Top 20 Pure Vegetarian Restaurants To Visit Near Renigunta Road In Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh

top 20 pure vegetarian estaurants to visit near renigunta road in tirupati 1
top 20 pure vegetarian estaurants to visit near renigunta road in tirupati 1

Tirupati is well-known across the country as one of the holiest cities. Every year, lakhs of devotees visit this place to offer their prayers to the Lord Venkateswara. The influx of so many devotees’ means there is a requirement for restaurants that serve authentic and homely food. Tirupati has several multi-cuisine restaurants, and there are plenty of vegetarian ones for those who wish to refrain from eating meat during their visit to the holy place. The restaurants in Tirupati offer primarily South Indian tiffin items and meals at affordable costs, although some serve Chinese and North Indian. We handpicked the restaurants mentioned in this list to ensure you have a ready reference to know where to get yourself a satisfying meal in your pleasant stay at Tirupati.

1. Minerva Coffee Shop

‘Minerva Coffee Shop’ is a part of the Minerva Grand Chain of Hotels, prevalent across many parts of the state. This restaurant is simply among the best vegetarian restaurants in the locality. You can choose from a wide range of dishes from South Indian, North Indian, and Indo-Chinese cuisines. South Indian Thali, too, is available at an affordable cost. Minerva is perfect for families to dine in.

Minerva Coffee Shop

2. Bhima’s Paradise

Bhima’s Paradise is a must-visit when travelling to Tirupati. This family-friendly restaurant offers South Indian, North Indian and Chinese cuisines. But the dish you must not miss at all is the Andhra Thali which offers Chapattis, Rice, Curry, Podi, The Andhra Special Avakaya, Pappu, Curd, and other dishes—all at a highly affordable price. The restaurant is well-known in the locality, and the staff is known to be courteous and professional.

Bhima’s Paradise

3. Plantain Leaf

Visit Plantain Leaf inside Hotel Pai Viceroy in Tirupati. This restaurant is best known for its South Indian Thali, the most ordered item, and other regional and Chinese specials available on its menu. Customers appreciate the restaurant’s quick, efficient and professional service. Plaintain Leaf is a perfect choice for those who want a guaranteed good time with delicious meals.

Plantain Leaf

4. Anandan Vasavi Vegetarian Restaurant

You can visit this restaurant located on NH 205 in Srinivasa Nagar in Ramchandra Nagar in Tirupati. Customers laud the restaurant for its well-maintained hygiene, delicious meals, and a good range of South Indian items. You can experience the authentic Andhra style Thali here. Other dishes like Sambar idli, Upma Pesarattu, Rava Dosa, and many more are surely worth trying.

Anandan Vasavi Vegetarian Restaurant

5. Lakshmi Narayana Bhavan

You can visit Lakshmi Narayana Bhavan opposite RTC Bus Stand TP Area at 202, 203 Tirupati Road. The restaurant serves delicious vegetarian meals at reasonable prices. Customers say this restaurant is a must-visit when you are in Tirupati. Items like Ghee Roast Dosa, South Indian Thali, Pongal, Poori, Filter Coffee are a must-try. Hygiene is satisfactory, and service here is quick.

Lakshmi Narayana Bhavan

6. Sangeetha Hotel 

You can quickly figure this restaurant out on the highway because of its bright lighting. it is near Sri Padmavathi Ammavari Temple. ‘Sangeetha’ is a decent restaurant to have a hearty vegetarian meal at a reasonable price. The cost comes to about Rs 100 per head on average. Dishes like Fried Rice, Chilly Gobi, Dosa, Sambar, Idli Vada, and Upma are worth trying. Air Conditioned Hall is available here.

Sangeetha Hotel 



Located in Tata Nagar is Dakshin Restaurant. It is near the railway station and hence easily accessible. Expect to discover a good range of breakfast varieties here; full meals are available at an affordable cost. The ambiance is peaceful and suitable for a family crowd. The staff is courteous and usually open to feedback.


8. Saarangi

Saarangi Fine Dine is one of the best restaurants for vegetarian food in Tirupati. It has a-la-carte and buffet options available on the ground and first floors, respectively. The restaurant is well-familiar among locals and tourists and is also one of the highest-rated ones in Tirupati. The vicinity provides for ample car parking. The restaurant maybe a little too crowded.


9. Hotel Sastry Bhavan

Hotel Sastry Bhavan is a decent restaurant near Anna Rao Circle in Srinivasa Nagar. The menu will offer various options, including breakfast items, meals, and Chinese dishes. The Chinese foods are a favourite among the customers—Fried Rice and Mushroom Manchurian have received good reviews. Mirapakaya Bajji deserves a special mention and is among the must-try foods here.

