Top 20 Places To Have Chana Kulcha In Amritsar

Top 20 Places To Have Chana Kulcha In Amritsar
Top 20 Places To Have Chana Kulcha In Amritsar

Kulcha and chana are two separate food items that may be eaten together. It is a duo that cannot be missed. A kulcha is made using wheat flour (maida) and kneading it into a flat, round shaped bread, which is then heated in an earthen clay oven until golden brown. A tiny cube of butter is put on the hot kulcha, and it is eaten with spicy chickpea curry (chana curry). These are famous and commonly cooked dish in Punjab. Amritsar, a city in Punjab, is known for its Amritsari kulchas or naan. A common side dish for this is the chana curry. There are places in Amritsar which are famous for their Amritsari kulchas and naans, both of which can tingle the tastebuds of the person eating it.

1. The Kulcha Land, Ranjith Avenue

It is on the top of the list for anyone who loves eating kulchas. They are not only known for their kulcha chana, but also the varieties of stuffed kulcha, such as masala paneer. The Amritsari kulcha has other kinds of stuffing too, such as vegetables, soy, mushroom and dry fruits. Although there may be a wait because of how kam packed the place is, it is definitely worth it.

The Kulcha Land

2. All India Famous Amritsari Kulcha, Maqbool Road

One of the places in Amritsar that serves the best Amritsari kulchas. The kulchas here have amazing stuffing, and are served hot and crispy. They are accompanied with the spicy chana curry, special chutney and lassi. The ambience of this place however, might not be as great as compared to the other places in this list.

All India Famous Amritsari Kulcha

3. Kesar Da Dhaba, Near Town Hall

A must visit place in Amritsar if you want to eat amazing Amritsari kulchas. This place has been in existence for a 100 years and counting. The kulcha and chana have an amazing taste that is hard to forget. The kulchas here are served with an onion salad, chana curry, pickle and raita. It is too good a chance to pass up.

Kesar Da Dhaba Near Town Hall

4. Harbans Lal Kulche Wale, Anand Avenue

A small joint that draws people in, irrespective of its size. This place, like the others, serves amazing kulchas with great stuffing. The kulchas here are usually served with an onion chutney and chana curry that have a way of transporting us to heaven.

Harbans Lal Kulche Wale Anand Avenue

5. Monu Kulcha Hut, Lokhara Road

This place serves customers amazing kulchas. The kulchas are crisp and the butter is lathered on. To make this even more desirable, the kulchas are accompanied with tasty onion chutney and chana curry. A must have, apart from the kulchas, is the mango drink they serve. A thirst quenching drink that is a great finishe to a perfect meal.

Monu Kulcha Hut Lokhara Road 1

6. Kannha Sweets, Lawerence Road

Don’t be fooled by the name. This place offers not only sweet dishes, but also kulchas; especially the Amritsari kulchas with its usual accompaniments. These taste amazing and Kannha is one of the places often recommended by the locals. The puris they offer can also be eaten with sooji halwa, which is the kind of delicacy that can be eaten at any time. This puri can also be eaten with aloo sabzi.

Kannha Sweets Lawerence Road

7. Bharwan Da Dhaba, Near New Town Hall

This place has an extraordinary set of kulcha dishes that will make your mouth water. This dhaba is purely vegetarian as it is located near the Golden Temple. The kebab lovers can wait as this place is a must try. The ambience is good and the service is quite fast. The seats in this dhaba get filled rapidly, which is a clear indication of just how good the food here is.

Bharwan Da Dhaba Near New Town Hall

 8.Ashok Kulcha Wala, Ranjith Avenue

This place has mind blowing kulchas. This place is extremely popular with the locals, and is one of the must-eat eateries in Amritsar. The kulchas here have different kinds of stuffing like aloo, paneer, cauliflower and sometimes these kulchas also have a meat stuffing in it. These kulchas are served with chana curry, onion chutney and lassi. The service might be bit slow due to the crowd of hungry people waiting to try the food. However, It is definitely worth waiting.

Ashok Kulcha Wala Ranjith Avenue

9. Bhai Kulwant Singh Kulchian Wale, Near Golden Temple

This place is located near the famous Golden Temple. There is never a day when it isn’t packed with people, usually exceeding the capacity of this dhaba. The Amritsari kulcha here, has only five limited variations- aloo, paneer, gobi, pitthi and a mix. All the kulchas are served with chana curry and lassi. The genuine taste of Amritsar is felt here and one cannot miss it!

