Top 20 Pure-vegetarian Restaurants in Gurdaspur, Punjab

Top 20 Pure vegetarian Restaurants in Gurdaspur Punjab
Top 20 Pure vegetarian Restaurants in Gurdaspur Punjab

A vegetarian diet has conquered the hearts and minds of people around the world due to its forward-looking view on nutrition and making food by yourself sometimes isn’t a viable option in certain situations. For situations like this pure vegetarians, restaurants are the best solution to have a healthy and delicious meal be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. This article brings you the Top 20 Pure-Vegetarian restaurants in Gurdaspur, Punjab where you can enjoy vegetarian meals without worrying about anything along with your family and friends.

1.Shri Radhe Bikaner

The establishment serves cuisines like Pure Vegetarian, Chinese, Punjabi, Multicuisine, North Indian, Indian, Breakfast, Fast Food. A good place to visit with family and friends to enjoy some delicious meals.


2.Shri Radhe Sweets, Cakes, Savouries & Veg. Restaurant

Shri Radhe Sweets Cakes savouries & Veg. A restaurant is a beautiful place with awesome infrastructure and proper hygiene. This restaurant provided great service and delicious food. It is one of the best places to enjoy a pure- vegetarian lunch or dinner. This place is also famous for its pastry and cakes.



This is one of the most favourite Restaurants of the Gurdaspur for the residents in and around Gurdaspur. A restaurant that is economical and serves quality food, prepared in good hygienic conditions. The perfect family restaurant for eating spent time with family. The food is so good here. This is a perfect place for dinner lunch and breakfast.


4.All Ok Vegetarian

All Ok Vegetarian restaurant is a pure vegetarian restaurant that serves good quality food that you can enjoy with your family and friends. The staff are very polite and the service is quick and nice. A must visit the restaurant to enjoy a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner buffet meal at an affordable price.


5.Firangi Hub

Besides Pandori Dham Temple, visit Firangi Hub in the vicinity. The Chinese and Indian menus attract people searching for positive impressions. If you want to taste some delicious beer, this restaurant is a nice choice for you. The pleasant staff works hard, stays positive and makes this place wonderful.


6.Urban Spices Terrace Lounge

At Urban Spices Terrace Lounge you can enjoy the best of vegetarian food and beverages. Here you will get a variety of options to choose a special meal for your brunch. It can restore your inner energy if you wake up late in the morning. Overall a good place to visit with family and friends.


7.Punjabi Tadka Veg. restaurant

An amazing place to have tasty food and at a great price. The staff here provide fast delivery service. The restaurant is very well maintained and spacious surrounded by farm lands. Sarson da saag and makki di roti are a must-try dish here which you should not miss.


8.Komal Vaishno Dhaba

Komal Vaishno Dhaba is one of the best restaurants that serves a nice breakfast. It is the perfect choice to kick start your day with a delicious morning meal at reasonable rates. Dal makhani and Paneer bhurji are a must-try.

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9.Fauji Vaishno Dhaba

Fauji vaishno dhaba is a simple looking restaurant that serves delicious, mouth-watering food. Some of the recommended dishes here are Kadai Paneer, Palak Paneer, Paneer Butter Masala, Chana Masala, Mix Vegetable, Mixed Rajma Chawal, Rajma, Dal Makhani, Kadhi Pakoda, Mixed Curry Chawal and Tandoori Aloo Paratha.


10.Sardari Dhaba Pure Veg

The food is very tasty and fresh, the rates are also very reasonable here. Very nice place for Indian fresh food, all the dishes made here taste like homemade food, quality and quantity is also good. A very nice place, but there is no sitting arrangement, only pack & pick up food service is available.


11.Janta Vaishno Dhaba

Janta Vaishno Dhaba is one of the best dhabas in the city. One of the best family eatery vegetarian food Dhaba, all the dishes are of very reasonable price. A hygienic and clean dhaba. Nice desi Dhaba for a family dinner when visiting Pathankot. One must try is buttery Rajma rice.


12.Laziz Corner

A nice vegetarian family dining place. The staff are nice here and the ambience is very comfortable. All the dishes are delicious and pocket friendly. The establishment serves cuisines like Pure Vegetarian, Desserts, North Indian, Continental, Fast Food and Street Food.


13.Ritik Vaishno Dhabha

Ritik Vaishno Dhabha is a Dhaba to enjoy the best food at a normal price. The ambience is normal but good and the quality of food is the best. The staff are nice. Food is finger-licking good tasty food here. Dal makhani is best and everyone who visits here must try it.

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14.Deepak Vaishno Bhojnalaya

Indian cuisine is famous around the globe for its aromatic spices and sweets. Be it rice, turmeric, lentils or curry, native or contemporary recipes – Indian dishes served by Deepak Vaishno Bhojnalaya and their cooking method are influenced by the local tastes. The establishment serves cuisines like Punjabi, Tandoori.


15.Mustacchi Restaurant

Mustacchi Restaurant offers outdoor as well as indoor seating arrangements, which guests can choose as per their comfort. Though this dining venue is a compact setup with limited space for seating its dine-in guests, this restaurant also offers to take away and speedy doorstep delivery services too.


16.Upperhauzz Vegetarian Cafe

Upperhauzz Vegetarian Cafe has a beautiful and good ambience. The environment is more modern as compared to other food places in the city. The service provided by the staff is also nice here. It is a fabulous place one must visit. All the staff are friendly. The establishment serves cuisines like Desserts, Chinese, Italian.


17.Friend’z Restaurant

Making way for a hearty meal is Friend’s Restaurant in Gurdaspur. This place is synonymous with delicious food that can satiate all food cravings. It is home to some of the most appreciated cuisines.


18.Billa Vaishno Dhaba

Superb place for awesome food. The way they deal with customers is very polite. A fully air-conditioned Dhaba in Gurdaspur. Billa Vaishno Dhaba at Madhopur makes sure one has a great food experience by offering highly palatable food. Prices are very good as compared to others and food quality is far much better. Drinks are also allowed. A good place to have dinner with friends.


19.Arjun Punjabi Dhaba

For those who hold back on eating meat, poultry, fish or other animal products, Arjun Punjabi Dhaba is ready to provide a choice of grains, cereals, salads and other meat-free items. Arjun Punjabi Dhaba can arrange the catering service which includes transporting the equipment, cooking the snacks, serving drinks and cleaning. In addition to that, food delivery is provided here.


20.Jass Da Dhaba

Indian meals are recognized around the world for their predominance of hot seasonings. Be it turmeric, curry, lentils or jeera, native or integrated foreign recipes – Indian dishes offered by Jass Da Dhaba and their cooking techniques are influenced by the regional tastes.