Top 20 Recipes With Coconut Milk!


Have you ever thought of bringing home a can of coconut milk, to try out the most intriguing recipes! Here we have 20 perfect recipes for you to try and woo your family!!

1.Vegan Creamy Curried Cauliflower Soup

The coconut milk can be used in many ways right from tangy chickpeas to soup to roast a chicken in coconut milk. Here, we reveal the magic trick that turns the coconut milk into a vegan whipped cream! As you sit on the couch to relax, soup is something that you can prefer! Here is the good recipe to tide you over. The best thing about this recipe is that it takes only little of your precious time. Heat the oil in a thick-bottomed pan over a low flame. Cook the onions for about 8-9 minutes until it is soft and turns golden brown. Add a pinch of salt to it. Keep it on low flame and add garlic and cook for two more minutes. Then put the florets of cauliflower, water, coriander, turmeric, cumin and ¼ tsp of salt to it. Bring it to boil and leave it on low flame for about 15 minutes until the cauliflower becomes tender soft. Mash the soup in the blender until its smooth and transfer it into a soup pot. Add 1 cup of coconut milk to it and stir well. In order to taste better, you can also add some salt, pepper and other spices of your choice. Garnish it with a handful of roasted cashews, red pepper flakes and a dash of olive oil to the top.


2.Pineapple Cake Recipes

Be it any occasion your birthday or anniversary; cakes are an integral part of it. Apart from the cake designs, the flavor and texture of the cakes give your taste buds a chance to relive. We have the perfect recipes to bring you the moistest cakes and tastiest fillings and frostings that you can ever imagine. The delicious pineapple coupled with the creamy tropical flavor that only coconuts can give makes for the mouth-watering delightful cakes! Spend in just 30 minutes of your time for the recipe for lip-smacking pastries. Take a large bowl and mix equal quantities of the butter and sugar. Take four eggs and beat the eggs one by one and combine it well with the flour and baking soda. Add coconut milk alternatively and make it into a batter. Also, add some vanilla essence and pineapple pieces onto it and pour it evenly into the baking pan. Bake for about 35 minutes in a preheated oven. Once you bake, take it out and poke holes all over the cake with a fork and slowly pour the coconut all over the cake. Ensure that you spread it evenly so that the edges are evenly soaked as well! You can begin with the frosting once the cake is completely cooled! To the fresh cream add two tsp of powdered sugar and spread it evenly all over the cake. Garnish each serving with grated coconuts and pineapple pieces & refrigerate for about 4 hours. You can also add toasted coconut if you prefer. Fall in love with the very first bite of the moistest pineapple cake ever!


3.Kerala style potato curry with coconut milk

Boil the baby potatoes with necessary salt and water and leave it for three whistles. Once steam off take out the baby potatoes and peel it off. In a kadhai, pour some coconut oil and once it is hot put some mustard seeds into it. Once cracked, add some poppy seeds, fennel seeds and saute for 30 seconds. Then add the mixture of chopped onions, ginger garlic and green chilly and saute till it is cooked. Transfer the boiled potatoes to it and mix it well with onions and also add some red chili powder, garam masala powder and coriander powder to it. Cook for about five minutes on medium flame then add thin coconut milk and mix it well. The potatoes have to completely absorb the coconut milk. Wait till then. Then add thick coconut milk and allow it to cook for five more minutes. Finally, garnish it with some curry leaves. This curry goes well with breakfast like idiyappam, appam, poori, idli, and dosa too which are exotic to South India! I’m sure your entire family is going to love it.


4.Coconut milk bread pudding

It all started with a desire for bread pudding! One idea eventually led to another, and pretty soon I ended up with a dessert rich with Indian-inspired flavors of coconut, cardamom, and spices. The first time when I tried out this, I used golden raisins. Instead of golden raisins, you can also use candied ginger that goes well with the cardamom flavor. It could be anything of your choice, whole bread or a multi-grain bread! Arrange the bread pieces in some pattern on a dish and evenly sprinkle the spices on top of it. In another bowl, mix coconut milk, eggs, sugar, cardamom and salt and keep it aside. Pour this mixture over the bread slices and press it down with a spoon to ensure that the bread gets soaked. Heat it upto 45 minutes or untill it finishes completely. The center of the pudding should spring back when it is gently touched. You can also serve it with a scoop of cold coconut ice cream if you are feeling decadent!


