Top 20 Places In Uttar Pradesh, Famous For Food


Uttar Pradesh is a state, full of diversity of culture and religion. It is also known for its hospitality, traditions, and foods. There are so many dishes originate from the Uttar Pradesh and are famous all over the India but, Uttar Pradesh is not only famous for the dishes but also it is popular for the places where you can find these delicious dishes. Usually, its districts are known for this speciality, even there are so many idioms which relate the states of U.P and food. Here are some amazing places in the Uttar Pradesh, where you want to at least once.

So, let start with the Lucknow and, its food places.

1. Aminabad’s area

A shop named ‘Tundey, at the corner of the Aminabad area in Lucknow. This store is famous for the Kebab Parantha and is run by Wajid Ali Sahib. This was started by the late Haji Murad Ali. The meaning of the name of his shop is one arm because late Haji Murad Ali prepared the Kebab Parantha with his one hand. The Gilawat Kebab is their specific dish and famous also, made for the Nawab of the Lucknow. It takes more than 150 spices, only for a single Kebab.


2. Idris Dhaba

It is a small shop in the Chowk area, but it is not a usual shop. This store is famous for its biryani or we can say Lucknowi biryani. It looks like a pulao because Lucknow is notable for its pulao not for the biryani. Well, this is a latest version of the biryani. Standard of the food doesn’t matter, it is all about its taste. It is prepared at low fire and its aroma makes you feel like a heavenly place. This biryani makes you forget the taste of any biryani because of its meat cooks at a slow fire, by which every particle of the flesh gets the flame and increases its taste.


3. Badshah Nagar and Gomti Nagar

These are the places in the Lucknow, which is famous for the Handi Chicken. Though Handi Chicken is famous in most places especially in the Kalika Hut which is in Azamgarh, but Badshah Nagar and the Gomti Nagar provides the same taste as that of the Kalika Hut. And when it is combined with the Shreemal, then it surpasses the taste of the usual Handi chicken. There are so many dishes which is good in the Badshah Nagar and the Gomti Nagar, but its ‘handi chicken’ is the favorite of the people of the Lucknow.


4. Royal café in Hazaratganj

 Royal is famous for its basket Chaat. The breakfast is incomplete in Hazaratganj without Chaat. Well,  they have other dishes in its menu like shakes, ice-cream, and snacks but there Chaat is famous all over the Hazaratganj. Its specialty is the ‘Pani-Batasha’ in five unusual flavors, but Indore is the only one who beats it giving pani-batasha in eight different flavors. There are other great places for the food like the Nagar’s Neelkanth and Aminabad’s Pandit chaat house. These snack monsters make your mouth blast and fill it with rejoicing, pleasure, and happiness.


5. Prakash ki Kulfi in Aminabad

Prakash ki Kulfi is a shop in the Aminabad, which gives you some tasty dessert. Kulfi Falooda is one of the famous dessert provided by the Prakash ki Kulfi and, it is popular in the Aminabad. Fruit Kulfi is one of their dishes. This dessert is very tasty and is the perfect mixture of its components. You had tried diverse types of the dessert but, this one is best.


6. Sai Lassi corner

Lassi is one of the favourites of all the cold liquids. It is a refreshment drink. Sai Lassi corner is a shop in the Chowk area, which gives you a vast variety of lassi. A lassi full of dry fruits like almond, cardamom with saffron. Its upper layer is full of thick cream.


7. Bulandshahr

It is a small district of Uttar Pradesh. It is full of diversity and known for its many dishes. There are two main dishes famous in Bulandshahr than any other city. One of them is jalebi. It is a dish, which is served as breakfast in the winter season. It is made up of Maida flour, sugar, and ghee. It is very delicious and famous in Bulandshahr. You can find jalebi at every corner of the Bulandshahr. Another special dish of Bulandshahr is Samosa. It is also made up of Maida flour but, it is full of potatoes. It is served as a breakfast, treat as a snack in all season, whether it is a winter or summer. You can also find samosa at every corner of Bulandshahr, even in any villages. But there are so many dishes that you can find in Bulandshahr like Biryani, chicken, street food, and domestic food also in restaurants. Varanasi is not famous for its religious culture but it is also famous for the delicious food, along with their hospitality.


8. ‘Batti Choke’ in Varanasi

It is located on Puran das Road in Varanasi. It is famous for the traditional dishes from the U.P and Bihar. ‘Batti Choke’ prepared their dishes in traditional styles, their equipment is also traditional. A stove along with a grinding stone. You can eat and gain, and experience it as ou are eating at your home. They have huge brass plates as well as ‘Katoris’.


