Top 20 Rajasthani Dishes Offered In Bhubaneshwar


RAJASTHAN– “RAJA KA STHAN, is not only famous for its breathtaking palaces, astounding landscape, and rich history but also famous for its “Shahi Rajasthani Cuisine.” People from across the world visit this place not only for its rich culture but also for its lavish cuisine that is a mix of Marwari, Bikaneri, Mewari, and Shekhawati cuisines. The most remarkable quality of Indians are that we have made our nation an ethnically diverse place to dwell inside. Every state has a unique cuisine to taste apart from its culture, language, & dance form. The cuisines are well known not only in their respective places from where they belong but also escalated all across the country; same is with the incredible Rajasthani cuisine.

Bhubaneswar being the smartest city has an array of foodies . It has a wide range of restro’s, sweet shops, dhabas that offer a variety of Rajasthani dishes. Rajasthani cuisine is adapted in homes as well. Let us check out some of the mouth-watering Rajasthani dishes that is a must try in Bhubaneswar.

1. Rajasthani Kadhi

It is a very easy-to-do recipe. It has a spicy and tangy yogurt based sauce that is mixed with besan (gram flour) to thicken the sauce. It is often served with fritters made of gram flour, floating in the Kadhi as it really enhances the taste of the recipe. A perfect dish for summers as it generally has a refreshing and cooling effect due to the yogurt content.



Dal Bati Churma

This dish is full of warmth and satisfaction & comprises of tenderized cooked dal, a semi-sweet churma, and deep fried fresh bati’s. This is an absolute traditional combination with a perfect blend of sweet, sour, spicy tastes. Every restaurant offering Rajasthani meals in Bhubaneswar is incomplete without serving this triple-treat.


3. Ker Sangri

It is a perfect traditional Marwari dish that can be made by soaking ker berries and sangri beans in water for nearly 8-10 hours and then cooking it on pressure for sometime, and finally mixing it with curd and Indian spices. Well, it can be consumed with Chapati or steamed rice.


4. Jodhpuri Kachori

The yummy jodhpuri kachori has a crisp maida covering and a filling made of mashed potatoes, mashed peas, salt, red chili powder, garam masala. What differentiates this dish from other kachori recipe is that the filling has an amazing blend of Coriander seeds, Fenugreek Seeds, and Fennel Seeds.


5. Mirchi Vada

Mirchi vada is generally a very mild spicy dish(isn’t it an irony!?) and is made of large chillies, also called Bhavnagri chillies that has a mashed potato stuffing and deep fried in oil. It is a perfect dish for rainy season.


6. Mohan Thal

This mouth-watering sweet dish has an impeccable balanced fusion of besan (gram flour), khoya, sugar, and is incomplete without the hint of cardamom powder. It is the best dish for a festive season.


7. Rajasthani Chole

It is a very authentic dish as it gets its uniqueness from the addition of Indian spices. So this is a chickpea dish with a tangy and spicy gravy. The gravy can be prepared by simmering the tomatoes mixed with fried garlic, ginger, and green chillies.


8. Rajasthani Gatta

It is a perfect curry for lunch as well as for dinner. Gatta can be made of besan (gram flour) dough in cylindrical/spherical shape dipped in a tangy and spicy gravy. For all the people who love spicy foods, this is a well-suited dish for your spicy taste buds.


9. Rajasthani Mutter Paneer

Indian cottage cheese, also known as “paneer” is the master of this dish. This Rajasthani mutter paneer has cooked green peas and paneer cubes well blended in spicy gravy that will surely make you drool.


10. Methi Bajra Puri

Bajra (Pearl Millet) is a very healthy ingredient of this dish. This dish is usually consumed as the Indian bread and is perfect for winters. The dough can be made of flour, bajra, and fenugreek leaf which can be further stuffed with spicy mashed potatoes.


11. Aam Ki  Launji

It is indispensably a pickle type Rajasthani dish that has raw green mango pieces coated with tangy, spicy and sweet flavoured thick gravy/ chutney. It can be eaten as an accompaniment and will certainly increase your appetite.


12. Gatte Ke Pulao

It is a spicy pan-fried rice tossed with Indian spices and besan ka gatta. A perfect dish for lunch as well as for dinner. If you are in a hurry to pack something for your child’s lunchbox, then this would be the finest idea to prepare something as tastier, as easier, and as quicker recipe as this. So, why not give it a try?


13. Churma Ladoo

A very authentic Rajasthani sweet dish and a must offered nourishment during festivities, churma ladoos can be prepared from jaggery, ghee, and coarsely ground whole wheat flour which is further transformed into spherical ladoos and garnished with some sesame seeds.


14. Rajasthani Puran Poli

Also known as “Rajasthani puran puri,” this dish is an authentic sweet Indian bread. The keystone of this dish is Toovar Dal(pigeon pea) which is boiled, soaked, cooked with ghee, and caramelized with sugar and finally used as the stuffing for the whole wheat flour dough. A delightful dish enjoyed by people of all age groups.



Boondi Raita

It is a very refreshing side dish. The perfect blend of yogurt, mild spices, and small crispy fried balls make this dish exhilarating. It has a more satisfying effect when cooled in refrigerator for some time and then eaten. It goes best with Biryani and Pulao.


16. Badam Ka Halwa

Badam ka halwa is an effortless sweet-dish served as a dessert during festivities. The halwa can be made from soaking almonds and further cooking them with ghee, sugar, and milk. This is the most flavored dish in Bhubaneswar and simply available in sweet shops, and also in Rajasthani restaurants.


17. Gujia

This dish has a huge fan following in Bhubaneswar and also all across Odisha. Gujias can be made of maida(All-purpose flour) dough stuffed with sweetened khoya and dry fruits which is further deep fried in oil. Sometimes sweet grated coconut can be used as a stuffing. Hop on!!! Grab some!!




From the image itself, it is clear that ghevar is a disc- shaped cake made with all- purpose flour and soaked with sugar syrup and further garnished with some saffron essence. Ghevar has a variety in itself. Some variant to this recipe is plain ghevar, malai ghevar, and mawa ghevar. It has some Ayurvedic properties as it really helps in calming the mind and body, and prevents from mood swings. A perfectly succulent sweet dish !!


19. Rajasthani Buttermilk

A very refreshing and solacing dish often served with spicy food. This buttermilk has curd with considerable proportion of cold water and has a mild spice content. This dish can be further imparted with smoke that gives it a smoky flavor. A perfect drink for summers as well.


20. Balushahi

This doughnut-shaped sweet dish has a crisp maida coating which is deep fried in oil, sometimes in ghee also. Then it is cooled and finally dipped in sugar syrup. It looks like a doughnut but different in terms of it’s taste and texture. This dish is worth a try.