Top 20 Promising Places To Eat When At Yashwant Place, Delhi

Top 20 Promising Places To Eat When At Yashwant Place Delhi
Top 20 Promising Places To Eat When At Yashwant Place Delhi

Yashwant place is a renowned shopping point among Russian tourists. It is the best location for shopping during the day and trying various cuisines in the evening. It is close to the Chanakyapuri area near the Russian Embassy. You can meet people who speak good Russian. It is a good attraction for shopping for daily items, handicrafts, leather material, and groceries. There are pocket-friendly food options, particularly Indo-Tibetan cuisine. The food joints range from street food to classy family restaurants. The majority of food options available are spicy curries, noodles, soups, and momos.

1 Bamboo Chopstix

Bamboo Chopstix is a great place to satisfy your cravings for momos. There are various momos like Pork Steam Momos, Cheese Momos, Chicken Steam Momos, Mutton Steam Momos, and Fish Steam Momos. Bamboo Chopstix also serves different kinds of soups, Chowmeins, Thupkas, and other dishes.


2 Chimney Corner

The most commonly available kinds of momos are fried or steam momos. But, if you are looking for something striking, then try Chimney Corner. It serves tasty Tandoori Momos with Indian Flavors in Yashwant place. It also offers a wide array of Chinese dishes.


3 Chinese Bites

Chinese Bites offers a vast collection of Chinese dishes from around the world. It is a great place to have British Chinese, American, and Indonesian Chinese cuisines. There are various kinds of Chowmein, Momos, Soups, and Fried Rice to eat. You can also try the well-known dish of Fuyong.


4 Chimney Sizzlers

Chimney Sizzlers is a favorite tiny spot for having delicious sizzlers and Chinese food. It offers a reasonable range of prawn and chicken dishes. Like, one of its popular dishes includes fish in hot garlic sauce. It specializes in authentic appetizers like chicken chili momos and sizzlers. Cottage cheese sizzlers are a lip-smacking one to try from Chimney Sizzlers.


5 Laguna

Laguna is the best place to have mouth-watering Thupkas. It serves various Thupkas like Egg Thupka, Chicken Thukpa, and Mushroom Veg Thukpa. Laguna serves tasty chili prawns, noodles, and spicy Sizzlers. Food can be a little spicy.


6 Momo Point

Momo Point offers a variety of Steam momos with chili dips. A blend of spices and Chinese sauces is combined to prepare the filling. Pepper gives an oriental flavor to the momos served and enhances its taste. Momos are then coated with oil for a soft and tender touch.


7 Bawarchis

Bawarchis is the best place to have vibrant momos. The momos have a filling of finely chopped carrot, onion, cabbage, and garlic with crumbled Paneer. It is deep-fried. A sprinkle of tangy Chaat Masala adds to the savory taste. The momos dip in a spicy and delicious momo Sauce is fascinating.



Have you heard about the delicious Pork Momos? If yes, then Al-Kuresh is the ideal place to taste it. The pork with a blend of cloves, onion, spring onions, chilies, ginger, and green chilies forms a unique stuffing. They are steamed to perfection with smoky clove flavor soothing your taste buds. The menu also gives Mughalai meal options.


9 Zaika

Zaika is a decent place to have Tibetan Noodle-Soup. It has a stuffing of finely chopped carrots, onion, capsicum, bell pepper, and pork. Further, noodles, chill powder, Garam masala, and black pepper elevates the flavor. The stew is hot, spicy, and authentic in taste. The noodles are a pleasure to eat. Some pork pieces soaked in spices for a better seasoning are mixed with it.


10 Bikanervala

Bikanervala is a chain of quick-serving food joints. It offers a variety of different Indian snacks, sweets, and Namkeens. The elaborate street food menu is full of affordable meal alternatives. It is a prominent food joint for North Indian, South Indian, Continental, Chinese, and fast food.


11 China Chinatown Sizzlers 

China Town Sizzlers serves a wide array of Chinese Seafood. They prepare good quality, hot and fresh food. The appetizers are not only pocket-friendly but worth every penny spent. It pleases and satisfies the taste buds. They give quick food service without making you wait for long. The Chilli prawns from China Town Sizzlers are a must-try.


12 Chanakya Bar-be-que

Chanakya Bar-be-que is an Indo-Chinese Restaurant. It has a simple setting with terrific food. The food tastes good with all kinds of beverages. It’s Juicy Chicken Momos, Fish Chilli and Chilli- Paneer is a must-try. The place is ideal for a gathering with friends on an affordable budget.


13 Chinese Garden

Chinese Garden is a Chinese cuisine joint in Yashwant Place. There are various options for a great Chinese lunch and dinner for Chinese lovers. The lemon chicken and Chicken Thukpa is a mouth-watering meal. There are many non-vegetarian options for a fulfilling meal.


14 Milan food

Milan food is a food joint offering foreign cuisines. It is a leading attraction for quality food. Don’t forget to try its Spring rolls and Fuyongs. The menu also offers various hot and aromatic sizzlers for an unusual and satisfying meal. Milan food is a must-try for lip-smacking food.


15 Kashyap Corner

Kashyap Corner is a decent eating food joint in Yashwant Place. You can go shopping during the day and enjoy authentic North Indian cuisine in Kashyap Corner at night. It is well-known for its Tandoori Chicken and flavorful Punjabi food. Yashwant has lots of Chinese and continental restaurants. So, Kashyap Corner is a unique option on the street.


16 Food hall

The Food hall is a decent multi-cuisine food joint in Yashwant Place. You can get Italian, Mexican, and many other dessert items in that place. It is a cafe with an average cost of Rs. 1800/- for two servings. There is no online reservation system for the food joint.


17 The Chimney

The Chimney is an elegant restaurant for North Indian and Chinese Cuisine. It is a QSR type of restaurant. The average cost for two servings is Rs. 900/-. The Payments options include Wallet and Card techniques. It has an elaborate menu with Rice, Soups, Chop Suey, Thukpa, Chowmein, and various other options.


18 Bukhara (ITC Maurya hotel)

Bukhara restaurant is a classy food joint for a good-quality meal. This restaurant is the best place to have Bar-be-que meals. Indian, Pan Asian, kebabs, and North Indian cuisine are exceptions at Bukhara. It is the best place to have Dal Bukhara, Paneer Tikka, Ras Malai, and Naan in Yashwant. The ambiance is calm with a complete air-conditioner service. Many vegan dishes are also available with particular orders.


19.Moti Mahal Delux

Motivation Mahal Delux is a casual dining place serving Indian, Pan-Asian, Mughalai, North Indian, and Pure Vegetarian cuisine. It is well-known for its peaceful and comfortable ambiance. Some mouth-watering dishes at Moti Mahal Delux are Butter Naan, Dal Makhani, Tandoori Chicken, and Butter Chicken dishes. It is a good place for children.


20 Fujiya Restaurant

Fujiya is a pan-Asian and Japanese restaurant. It is a pleasant place to have zesty seafood. Fujiya is an elegant eating place for some terrific Chinese food. The most favorite dishes of Fujiya restaurant among the people include Lamb, Non-Veg Sushi Platter, Spring rolls, and dumplings. It has air-conditioned seating. Fujiya offers a home delivery service in Yashwant place and nearby areas.