9. Dina Chaat Bhandar

There is a crush on the Chaat, which is a delicious street food. Dina Chaat Bhandar is known for serving such a tasty chaat, ‘Chaats’ in so many varieties, that you do not think. ‘Chaat’ with butter and filled with the thick layer of cream and served with spicy chutney. It is also known for its various versions of ‘Dahi Baadha’. Palak chaat has also a good choice of the people of the Varanasi.


10. Vishwanath Gali

Did you ever heard the name of Blue Lassi? You heard the name of lassi only but, you never heard the name of the Blue Lassi. Usually, we find the shop of lassi everywhere but, it will be difficult to encounter the shop, who serve Blue Lassi. But, in the Vishwanath Gali, you can find the 75 flavors of the blue lassi. Most of them are the flavor of the fruits. A Blue Lassi is not filled with blue liquid or some stuff which is blue in colour but, it is known for its taste as well as its peculiar ingredients.


11 Brown Bread Bakery

As its name the Brown Bread Bakery, it does not provide any kind of bread but, it is the place in the Varanasi, who serves the non-veg food. It is known for its omelettes, sandwiches, and other western food. This is a perfect ground for the foreigners to eat and, to fulfil their hungriness. There are local places named after the Brown Bread Bakery around the Dashashwamedha Ghat but, the real shop is located on the fourth floor of an old small building and is covered with the grill cage so that it protects the people from the monkeys.


12. Kachori Gali

We heard about all the famous dishes or the places, who served these ambrosial dishes. Most of these dishes are the western dishes, some street food, and food that we never heard of. But in Varanasi, near the Vishwanath Temple, you will find a place known as Kachori Gali. It is famous for the Kachori. Yes, the domestic Kachori, that we used to eat at our house but, its taste is entirely different from the usual Kachori. You get the aroma of this Kachori as you walk in the Kachori Gali and you cannot stop yourself to go inside the shop unless your tummy is already full.


13. Falaknuma

It is a restaurant at the nine floors of a famous five-star hotel named Clarks Avadh Hotel, located in the Lucknow. It is a royal restaurant, which gives you the feeling of the heaven. The dinner at the sunset makes its scene more romantic. It is the best place for the couples. It is known for the Avadhi Food. In front of the restaurant, there is a view of the Gomti river.


14. Peshawar

Peshawar is a luxurious restaurant, which serves the all the dishes of the north west. It is an award-winning restaurant and has the largest collection of the wines. The wines, that you can drink with any dish that you want. The combination is always appetising. They cook the food at a slow fire, which makes it yummier. It is a restaurant full of surprises and amazing things.


15. Esphahan

It is the finest restaurant in the Agra. This is one of the two restaurants located in a luxurious hotel named Oberoi Amar Vilas Hotel. This restaurant is the most romantic restaurant in the Agra. You can eat the dinner with the gorgeous view of the stars and the Taj Mahal. This restaurant provides you with every traditional Indian dish. You will lose in the beautiful aroma of the dish of this restaurant. This restaurant makes you feel like a king.


16. Pinch of Spice

Pinch of Spice is located at the Fatehabad Road. It has the greatest site of the view of the Taj Mahal. It is very hard to believe but it is famous for its Tandoori Kebabs. They also serve chicken Tikka, Paneer lababdar, and the most ambrosial chicken part masala. It is one of the foremost restaurants in the Agra. This restaurant helps to improve your mood. It is also important to have a candle light dinner in front of the Taj Mahal.


17 ’Ram Babu Parantha Wale’

This is a place, at which you will find a wide variety of parathas. They have pure desi ghee, potato Paratha, with crispy core and, its aroma is full of ambrosial. This shop is located at the Agra-Mathura highway. They serve the best ‘paratha’, all over that area. They serve the paratha with the spicy chutney along with the different pickles. This is a small shop but, popular in that corner and, famous for their paratha.


18. Open Air

Its name is strange but it is a type of restaurant at which you can eat in the open refreshment air. It is located near the Hazaratganji, at the corner of Tulsi theater. It also has a barbecue, it is famous for its mutton kabab and the ‘Boti’ kabab. You should visit at least once, to eat in the open air.


19. Dasaprakash

It is a famous restaurant at the Gwalior Road, Agra. It is known in the name of the owner’s father. It is well known for its South Indian vegetarian dish. They also provide dessert, ice-cream, and ‘thandai’. It has a very friendly atmosphere. They serve the daal makhani, and also other South Indian. It is known for its hospitality. They also provide dessert.


20. Shankar Ji

It is a very simple shop or we can say that very simple dabha, located at Shri Ganpatlal Gupta Marg in Agra. It is famous for serving traditional Indian dishes. Most of the dabha serves the western food but, this dabha is known is for its hospitality and well as the taste of its dishes. It is basically a food shop for the rickshaw people and, for the local area. But due to its tasty food, the people didn’t think about its standard. They simply enjoy the food.