Top 20 Popular Cafes Near Dashaswamedh Ghat, Varanasi

Top 20 Popular Cafes Near Dashaswamedh Ghat, Varanasi

Varanasi, a city in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, is the abode of divinity and a source of spiritual ecstasy for thousands of pilgrims and tourists. Soul of this enchanting city lies in the holy river that passes by it – The Ganges. The magical spell of this city begins with morning prayer along the river and ends with alluring Aarti of the same. The Ghats not only fill the soul with sanctity but also serves immensely delicious food that satisfies people’s appetite. The Dashaswamedh Ghat is one such ghat located near the holy river, and it also has numerous cafes that serve heart-filling food.

1.Terracotta Cafe

Amidst the hustle of the Varanasi, this Cafe offers a tranquil ambiance that accentuates its beauty at night. Choices on the menu are numerous and they also treat the act of serving good quality food as their priority. If your heart craves some delicious Western food, say Pizza, this is your go-to spot. The Cafe also serves good quality coffee that refreshes the people from within. The customer service provided here is good and the friendly staff act as a cherry on top.

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2.Anjani Cafe

Now that we have provided you with a cafe that offers good Western food, one might ask for some authentic Indian flavors. In that case, nothing is better than having some quality south-Indian food. The Cafe does not focus much on creating an impact on your mind via the ambiance, but it will surely make you feel delighted with its food appealing to the taste buds. The Dosas and Vadas available here are a must-try from this Cafe.

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3.Arabica Cafe

This Cafe is well known for the good quality vegetarian food that it serves, along with various combo meals at a very reasonable price range. The ambiance resonates with the simplicity of the cafe, but it never falls short of making the customers feel comfortable. Good background music and friendly staff add to the homely space this Cafe creates. The Cafe is ideal if a person is looking to spend some quality time with family and friends.

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4.Roma’s Cafe

This Cafe steals the customer’s mind with its perfect ambiance and the exotic presentation of its dishes. The visitor’s attention is directed towards the posh space this Cafe assembles, thanks to the active group of staff appointed. Not only do they present their food exotically, but they also ensure that the food is cooked with the most care and precision. It is quite evident from the fact that they focus extra on customer’s need for vegetarian or vegan food.

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5.Adha-adha Cafe

This Cafe is a perfect amalgamation of two distinct cultures – Indian and European, providing us with the rationale behind such an intriguing name. Along with Indian food that complies with the taste buds inclined towards species, it also provides the best of sweet dishes made in European style. With its affordable prices and soothing ambiance, this place also focuses on the customer’s preference, such as Vegan food.

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6.Sami Cafe

In case you are wondering where to go for a proper lunch after visiting the Kashu Vishwanath temple, then this Cafe brings an end to your search as it is closely situated to the temple. The friendly atmosphere makes the customer feel eased and, at the same time, makes you feel contented with the tasty food that they offer. The Phulwari Thali is a unique serving here, which is a must-try.

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7.Ayyar’s Cafe

In this world which is shifting towards Western food habits and atmosphere, this place stands completely against the trend. This Cafe is one of the oldest cafes in the city, and they have adhered to their tradition for ages. Serving quality food is one such tradition that they believe in. The South Indian Cuisine offered here is one of their specials, along with good quality coffee and affordable thalis.

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8.Filo Cafe

The night sky of Varanasi is as beautiful as the city, and this rooftop cafe blends the beauty of the town and the sky, giving us an exquisite ambiance. Additionally, the view of the river Ganga from this Cafe is soul soothing. It also gives an insight into the rural life of India, as this Cafe is designed in a retro setup.

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9.Shree Cafe

The search for inexpensive, freshly made vegetarian food ends with this Cafe. It is situated near the Assi Ghat and is famous for its luscious food and tummy-filling Thalis. Paneer butter masala is a must-try at this Cafe. They also take care of the customer’s diet by providing Vegan and Gluten-free food. The ambiance is highly characterized by beautiful paintings on the wall.

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10.Jyoti Cafe

This is a compact cafe that offers a variety of International Cuisines along with tasty Indian food. This Cafe is also well known for its Israeli Cuisine, which is not frequently found. The decent price range without compromising the food quality has been its prime agenda. Customers also love the coffee that this Cafe offers.

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11.Niyati Cafe

After a busy day in the streets of Varanasi, this tiny Cafe is a perfect escape. The owner of this Cafe excels in creating a bond with the customers, making them feel at home. Like a home, with delicious food, this place is a must-visit. The prices are pretty low, and one of their famous serving is Veg Thali.

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12.Flavours Cafe

This place is primarily a bakery that serves pastries, cookies, and cakes. This well-lit place offers a delicious breakfast that helps in giving an excellent start to the day. It also has a space dedicated to the celebration of birthdays and events. The wide range of milkshakes and smoothies available here acts as an escape from the ravaging heat of the city.

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13.Chulsu Cafe

This Cafe stands out from every other in the region because of the unique Cuisine it serves – Korean Cuisine. As with serving cuisine from a distant land, they make sure that they represent the taste and culture of that place. Be it the tableware or the ambiance, everything makes the customers acknowledge and appreciate Korean Culture. It is also heaven for Anime lovers as the decor is filled with posters and merchandise from popular animes.

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14.Sparrow Cafe

Despite offering healthy food and comfortable space, this Cafe moves beyond that and offers various other things to its customers. Thanks to their connection with artisans and jewelers, the Cafe has small sections showcasing their art. All in all, this cafe supports various small businesses along with serving food made with care and love.

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15.Bona Cafe

This is yet another cafe inspired by Korean culture. This Cafe is filled with furniture and decor that is found in restaurants situated in Korea. Even the menu reflects the same as they have various Korean dishes included, and it gets further enhanced because of the laid-back atmosphere. Apart from Korean food, they also offer continental and Indian food.

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16.Mona Lisa Cafe

This Cafe is meant explicitly to meet the needs of tourists. This place offers food that is prepared according to the food habits of the foreigners. The Italian Cuisine available here is delightful. The same is the case with other Indian dishes on their menu. They also have different types of refreshing, and energizing chai.

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17.Coffee Roaster

As the name suggests, the Cafe has a benchmark for serving coffee and other beverages of the finest quality. The presentation of the same makes it look no less than other established franchises. The option for Sandwiches, Pizza, and other food items are numerous. This ambiance is also cozy and ideal for a small group.

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18.Cafe Coffee Day

The name of the franchise speaks for itself. This franchise is known for serving premium quality beverages, cakes, and cookies baked by the same franchise. The atmosphere helps you ease out from a tiring day. Although this place might be a bit expensive, given the exceptional standards, but it’s worth a try.

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19.Cafe D Benaras

The first thing one would notice about this Cafe is the remarkable painting of a saint with sunglasses and a cigarette. The painting is a delight for people for love art and appreciates it. Regarding the food, this place offers various Cuisines like Chinese, Japanese, American, and Indian. This place is also helpful for visitors from another country as the staff members are well equipped with the knowledge of English, which helps them to have an effective conversation with the guests.

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20.Aucy’s Cafe

This Cafe is named after the owner’s pet dog. It is a small cafe located a few feets above the ground, which helps you to have a look at the holy river Ganga. Along with this soothing atmosphere and minimal ambiance, this place also offers food at a very reasonable charge. After a tiring day in the city, this place is ideal for a cup of tea and some relaxation. Do visit the place, and remember to pet the cute dog.

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