Top 20 Reasons Why We Prefer Home Food Over Eating Out


We can enjoy a wide range of cuisines and continental delights, but our mother’s specialities and the way of preparation will always hold a particular place in our hearts.Whether the person is staying in PGs or hostels, the adult environment makes us long for home, and the food influences our taste buds. To take a stand for our taste buds getting homesick, here is a list of 20 reasons why we crave home food over outside food. When queries like “How to make Maggi better?” is hidden in your Chrome history searches. The heart yearns for the charm of homemade cuisine the greatest when it is “Easy to make snacks in your room”. There may be a world of authentic foods, but one will always seek the traditional foods of their hometown. As more students move away from home to pursue their education and find employment, the reality of one having to eat on their own and the other having meals brought to them outside of their home serves as a wakeup call that they prefer the food they eat at home. We’ve put up a summary of the benefits of eating homecooked food as well as suggestions for how to enjoy authentic Indian flavours while travelling or staying away from home:

1. Nourishing Meals

If you prepare your meals, you have complete control over what you add and how many ingredients are in your food. Preprepared or takeout food, generally made with lower quality ingredients that the provider decided to use with no personal concerns. Making your food also enables you to stay away from the plethora of additives and preservatives that could be present in contemporary cuisine, allowing you to consume meals that are incredibly nutritious in their place.

2. Scheduled Diet

Eating out or buying prepared food might be challenging if you have specific dietary requirements, such as an allergy, a gluten intolerance, or a medical condition like diabetes. The same is true if you follow a vegetarian or vegan diet for moral or health reasons. Whether it’s a gym diet or keto for your health or an advised medical diet keeping in mind the allergies and ingredients to induce healthy hormones homecooked meals are always trusted goto options for your wellbalanced diet schemes.

3. Rooted Meals

Anyone who has lived alone (or been away from their childhood homes) will constantly want to recreate their mother’s treasured cuisine. It brings us back to your ancestry through food. The best generationally passed bliss that will reestablish our connection to our ancestor’s cuisine and culture is definitely the food. One can distil many traditions by looking at their eating preferences or specifically prepared delicacies.

4. Boosts Family Bonds

A hobby that may unite the entire family is cooking at home. On relaxing weekends, invite the family together for a potluck. Depending on what works best for you, agree to make one meal together and then share your speciality dishes for lunch or dinner. You will likely exchange recipes or discover the benefits of cumin seeds or vinegar oil. A particular kinship is created when family members come together solely to prepare meals.

5. Out Of The Box Meals

The most creative space in the house is the kitchen. Why? Since you can mix or combine everything in your fridge, put it together, and before you know it, you’ve made a dish without a name. You experiment in the kitchen by boiling, blanching, baking, chopping, cutting, slicing, and peeling. Additionally, you learn how to combine flavours to create the tastiest food you’ve ever created and how various flavours work best when combined.

6. Pocket friendly Foods

Spend less money by cooking a delicious homecooked dinner in the privacy of your residence instead of incurring tens of dollars for multiple meals. You can plan your menu to select the freshest and most affordable ingredients for your dishes. On other days, lunchtime comes right after you’ve finished making breakfast and cleaned the kitchen.

7. Familiar Vibes

Particularly if these are dishes that your grandmother or mum prepared for you when you were as young, you feel secure when you smell a familiar aroma in the air or taste that specific spice in your curry. Meals made from scratch will always be a comfort. Have you ever been so miserable with your career that as much as you like to eat is your mother’s grilled tuna sandwich? If you’ve ever had a sickness and all you lacked to get better was some of your mother’s chicken soup? Delectable, filling, and, yes, comforting home cooking!

8. Rescuing Time

You may be amazed to realise that preparing your food can take less time than placing an order, waiting for delivery, or travelling to a restaurant. Not all meals prepared at home require hours of planning and cooking. You can prepare a tasty and healthy lunch in as little as 30 minutes, thanks to the many quick recipes that are easily available. Simply conduct a web search for ‘fast and easy recipes and select your favourite dish when you have to save up on time or run late across a meeting.

