Top 20 Places to Have Munchies in New Alipore, Kolkata

Top 20 Places to Have Munchies in New Alipore Kolkata
Top 20 Places to Have Munchies in New Alipore Kolkata

Kolkata is recognised as India’s cultural capital, and it’s a foodie’s wonderland, especially for sweet tooth’s like me. This city has limitless surprises for foodies like us, with street vendors providing everything from momos to chaat to a transitional meal for rice and curries. Enjoying munchies in Kolkata has to be one of the best things to do! And to make your experience even better here’s a list of 20 places to try munchies in new Alipore, Kolkata. A developed neighbourhood in south Kolkata full of little meals eateries that gives you total Kolkata vibes in every snack you eat.

1Anamika Roll Centre

Anamika is a well-known roll centre in new Alipore that has been in business for over 20 years.  It serves a range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian rolls, the most well-known of which is the egg chicken roll which features intriguingly spiced stuffed chicken, eggs on thin well-cooked parathas and just the right number of sauces. Despite the fact that this stall is usually crowded, the politeness of the workers and the quality of the rolls make up for it. So, if you’re seeking for Calcutta-style rolls, this is the place to go.

2Khirki Shri Hari Jalpan Shop

As the name khirki suggests, it is a small window-shaped shop in the lanes of new Alipore. A go-to location for quick evening snacks with friends and family, Khirki is well-known for its chatpata aloo dum topped with squeezed lemon juice, chaat masala and coriander leaves. In contrast, it’s another famous item ‘papri chaat’ topped with potato, dhokla, bhujia with a good mix of meethi and teekhi chatni is just perfect for blessing your taste buds. This is a shop that has been around for a long time and has kept its quality and flavour.

3Cocoa Bakery

If you’re the type of person who can eat desserts at any time of the day, then this place is just for you!  A small cozy, well-decorated cafe with interiors modelled like an English cafe, the cocoa bakery is well known for its cakes and pastries, particularly their mud pie and macaroons, which are a must-try for any sweet appetite. Apart from serving delicious desserts they also serve finger-licking munchies and freshly baked bread. A great place with good food and good ambiance leads to a good mood.


Mamamomo is a small joint located in new Alipore’s alleyways. A quick service joint is known for serving exquisite varieties of Momos along with rolls, noodles and thukpa. Its most popular meal is chicken steam momo, which is very filling, cooked well and succulent, served with a complimentary vegetable soup that is warm and pleasant and feels good, especially during winters. If you’re looking for a tiny, nice and cosy place to hang out and grab some munchies, then this one is for you.

5Muah! Puchka

If you want the flavor of true stall puchkas with a little more hygiene, then this place is for you. A recently opened puchka joint in new Alipore, providing over 30 puchka variations in addition to the classic puchka and Dahi puchka, is undoubtedly a must try! Their schezwan puchka and cheese burst puchka are believed to be the best, with each bite blessing your taste buds. Definitely a place to get away from the usual puchkas and try something different.


Cakes is one of Calcutta’s oldest confectionery brands. It has locations throughout the city, including one in new Alipore. It serves a selection of pastries that are so delicious that you cannot stop eating them even if you are on a diet! Their side munchies, such as the chicken envelope and mushroom patty, are must-tries. Freshly baked and heated in-store, these items will definitely make you drool.  A perfect place for grabbing some light and delightful snacks.

7Simply Sandwich

Simply sandwich is a new vegetarian fast food centre located inside the new Alipore mall’s first floor, that serves some fantastic sandwiches, pizza,  wai wai, and many more quick bites along with shakes. They have fascinating creations with wai wai and Maggi and, their Bombay cheese grilled sandwich is worth having! A budget-friendly option ideal for mid-afternoon snack.

8Credo Fashion Cafe

A newly built fashion retail store with an integrated 22 seat space for eating located near HDFC bank, new Alipore not only sells clothing items for men and women, but also serves fresh artisan cuisine and beverages. Wraps and pastries being their specialty, this pocket-friendly cafe is a must-try with a lovely ambiance to fulfill all your munchies craving.

9Belgian Waffle Company

A cute small waffle parlour near the triangular park, new Alipore is a great place to taste a variety of waffles, pancakes and shakes. A cosy spot with yellow interiors that serves not-too-crispy nor-too-soggy waffles is a great location to spend some time. Their rocky road waffle, which is made of milk and dark chocolate with vanilla ice cream and topped with crushed nuts and Oreos is indeed a chocolate lover’s dream, with its red velvet waffle being a must-try! A place that serves crispy, substantial and delicious meals is ideal for cravings!