5.Malabar exotic pathIRI with coconut milk

Path IRI is a traditional and authentic dish of Kerala Muslims. It has varied other names like Ari Path IRI, Rice path IRI or path, etc. It is nothing but a pancake made out of rice flour I which the pancake are dipped just before serving. It is an inevitable part of Malabar Muslim cuisine. It is commonly served with fish or meat curries but also goes well with Kamala curry, yam, and spinach Pulusu, Chattipath IRI, and Dorothy are some other variants of path IRI. Boil 1 cup of water with necessary salt in a deep pan. Add rice flour to it and stir continuously till the flour absorbs all the water. Take it off the flame and knead nicely into the soft dough. You can also sprinkle some lukewarm water to make it into a soft dough. Dissociate the dough into equal divisions and make small balls out of it. Place each dough ball on a wooden board and press it with wet hands, so that it becomes a circle of diameter 75mm. Heat these flat circles on an earthen lava. See to it, it is well cooked on both sides and even along the sides. Malabar pathIRI is all set and ready. Serve it hot with coconut milk!


6.Baked layered coconut rice with curry!

You can just watch out for the joy on the face of diners after they try this recipe! You cannot expect anything less than a mind-blowing mouth feel an exciting range of flavors that this dish offers you! We begin with the first layer in which the rice is cooked in coconut milk. This has a pleasantly spicy aroma. The cooked rice and spicy Malabar vegetable curry are made into two layers that are flavors best with tangy tomatoes, roasted coconut, and spices. This whole layered arrangement is then wrapped in an aluminum foil and baked in the oven for few minutes! Relish this dish hot & fresh to enjoy the fabulous flavors and textures.

THE LAYERED RICE:  Heat the ghee in a thick bottomed non-stick pan on low flame add cloves and cinnamon to it and saute for 30 seconds. To this, add the boiled rice and saute for two more minutes. Pour 1 cup of coconut milk and a cup of water to this. Mix well gently and cover it with a lid. Cook for ten more minutes on medium flame and stir occasionally.

THE PASTE: Heat the oil in a lava and add cinnamon, cloves and other spices of your taste to it and saute well for two minutes on medium flame. Leave it to cool and add ¼ cup of water and blend in the mixer and make it into a fine paste.

THE CURRY:  Heat the ghee in a non-stick have and mix the prepared paste with the ghee. Saute for about 2 minutes. Add chopped fresh carrot, beans and green peas, tomato pulp, fresh vanilla cream, sugar, salt and a cup of water, mix well on the medium flame for 3 minutes.

THE FINAL TOUCH: In a baking dish, add some amount of the cooked rice and spread it evenly. Spread the curry on top of it evenly. Finally, put the remaining rice on top of it and spread it. Cover the whole arrangement with aluminum foil. Bake it in the pan at 200-degree celsius. Serve hot and enjoy the flavors!


7.Coconut Milk Pulao

Here is a tasty pulao with the tropical flavor of the coconut and aromatic flavors like cinnamon & cloves. The coconut pulao, traditional recipe from Goa, is the characteristic of the west coast cuisine which uses coconuts and cashews abundantly. The mild flavors of the coconut milk pulao make it best to serve with spicy kofta curry, double beans curry or any spicy curry for that matter. However, if you wish to increase the flavor of this pulao, you add some chopped green chilies along with onions. You will find it very fascinating and easy to make this dish as this does not require much of your time! This pulao being cooked in coconut milk and garnished with cashews and grated coconut is indeed a rich fare!


8.Coconut sauce

Just have a spoonful of this tasty coconut sauce, and your taste buds will ask for more of it! This lovely sauce has the mixture of everything- right from the spiciness of the chilies to the tanginess of the lemon juice to the aroma of the curry leaves & the soothing flavor of coconut milk! It goes well with Set Dose & Appam. Stew the oil on a pan under low flame. Add some cumin seeds, curry leaves, and chilly green paste and saute for about 2 minutes. Add 1 cup of coconut milk and ½ cup of corn flour and mix it well & cook for 2-3 minutes with continuous stirring. Finally add the lemon juice, sugar and salt and garnish it with choppings of spring onion if you wish! The delightful sauce is ready!


9.Coco peanut soup

The rare combination of peanuts and coconut milk come together with this healthy soup. The taste is further enhanced with the chopped cucumber and tomatoes. The fresh coriander, green chilies & cumin seeds give the peanut an unusual taste that you will cherish for days to come! Mix the coconut milk and besan in a bowl and combine it well so that no lumps are formed. Pour three tsp of oil in a thick bottomed pan and heat it for about two minutes. Add some cumin seeds. When the seeds crackle, add some green chilies and saute for about 2 seconds. To this add the coconut milk besan mixture and stir continuously for about 3-4 minutes. Add the chopped tomatoes, cucumber, peanuts, salt, and half cup of water, blend them and cook on sim low flame for 1-2 minutes and stir continuously. Finally, garnish with coriander leaves. Serve hot and enjoy the healthiest soup!