9. Cancels Out Overeating

The majority of us, if we order food at a restaurant, never leave a part of it on the table once we’re satisfied. To prevent having leftovers, we frequently eat more than we need to spend. When you force yourself to finish the meal that is in front of you, overeating happens. We all understand that excessive eating might result in weight issues. You don’t have to overeat when the food is homemade. You can store the leftovers in the refrigerator for another day. Thus, you avoid overeating and keep your meals intact.

10. Counter Calories

Nothing will be accomplished by ordering a takeaway when your calories are racing against you. You can control your calorie consumption and maintain a healthy weight when you prepare your meals. Takeout frequently contains a lot of sugar, salt, and saturated fats. Your calorie intake is greatly increased as a result. To ensure that you are not going over your daily calorie limit, you might omit added sugars or fatty foods from homecooked meals.

11. Food Alerts

Eating out is not always the top priority when it comes to food safety. You have no assurance that the food is safe and hygienic due to the appalling circumstances of some kitchens, how it is made, and the meal that is cooked. You have complete control over the cooking process when you eat homecooked cuisine.

12. Off Preservatives

The increased consumption of sugar and processed foods is one of the major difficulties of eating out. The majority of the food on offer has been processed. Most beverages, such as soda and wine, also contain significant amounts of processed sugar. You run a significant chance of developing conditions including heart attacks, diabetes, overeating, and others by consuming such foods. A decrease in the use of processed food is among the main advantages of cooking at home. You have the chance to eat nutritious & organic foods.

13. Relaxation

Peace of mind is among the primary strengths of home cooking for health. Being at home and relaxing as you cook makes you happier. Your mood is improved since it makes it easier for you to manage stress and worry. Cooking allows you to temporarily forget your problems since it concentrates all your attention on the food. Additionally, helping to enhance your senses and make you happier, the aroma of the cuisine and the process.

14. Spice Wars

The battle of flavours and spices in various restaurants is brought to you by The Crazy Masala. You may engage in spice battles with various sauces while choosing an Italian dish from an Indochinabased restaurant, ruining the meal’s conventional appearance. Thus, when you prepare food for yourself, you are free to experiment with flavours while still adhering to the meal’s original flavours. While restaurants employ cooks who don’t follow conventional meal recipes.

15. Fresher Tone

Fresh vegetables can be a part of every meal you prepare at home. Food that one purchases from eateries or other delivery services typically contains a large percentage of processed or canned ingredients. Alternatively, the meal may be old. But you can cook tasty food at home using the finest ingredients. This keeps adding a higher fresh tone to your dishes and using fresh vegetables keeps your food lively.

16. Digestive Touch

When you prepare your food, you pay attention to the spices and ingredients you use while keeping the meal’s digestive properties in mind. We can prepare side dishes, post meals, and light tongue fresheners after substantial meals, low in carbohydrates. You can connect with the digestive impact of your three course meals by creating your plate.

17. Vibrant Plates

It’s a common cliche in the food industry that people “consume with their eyes,” which is often said. Foods that have recently been harvested have the brightest natural colour. However, because fast food is intensively preserved, mass produced, and frozen, it needs some aid from food colouring. While cooking for yourself liberates your food from the fake appearance of presentation and adds a genuine dash of colourful veggies and wholesome items to your plate.

18. Lifestyle

Cooking on your own brings home your way of life. You can opt to prepare meals that are suitable for your lifestyle when you cook at home. Due to the difficulties of finding a large selection of vegetarian foods at most places, they are still more likely to prepare meals at home. Sportspeople, bodybuilders, and fitness fans generally prefer homecooked cuisine because they follow a strict training schedule and need to prepare a variety of healthy meals.

19. Fermented Free Food

Although MSG is typically associated with Chinese restaurants, it seems to be used as a flavour enhancer by almost all fastfood chains. However, it has been demonstrated that taking it on fasting days puts the user at an increased risk. Cooking for yourself in safe kitchens eliminates unhealthy substances, brings out the true flavour of food, and creates a plate of healthy and successful meals.

20. Size Portions

The amounts of the meal and the portion of food can conflict when more than four individuals are present. When you prepare the meals in your kitchens, you receive the right food boxes without having to worry about running out of food for the remaining plates. When creating your favourite mac and cheese, you can’t always rely on a cup from the restaurant; instead, you should prepare customsized servings based on your preferences.