if you’re willing to stand for some time and eat, you must visit this place.

6. Food Express

Situated very close to the railway station, it is one of the first places one would visit as soon as he enters the city. It is a small place with limited dishes. However, it is worth the visit because the prices are low; there is proper sitting arrangement. You can also find some typical North Indian dishes here like Dal Makhni, Dal tadka, Mix veg, Laccha paratha, Mughlai paratha, etc.

7. Melting Pot

This place has a wide range of foods. It serves both North Indian and South Indian food. It also serves Indo-Chinese dishes like Chili Chicken, Gobi Manchurian, Chowmein, etc. It also has Italian dishes like pizza, pasta etc. You can come to this place and taste various types of foods. The price is nominal and taste-wise, it is good enough.

8. Baba Square Kitchen

It is located on the Nilanchal Hospital Road. The atmosphere here is casual and it is an awesome place for groups. It is famous for dishes like Chicken lababdar, kadhai paneer, Mughlai Kulcha, etc. The food here is mouth-watering. Although not very big, it is spacious enough.

9. Qdoba Mexican Food Online

If you want to feel the taste of Mexican food, you must try this place. It has Mexican, Italian and Continental dishes. It is famous for Lasagnas, Burritos and Nachos. But as of now, this place is only for ordering food online. You cannot dine in.

10. Terra Rosso

This place has an ambience similar to that of an Italian Restaurant. It is a beautiful, cozy place. It serves a wide range of pizzas. Starting from Margherita to barbecue chicken; pesto veggie to paneer pizza; everything just tastes amazing! If you want to taste something different than the usual roti chawal, you must come to this place. They also serve milkshakes and brownies which would be a great addition to your pizzas and pasta.

11. Bocca Café

Situated right next to Terra Rosso, this is one of the best cafes to sit and work. The food is luscious and the ambience is really nice. Their cappuccino latte, blueberry cheesecake, pancakes, waffles, spaghetti and crepes are really nice. They also serve quesadilla, pastas, lemonade and mojito.

12. Brown N Cream

It is a small and cozy restaurant. The price is nominal. It has bakery items like cakes, breads, pastries, sundaes and coffee. It is an amazing place to relax and enjoy your chocolaty delight. This place can never disappoint you!

13. Smart City Tiffin (Jalakhia)

Jalakhia in Odia means breakfast. This place serves authentic Odia breakfast like puri, bara, idli, upma, kudum and aloo chop. If ever you come to Odisha, do make sure that you eat typical Odia breakfast. The food is delicious and is also pocket-friendly.

14. Oceana

It is a stylish, water-themed cocktail bar. It is in the midst of Hotel Swosti. It is a little expensive. But the feeling you get inside is just amazing. It has this Ocean theme and you’ll feel like you’re dining inside the waters. It serves great fish, prawns and sizzlers. However, it is not very family-friendly as smoking is allowed inside. It is a good place to visit with your friends.

15. Chakuli Dalma Restaurant

It is a budget-friendly and good place to eat. You can taste good food with authentic flavor of Odisha. They do not use onion and garlic, so it can be visited at any time of the year(even during pujas). They typically serve chakuli- soft, spongy dosa made from black gram; and dalma-lentil soup with lots of veggies in it. Hence, the name-Chakuli Dalma.

16. Shanghai Express

If you’re are bored from street style Indo-Chinese food and want some proper Chinese dishes, then this place is for you! The interior is very beautiful. Their seafood platter is also delicious. It is well-known for Thai noodles and Mongolian Chicken. Although a bit on the expensive side, it is quite a good place because you get what you pay for and that too, in a decent quantity.

17. Bling It On

This is a really great restaurant to visit. It serves proper Italian and Mexican cuisines. Cheddar soup, Rodeo Chicken wings and Mexican combo platter are some of the must-try dishes.

18. Green Chilly Z

This place is opposite Ashok Market. A very famous place for biryanis, chicken roll, egg roll, paneer roll veg soup etc. Decent enough and pocket-friendly. The only disadvantage is that you won’t get a place to sit here.

19. Hotel Tasty Tastyy

It is a small and nice place. You would get any Indian dish or Indian thali here. It is a calm place to have food with your family. It is budget-friendly as well.

20. Dahi Bara Shop

I saved this place for the end because it is my favorite place to eat in Bhubaneswar. No matter which area you are in, you can find any dahi bara aloo dum shop in every nook and corner of the city. Trust me guys, if you have come to Bhubaneswar and haven’t tried ahi bara aloo dum, your visit was just not worth it. Soft, spongy bara (vade) soaked in spiced dahi and topped with thick potato gravy; garnished with onions, chat masala, red chili powder and sev will make you happier than ever. You just can’t stop at one plate. Anytime you visit Odisha, do give this dish a try!