10.Chingri malai curry

This is a ancient Bengali dish where coconut milk is used to cook fresh prawns, and the spices give the tropical touch of the flavors. It can be served with rice to have a delicious meal! Read more to know the recipe..! First, take about 400 grams of prawns and blanch it in turmeric water. Heat the mustard oil in big pan at sim medium. To this, add some sugar, ginger garlic paste, cumin powder, red chili powder and turmeric powder and saute for about two minutes. Put together the prawns to this mixture. You can also add 2-3 slit green chilies if you wish to spicke up the flavor of the curry. Stir for few minutes. Once the prawns are half cooked, add coconut milk and salt and cook for few more minutes. Towards the end, you can sprinkle some Garam masala & ghee on top to add on to the taste and garnish it with chopped coriander and curry leaves.


11.Scoopy ice-cream made with coconut milk

Prepare home-made ice-creams exactly the way you crave! These frosty scoops are so simple to make and so delicious that they will make you rethink the store-bought pint! Mix a cup of milk powder, 1 cup of coconut milk, ½ tsp of gelatin, two tsp of corn flour & ¾ cup of sugar, in a bowl. Boil milk in a big and deep shaped pan until the contents get thicken. To this add coconut milk and stir gently. When contents begin to boil, take off the pan from the flame and leave the contents to cool. Once cooled, add ¼ cup of butter, ¼ tsp of vanilla essence and beat well so that it forms a mixture of thick consistency. Transfer this mixture into an ice tray and freeze it. Once it is set, remove the tray from the freezer and once again beat the contents well and freeze it for few more minutes. Your delightful ice cream scoops are all ready to taste.


12.Thengaai (coconut) Pooranam: a blend of Tamil Nadu & Kerala style!

One can make different varieties of kozhukotti, but this thing ai pooranakozhukottai is the traditional nerved yam dish. It is supposed to be the favorite dish of Lord Ganesh, and so it is offered on the auspicious occasions of Ganesh Chathurti!

STUFFING: Add one tsp of water and grated jaggery in a pan and heat them at sim medium. After the jaggery gets dissolved completely, strain to remove dust and sand particles. Then keep this jaggery on low flame. When it starts to boil, add grated coconut, cardamom powder and stir well gently until it gets into a thick consistency. Remove it from the flame and allow the pooranam to cool. Prepare small balls from pooranam and keep it aside.  


Take 1 cup of rice, wash it well and soak it in water for about 45 minutes. Then allow the water to run out and spread the rice on a clean white towel for 5 minutes to remove excess water. Blend the rice into a fine powder in a mixer grinder. Sieve the rice powder 2-3 times to get smooth rice flour. Boil three cups of water in a pan and add a pinch of salt to it, oil, and milk to it. For 1 cup of rice flour take ¾ water and ¼ milk. While water boiling starts, add the rice flour to it. Mix it well, and once you get the correct consistency of the dough, you can remove it from the flame. Knead the dough with hand and cover it in a wet cloth and leave it aside for ten minutes. Now the kozhukottai maa Vu is ready. Prepare small balls of same size as the dough and make it into a cup-shaped figure with the help of oil & water. Fill in the already prepared stuffing and close it. Steam it for 5 minutes and taste the traditional kozhukottai.


13.Coconut milk hangiri

Here are five easy steps to get the coconut sweet done! Just spend ten minutes of your time to get the lip-smacking dish. Soak 1 cup of black gram dal & rice in coconut milk for ½ an hour. Soak I tsp of saffron in milk and keep it aside. Grind the mixture to make it into a batter. The consistency of the batter should be such that it should float when dropped in the cup of water. Add corn flour to it, and keep it aside. Mix water with sugar and boil it in a vessel to get the syrup. When it becomes sticky, take it off the flame. Mix saffron, cardamom powder and stir well. Heat oil in the flat pan and with the help of press, press three rounds of the batter in the oil. Fry it and soak it in the syrup and keep it aside for few minutes so that the syrup gets into the batter and you can taste the syrup when you have a bite each time!


14.Banana-coconut milk kheer

Kheer or chilled Indian rice is a killer summer dessert. The freshly ground cardamom adds flavor to this drink. Cut one banana into small pieces. Add ½ cup of coconut milk in a non-stick pan on a low flame. Put banana pieces to it and allow it to cook. Meanwhile, prepare two tsp of rice flour, three tsp of sugar, ¼ tsp of cardamom powder with ½ cup of coconut milk in a thick bottomed bowl. Once you cook the banana, add the contents of the vessel to it. When the coconut milk starts boiling, remove the pan from the flame. Melt a table spoon of ghee in a pan and also add some full cashews as toppings on the coconut milk kheer!