Bhai Kulwant Singh Kulchian Wale, near Golden Temple

10.  Pal Da Dhaba, Near Hathi Gate

This place is located near the Hathi Gate of Amritsar. It has an incredible set of kulchas that have both vegetarian and non-vegetarian stuffing. This dhaba is run by the chef who is also the owner. The one thing that makes this place stand out is that, after the kulcha is eaten a hot cup of masala tea is served. This helps in washing down the food consumed.

 Pal Da Dhaba, near Hathi Gate

11. Oye Amritsar

This is a chain of restaurants which have branches both in Mumbai and Amritsar. The way the kulchas are made here is different. Kesar water is used, which adds flavour and increases the tastiness once the kulchas are made. The place is well looked after and maintains a good ambience. One of the best places to have an amazing breakfast.

Oye Amritsar

12. Makhan Dhaba, Lawrence Road

This is also one of the famous kulcha places located on Lawrence Road. It is also well known for the fish tikka and paneer tikka, that are a must have when you visit. The owner himself prepares the food and sometimes also serves it to the customers. This place has proper seating and a capable staff to look after the other things. The kulchas are served with the fish and chicken if asked.

Makhan Dhaba Lawrence Road

13. Kulche Wale, Maqbool Road

This place similar to the others in the list, and it serves Amritsari kulchas filled with stuffing, that are just as amazing. These kulchas have chicken or mutton as the stuffing, or a gravy that can be dipped and used by the person eating it.

13 Kulche Wale, Maqbool Road

14. Ashok Kumar Kulche Wale, Ranjith Avenue

It is not to be confused with the Ashok Kulche Wale who are present in the same avenue. One of the best places to have breakfast or lunch, or maybe even both. It offers incredibly tasty kulchas that melt in your mouth. They are served with the usual accompaniments of chana curry and onion chutney. A definite to-go place for anyone who visits Amritsar.

Ashok Kumar Kulche Wale Ranjith Avenue

15. Bade Bhai Ka Brother’s Dhaba, G T Road, Katra Ahluwalia

This dhaba is one of the most popular places in Amritsar. It is recommended by everyone to go and taste the delicious food offered there. This place is purely vegetarian and all the dishes made are absolutely amazing. It is reasonably light on the pockets of the spender.

Bade Bhai Ka Brothers Dhaba G T Road Katra Ahluwalia

16. Amritsari Kulcha Point, Maqbool Road White Avenue 

This shop may not be as famous as the other places, and has a limited menu. It has two types of kulchasaloo and paneer. The rates are incredibly cheap and it is a good place to eat too. The surroundings and ambience are peaceful, and it is worth going back a second time. It is a breakfast destination that can’t be missed. One can even have some drinks, like lassi, to soothe the stomach.

Amritsari Kulcha point, Maqbool Road White Avenue

17. Haveli, Jalandhar- Amritsar Highway, Jandiala Guru

A five star restaurant that truly lives up to its name and reputation. The ambience of this place gives off a royal vibe and the management service is exemplary. They have different  kinds of kulchas like paneer, gobi, and other vegetables etc. This place is the kind that should be visited quite often even though it might be expensive. It provides the true taste of Amritsar.

17 Haveli Jalandhar Amritsar Highway Jandiala Guru

18. Neelam’s, Golden Temple Way, Jallan Wala Bagh, Katra Ahluwalia

A quaint restaurant located near the Golden Temple, serves a vast variety foods. The speciality of this place is certainly the Amritsari kulcha, with different stuffing including mutton and chicken meat. Since this is a small space it gets filled quickly, but it is worth the waiting time.

Neelams Golden Temple Way Jallan Wala Bagh Katra Ahluwalia

19. The Yellow Chilli, Ranjith Avenue

It is part of a chain of restaurants owned by the renowned chef, Sanjeev Kapoor. This restaurant offers lots of other varieties apart from the kulcha chana. The Amritsari kulcha here has different fillings, including meat. Thus it is an ideal place for meat lovers. The ambience is also perfect, creating a happy environment.

The Yellow Chilli Ranjith Avenue

20. Crystal Restaurant, Crystal Chowk, Maharaja Ranjit Singh Nagar, Company Bagh

This restaurant has a variety of dishes apart from the kulcha. The kulcha chana from this place however, is also mouth-watering. This restaurant also has a good ambience. They also have reasonable prices for the dishes.

Crystal Restaurant Crystal Chowk Maharaja

The Amritsari kulcha is delicacy which has a long history. It is the most commonly made delicacy in almost every home in Amritsar. Anyone visiting here, cannot leave the place without having the Amritsari kulcha, which is also widely known as kulcha chana. Eating this dish is like having a taste of the beautiful culture and happiness of the people who make it.