10Krishna Snacks Bar

One of the oldest restaurants in new Alipore, Krishna snacks bar is well-known for serving south India meals along with delectable snacks such as chats, pav bhaji and sandwiches. A not so fancy place yet fully air-conditioned offers large food portions at reasonable prices.

11Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters

With branches throughout India, blue Tokai has opened its new joint in the lanes of New Alipore. If you are looking for a quiet spot to work on your laptop or just hang out with your friends, then this cozy, aesthetically appealing cafe with both indoor and outdoor seating is ideal for you. A venue with the right vibes is well recognized for its beverages such as cappuccino and hot chocolate, as well as its healthy snacks. An excellent place to reminisce over a cup of coffee.

12Parvesh Pani Puri

A hidden gem located in Alipore, near woodlands hospital, serves 17 different types of puchka, the most famous of which is the aloodum puchka, ghughni schezwan puchka and chocolate puchka. A roadside stall maintaining utmost hygiene, is usually crowded in the evening because the puchkas are that good! They use mineral water, which appeals to all health-conscious street food fans. The person who serves the puchka has a really welcoming aura, making you like these lip-smacking delicacies even more.

13Tewari Brothers

A leading player in the sweet shops category in Kolkata, Tewari brothers have fully established themselves. With locations throughout the city, it offers a diverse choice of products to meet the needs of its customers. The aroma of sweets and munchies made with pure desi ghee charms customers and makes them drool. From chats, samosas, club kachoris to rajaballavi and gulab Jamun, you name anything, and they have it all!

14Aqua Java

A quaint cafe tucked in the lanes of new Alipore, aqua java is a great venue to meet up with friends and smoke hookah with some delectable vegetarian munchies. The cafe is quite spacious with a private lounge in the inner area and a proper seating with a gaming station in the outer space. With its well-crafted hookah and well-liked food, chefs’ special pizza, and crispy chili sesame baby corn, this eatery will not let you down.

15Fries Before Guys

To break up the monotony of fries, this place, fries before guys, have come up with a wide range of french fries topped with loads of cheese, mayonnaise, chicken sausages, beans, crushed Maggi, or pretty much anything you like! Customers prefer their Mexican fries, poppers fries and tandoori chicken fries. Indeed, a great spot to hang out with your buddies and satisfy your junk and fries cravings.



Craving for some soft, succulent, and flavourful kebabs? Arsalan has come to your aid. Located in the new Alipore district, Arsalan is one of the oldest and finest Mughal’s restaurants in Kolkata, primarily famous for its biryani and kebabs. Their tandoori kebabs such as chicken reshmi, barra and, haryali kebab will melt in your tongue, releasing a flavourful blend of spices, thereby blessing your taste buds!

17King’s Tea Cafe

A newly opened cafe in new Alipore near the triangular park, kings’ tea cafe is a global tea specialist that has brought over 200 different types of tea under one roof. These varieties are difficult to find anywhere. Apart from tea, they also serve finger food and beverages. Their most well-known dish is the king’s special burger, made with two chicken patties and loads of cheese. A Sofa-like chairs, small tables, and dim lighting, kings’ tea cafe is ideal for relaxing with your college buddies or colleagues.

18Subho Chinese Hut

Subhochinese is a little roadside stall in new Alipore near Anamika roll centre that provides Chinese cuisine such as chow mein, spring rolls and momo. All these food items are made from fresh vegetables and are suitable for grabbing some decent small bites. An example of a food stall that offers authentic taste of the city at a low price has to be this one.

19Shree Balaji South Indian Hot Chips

Do you what something chatpata or Meetha to eat while binge-watching your favorite show? Then try shree balaji South Indian chips, located on new Alipore’s main road, for some freshly fried hot chips made with the minimal minimum of oil, keeping your heart and mind both happy. These snacks are ideal for an evening snack with tea, serving unexpected visitors, or simply gratifying your inner foodie.

2095-Degree Cafe And Bakery

A cozy little cafe located in the quiet lanes of new Alipore, 95-degree cafe and bakery is a must-visit destination for your small eats yearning. It is a European style cafe with both outdoor and indoor seating, eye-catching decor done with fairy lights, and green plants and a small aesthetic place made for all our lovely photogenic. The food offered here is both tasty and reasonably priced. Choco lava cake with ice cream and lasagna is a must-try if you plan to visit!