Top 20 Restaurants in Ahmedabad

Top 20 Restaurants in Ahmedabad

1. Rajwadoo Garden Restaurant

This restaurant is one of the places that has a reputation for quality making foods and entertains you with magic shows, puppet shows and swings pottery in the waiting time. The dim lights and the atmosphere will enhance your dining experience in a classic way. It is famous for Gujarati and Rajasthani Thalis.


2. Jungle Bhookh

This restaurant serves the classic style of Indian foods. The surroundings and walls are full of animal designs and even Jungle characters. It is a place for Art Lovers and also for birthday parties. This place is famous for its paneer.


3. The Global Kitchen

The restaurant offers Indian, Mexican and Italian Cuisines with good interiors of Woodwork furniture. They also serve different kinds of starters. The quality of service is quite satisfactory with a lovely ambiance and a gathering spot for family and friends.


4. Visahalla

This place is one experience where everyone should have as you can have the pleasure of enjoying food in the open air with lanterns giving a look of the village-style restaurant. The staff is also very friendly providing you warm hospitality and serving food on a tree leaf. It gives you a basic idea of what Indian villages are actually like.


5. Skyz Restaurant

This restaurant provides North Indian and Italian Cuisines. Due to this rooftop restaurant, you can have the privilege of enjoying food in the open atmosphere with live music and candles giving an essence of moonlight dinner. Starters are quite famous here, especially the soups.


6. Pleasure Trove

This restaurant is the place for Indian and Seafood dishes mainly recommended for non-vegetarians offering a variety of items with service at its best. It is a place for anyone especially who is craving for meat with huge quantity coming at affordable prices.


7. Gordan Thaal

This restaurant is a place for all Gujarati and Rajasthani Food Lovers. Gujarati Thali is famous among all over here. The ambiance is good with quick service and every item in the menu is just mouth-watering. When speaking about the management, it is quite courteous, and this is the place which is worth a visit and waiting for food as they serve you the food satisfying you in every possible way.


8. Tomato’s Restaurant

It is a casual dining spot offering Mexican, North Indian, and Continental Cuisines. The food and the service will reach your expectations and tries their level best not to disappoint you. Even the interiors are quite appealing for couples to hang out with photo frames hung up on the wall giving a Classic American style.


9. New Freezeland

It is the place for all kinds of grilled sandwiches and fast foods like pizzas and wraps with many desserts. This bakery is accessible to everyone with a less noisy environment and is one of the reasons for friends or families to hang out.


10. Agashiye

One of the restaurants placed on a terrace serving Gujarati Dishes and Thalis. This place is suitable for typical Vegetarians with a little Gujarati taste in it. Nothing can satisfy you as much as it does, the rooftop atmosphere, service, and taste will just enhance your dining experience. Also, you can have a great view of the city from here!


11. Little Italy

This dining room offers traditional Italian, Gelato and Mexican Cuisines. They aim to work out each and every opportunity for innovation and development of quality to serve their customers better bringing a taste of a real Italian dish. With this motto, they have succeeded and became a priority for every local and foreigner too.


12. Seva Cafe

Seva Cafe is one non-profit business cafe where they won’t have any price tags on the items, and customers pay according to their will. Volunteers run this place where anyone can donate to other customer’s meals, and also you can host your families or friends and cook your favorite food. In these days you cannot find this unique concept anywhere, and even the quality of the food is up to the mark.


13. Nanjing

Nanjing is one of the Chinese restaurants in Ahmedabad. The decor is quite appealing with quality service, and the taste will be up to your expectations. Everyone prefers Dimsum Platter for starters over here, and non-vegetarian items especially pork ribs are good over here.  The menu includes the Chinese language as well.


14. The Cafe Baraco

It deserves to be one of the good cafes in Ahmedabad with beautiful interior designs. Even the live music is available here with many melodious songs, and you can see all happy faces over there. Burgers and pasta are routine over here and if you want to try something new, then this is the place to go.


15. The Philosophy Club

It is a small cafe type place located beside Gulmohar Mall run by a Spanish lady. The environment is completely dim with peaceful atmosphere and Spanish tracks in the background music. The menu has a limited number of items and they use all natural ingredients and do not include any animal products.


16. Tadka Temptations

A family restaurant and place for all Chicken Lovers. It includes North Indian and Chinese Cuisines. Biryani is preferred as it has the touch of spiciness and also offers Authentic Punjabi dishes. The ambiance is good with quality service.


17. The Indiano Spices

This restaurant has North Indian, Continental, Thai, and Mexican dishes. They also welcome you with a drink, maybe a kind of a Mojito which has a sweet and sour taste. It is popular for it’s, being properly baked and neatly aligned layers.


18. Aloft Hotel

This hotel has one of the known buffet restaurants in Ahmedabad where it includes a wide variety of salads and a decent list of Chinese and Italian dishes. Also, there is pool right outside the restaurant which is an added beauty.


19. The Masala County

This place offers one of the finest Indian cuisines with ancient style of cooking with add-on authentic flavors in it. You can notice their Indian traditions in service and food with simply giving you a homely feel with a lovely ambiance.


20. Lazeez Mughlai Cuisine

It is a Mughlai and North Indian cuisine restaurant. They are famous for Rarah Meat, and Dahi Kebabs at affordable prices. The yellow colored interiors and lights allow you to have a peaceful time while dining.  All Meat Lovers must try this place for it is worthy.