15.Coconut milk payasam

Prepare 1 cup of coconut milk from grated coconut by grinding the coconut with water in a mixer. In a pan, heat the coconut milk in a minimum flame. While boiling starts, add powered cardamom and jaggery and allow it to cook for some more time. Take the pan away from flame and then pour milk into it. Melt ghee in a pan, fry cashews and raisins and add these as toppings on the payasam!


16.Coconut milk biriyani

I’m pretty sure that all of you would have tasted the different varieties of Biriyani. Here is yet another type just for you! Like for all the other kinds of biriyani that you make, even for this, we will have to first prepare with the masala and then the coconut milk rice. Take ten dry red chilies, the ½ inch piece of ginger and 12 pods of garlic. Grind them nicely with a mixer and make it into a paste. The masala for the biriyani is ready now! Take one big onion and tomato and chop it into fine pieces. Grate whole of one coconut, grind it with water and extract the coconut milk from it. Now you can decide what kind of Biriyani you want to make! Be it chicken or mutton or just spicy Vegetable Biriyani. My choice is that of a mutton Biriyani. So at this stage, I’ll boil the mutton pieces with ginger garlic paste in a vessel and keep it aside. Thaw the ghee and fry the onions in the pan until it becomes golden brown. To this, add one tsp of garam masala, the boiled mutton pieces, chopped tomatoes, 1 cup of beaten curd and heat it well. When the contents of the pan start boiling, add coconut milk and salt to it and keep it on low flame. As the contents start thickening, remove the pan from the flame. Now mix this kurma with coconut milk rice. The coconut Biriyani is hot and ready to be served!


17.Coconut milk dosa

Dosas are a traditional food of South India, especially Tamil Nadu. Here we will experiment a quite interesting recipe that blends the traditional taste of Tamil Nadu & tropical flavor of Kerala. To make this coconut milk dosa, we will have to soak one cup of rice and 1/3 cup of urad dal and add few fenugreek seeds. Soak it in water for about 6-7 hours or overnight. To prepare the coconut milk, grate whole of one coconut, grind it with water and extract the coconut milk from it. The soaked contents can then be grounded to form the dosa batter. To this batter, add the extracted coconut milk. Sprinkle some salt over it for taste. Now the coconut milk dosa batter is ready. Proceed as you do for plain dosa. This coconut dosa tastes better with groundnut chutney or onion chutney.


18.Coconut custard halwa

A delight for sweet lovers, coconut custard halwa, is the most popular and loved desserts of South India. It is made using coconut milk, badam, pista & custard powder. You can prepare this lip-smacking sweet halwa within ten minutes and treat your loved ones! Mix the coconut milk with custard powder (vanilla) and sugar in a thick-bottomed pan and stir continuously while cooking. When the contents start thickening add two tsp of ghee and stir well. When the halwa begins to thicken, transfer the contents into a plate. Cut the badam, pista & cashews into slices and sprinkle it over the halwa. Freeze it for half an hour and enjoy the sweetness and lovely texture which is not soft and firm. This one is slightly a heavy dessert, and so just a few spoons of it will be sufficient to fill your stomach!. Since it’s a rich halwa with ghee and dry fruits, it was best made and served during festive and special occasions.


19.Coconut khadi

Take one big potato and carrot. Peel off the skin and chop them into small pieces. Take some five beans and chop it finely. Steam all these vegetables together and keep it aside. Mix three tsp of Bengal gram, turmeric powder, salt and coconut milk I a bowl. Stew the oil in a big and large pan then add some mustard seeds to it. When the oil is really hot, mustard will pop right away. You can then add the boiled vegetables and salt and stir for few minutes. Add 1 cup of coconut milk to it and cook on medium flame while stirring continuously. When the raw smell subsides, take it off the flame. Hot coconut khadi is all ready to be served!


20.Coconut milk burfi

Out of all the traditional sweets, coconut milk burfi is one of the easiest to make at home and savored with the equal liking for every occasion and festival. It just needs three basic requirements: coconut milk, sugar & coconut. Add 1 cup of coconut milk, 2 cups of sugar & 3 cups of coconut gratings on a non-stick lava and keep it on low flame. Stir the contents continuously till it becomes thick and solid. It will take about twenty minutes to attain the consistency. Then add cardamom powder and mix it well. If you wish you can also add the desired flavors or essence at this stage. Transfer the contents to a greased plate and level it. Cut it into the desired shape. You can also cook this in a microwave oven but ensure you stir the contents now and then. To get a nice savor, you can use condensed milk which also helps in binding the mixture well. You can enjoy it as dessert after your main course meal.