Top 20 Restaurants At Baga Beach, Goa

top 20 restaurants at baga beach goa
top 20 restaurants at baga beach goa

Goa has a rich history of Britishers and Portuguese. It is a place located near the coastline of India. It is better known as the party hub of India. People came here from all over the world to enjoy and chill. It is an excellent place for music lovers, carnivals, and music concerts of national and international artists are familiar, routine, and seasonal stuff. It has a wide range of cuisines of various Continental, Asian, Seafood, and International dishes. It has a beautiful and overwhelming view of its nightlife, colorful lighting, river views, decorated beaches, and sea views that attract people to its beauty in nature.

1. Britto’s

Britto’s is a place to enjoy Italian, Goan, North Indian, Seafood, and Desserts. Its popular dishes are Platter, Calamari, Sea food, and Pasta. This place is better known for its location, main course, and live music with an excellent atmosphere and view.

1 Brittos

2. Emmanuel Restaurant & Bar

It serves Seafood, Indian, Asian, and International cuisines. The food is fantastic here, and they have excellent service and delivery. A large number of visitors come here daily and enjoy the food and service.

2 Emmanuel Restaurant Bar

3. Blue Waves

It is an excellent place that has a Night view interior. It is a Seafood restaurant that serves North Indian Food, Goan cuisines, Chinese, fast food, and many beverages. It has a good location with a less crowded area.


4. Bosco’s Beach Shack

It has a great location around Baga Beach which makes it easier to reach visitors. It provides mouth-watering seafood and non-vegetarian food all year round. They provide outstanding service to the visitors. Its Beer is one of the most popular drinks that many people try here.

4 Boscos Beach Shack

5. Anges Beach Shack Baga Beach

It is a bar and the restaurant that has an air-conditioned environment. It serves good food quality and different types of cocktails with excellent service. It’s a popular place to dine in and provides home delivery of the food. The staff is polite here and get along well with the customers.

5 Anges Beach Shack BAGA BEACH

6. Bistro Shack

It serves Goan food, Italian, North Indian, Seafood, and Continental cuisines. It has its best popular dish, Pasta. They provide different types of Shakes and Beverages with an excellent quality of food and main course. The seating area is superb, with a good music environment and a background view.

6 Bistro Shack

7. La Shack

This place is best known for its fantastic view and location near the beach. It serves Continental, Goan, Chinese, and North Indian food. The Biryani and Burger are delicious dishes here. Desserts and Beverages are like cherry on the cake here. It has a great musical environment to enjoy with a good ambiance and shack.

7 La Shack

8. Fiesta Resort And Restaurant

The resort is located in the center of Goa, which gives a view of its nightlife. It serves Italian and Continental dishes. It is best known for its background complexion and beautiful environment. It provides exquisite food with enthusiastic staff, and excellent food service. The resort has better room service and can easily check in.

8 Fiesta Resort and Restaurant

9. Joe Louie Beach Shack

It provides Goan food, Chinese, Seafood, North Indian, Continental cuisines, and Salad, and serves delicious Shakes and Beverages, and has a wonderful interior ambience. The place also has a dance floor to enjoy the party. It is best known for its food and music with polite and fabulous staff.

9 Joe Louie Beach Shack

10. Lush Beach Shack

 It’s near to the Tito’s Lane at Baga Beach. It caters to Italian, North Indian, and Chinese food with multiple varieties of beverages. The staff here is professional, provides excellent service, and attracts the visitors. The service is fabulous due to its experienced and sincere staff.

10 Lush Beach Shack

11. Arudra Beach Café, Bar & Restaurant

It is a Seafood restaurant better known for its delightful atmosphere and seating habitat. It is an excellent lunch place and the food has excellent quality and delicious taste. It’s located around the beach, which makes it more attractive to the visitors who often stay on the beach. It has an excellent staff service and good response.

11 Arudra Beach Cafe Bar Restaurant

12. Las Olas, Baga Beach

They have a wide variety of cuisines such as Seafood, European, Lebanese, Indian, Chinese, Mediterranean, Italian, Asian, and Continental. It is a well-known bar, and pub. Takeaway service is also available. It is a casual dining place with a dance floor, live DJ and excellent ambiance. It has friendly staff and quick delivery service.

12 Las Olas Baga Beach

13. The Big Banana Beach Café

It’s a good place that is located at Baga beach. They offer Indian food, and has its famous dish cooked steaks and tasty steak burgers. The staff is responsible and attentive towards the visitors here. It serves North Indian, Mughlai, Continental, and Goan food, desserts and beverages. It has an excellent area to enjoy music with drinks.

13 The Big Banana Beach Cafe

14. Aunty Omlet

It is one of the places that, serves delicious food with takeaway service. It is among the best places that provide fast food in Goa. This place is good to dine in during the day with sea-facing location and view.

14 Aunty Omlet

15. Sunrise Bar & Restaurant

It has music-friendly background and location. It serves Chinese food, fast food, seafood, and North Indian food. It has delicious sandwiches and omelets on a reasonable and affordable budget. The center of attraction for visitors is the Chinese cuisine, fish, and the tandoori chicken. It has friendly staff and the hospitality.


16. Favela Goa

It provides Chinese food, Asian food, and different types of beverages. This place is better known for great music, the hospitality of staff, and its service. It has a significant serving habitat and area to dine, with live Band and DJ are an excellent combinations and tempting stuff that attracts the visitors.

16 Favela Goa

17. Raddish Bar & Restaurant

It provides Goan, Chinese, North Indian, American, Seafood, and Continental Cuisines. It has a cozy environment and a river view. Excellent services and staff made it an excellent place to eat. It is a place to relax your mood and has a chill atmosphere with excellent customer service. It is a vegetarian-friendly restaurant and has vegan options on its menu.

17 Raddish Bar Restaurant

18. Cafe Santora

Seafood, Biryani, Continental, Goan, North Indian, fast food, and South Indian cuisines are their famous dishes, with beverages and desserts. It serves breakfast and provides many types of alcohol such as brandy, rum, vodka, and many more. It has an excellent interior seating area for customers with delightful staff. Takeaways are available.


19. The River Restaurant

It provides Continental, Goan, and Portuguese food. It has various delicious dishes on its menu. This place is best known for live music, and its location gives a beautiful view and experience to the customers. They also serve breakfast. They provide excellent services and have a calm and manageable staff.

19 The River Restaurant

20. Your Highness

It serves Seafood, Asian, Goan, North Indian, and other beverages. They provide fresh food with good quality and service, and facilitate with live music. It is a Royal place to dine in, and everything comes under an affordable budget. They have indoor and outdoor seating, with live sports screening to entertain users.

20 Your Highness