Hotel Sastry Bhavan

10. Hotel Sri Sindhuri Veg

Hotel Sri Sindhuri Veg, located near Annamaiah Circle, is perfect for grabbing quick lunches and snacks. Unfortunately, the area near the restaurant does not provide parking, so you must be aware of where to park your vehicles when visiting this place. Filter coffee served here is delicious and a must-try. Also, remember to try Alasanda Vada, a dish prepared only in the evenings.

Hotel Sri Sindhuri Veg

11. SV Café

SV Cafe on Giddangi Street is known for its hospitality. The items on the menu taste well, especially Rava Dosa and Idli. The filter coffee served here has the delicious and authentic South Indian flavour missing in urban coffeehouses. People claim this cafe to be one of the oldest in Tirupati and still has the same infrastructure—a must-visit for experiencing this historical tiffin center.

SV Café

12. Rainbow Pure Veg Restaurant

Rainbow is a multi-cuisine vegetarian restaurant located inside Fortune Select Grand Ridge. The restaurant is perfect for families and friends and may not be suitable for dinner dates. However, some customers consider this place one of the best restaurants in Tirupati. Here you get to try tasty dishes like Kulcha, Latcha Parantha, Bhindi Nayantara, Subji Biryani, Gulab Jamun, Shahi Tukda, Appams, Spinach Anjeer Kofta, and many more.

Rainbow Pure Veg Restaurant

13. Hotel Saravana Bhavan

You can visit Hotel Saravana Bhavan in Tata Nagar opposite Srinivasa Complex. It is a frequently visited restaurant and has received many good reviews. This Saravana Bhavan outlet is different from the ones in Chennai. However, according to visitors, breakfast items and Rice dishes are pretty delicious. Moreover, the items on the menu are affordable and will surely be within your budget.

Hotel Saravana Bhavan

14. Jalpaan Veg Restaurant

Jalpaan Veg Restaurant, located beside Hotel Udayee International and opposite APSRTC, describes itself as a modern restaurant offering North Indian and International cuisines, along with a decent range of mocktails and ice creams. The ambiance and seating are outstanding; the food is definitely worth the money, which is why this restaurant has received several positive reviews from visitors.

Jalpaan Veg Restaurant

15. Vrinda Restaurant

Vrinda is a vegetarian casual dining restaurant located inside Hotel Sindhuri Park near Railway Station Town Planning Area. The restaurant offers Chinese, Indian, American cuisines. Hygiene is well-maintained here, and the ambiance is family-friendly. The prices may seem a little expensive, but the dining experience makes it worth the bucks. Overall, customers leave this restaurant with a very positive outlook.

Vrinda Restaurant

16. Balaji Saravana Bhavan

You can visit Balaji Saravana Bhavan in Balaji Colony, Tirumala. The restaurant describes itself as a quick-service one and offers South Indian meals. Portion sizes are generous here; items like Masala Dosa come with four different chutneys and have a good serving of Potato filling. Hygiene is satisfactory, and service is prompt.

Balaji Saravana Bhavan

17. Usha Vasavi Restaurant

Usha Vasavi on the Tirumala Bypass Road offers a wide range of North Indian dishes. If you would like to have delicious vegetarian dishes in a clean and classy ambiance with warm hospitality, then look no further beyond Usha Vasavi. Customers love the restaurant and call it a must-visit in Tirupati for authentic vegetarian cuisine.

Usha Vasavi Restaurant

18. PS4 Restaurant

PS4 stands for Perambur Sri Srinivasa Sweets and Snacks is in Korlagunta in Tirupati. A famous and frequently visited restaurant among locals and tourists with several reviews and ratings, PS4 serves a wide range of delicious sweets and tiffin items. Their Payasam is a favourite among customers, so don’t miss out on it! Because of its popularity, expect to find it crowded and busy.

PS4 Restaurant

19. Bangalore Fast Food

On Nehru Street in Tata Nagar is Bangalore Fast Food, offering delicious snacks and tiffin items. Karam Dosa, Sambar Idli, Sambar Vada, Uthappa, and many more are available here—Ghee Karam Dosa is a must-try. Overall, this fast-food center provides a satisfactory experience of savouring South Indian tiffin items at reasonable prices.

Bangalore Fast Food

20. Sri Vijaya Venkateswara Bhavan

Hotel Sri Vijaya Venkateswara Bhavan is in T.P. Area. In this restaurant, you will be assured a comfortable and homely environment with a friendly and courteous staff attending to your requirements. According to some customers, food is available late at night too, although it is best to confirm beforehand. You can enjoy satisfying South Indian dishes and meals in this reasonably-priced restaurant.

Sri Vijaya Venkateswara Bhavan