Top 20 Restaurants At Ring Road, Kalaburagi

top 20 restaurants at ring road kalaburagi

Kalaburagi is a city in Karnataka, a state in India. It was previously known as Gulbarga. It serves as the district administrative headquarters of the city. It is better known for the limestone deposits and toroidal Pigeon Pea. It has many famous places that people visit here, namely the Sharana Basaveshwara Temple, the Buddha Vihar, and the Khwaja Banda Nawaz Dargah. Vangi Bath, made of brinjal, rice, and a combination of spices, is a popular dish that is often cooked in the households of Brahmins. Its specialty includes Ildi – the small rice cakes, and Vadas – the doughnut-like shaped dish.

1. Bhuvaneshwari Dhaba

It is a family Dhaba restaurant that serves delicious North Indian delicacies to visitors. It has a beautiful outing ambiance and a comfortable indoor seating arrangement with a lively atmosphere. The staff here is polite and decent that provides prompt and liable services to customers. It provides fresh takeouts and healthy food packaging.

1 Bhuvaneshwari Dhaba

2. Arabian Nights Restaurant

It serves delicious Chicken, North Indian, Non-Vegetarian, and Modern Indian cuisines with delectable Desserts. Its favorite dishes are Pineapple Roast, Shawarma, Tettar Fried Chicken, Chicken Biryani, Fish Fry, and more. It has modern interiors and a beautiful decorated atmosphere with an air-conditioned environment. Its catering services are outstanding, and the staff here is responsive.

2 Arabian Nights Restaurant

3. Al Marjan Arabian & BBQ Resto

It caters to Multicuisine, Biryani, Barbeque, North Indian, Arabic, Mughlai, and Hyderabadi delicacies with mouth-watering Beverages and Desserts. It has a fabulous ambiance and beautiful décor environment with modern interiors. It includes a wide seating area, and its staff is generous and friendly with customers. Its catering services are excellent.

3 Al Marjan Arabian BBQ Resto

4. Aftab Restaurant

This restaurant serves Mughlai, North Indian, Biryani, and Chinese cuisines. Green Tea, Chicken Biryani, Shawarma Plate, Chicken Pizza, Chicken Noodles, Mutton Curry, Mix Tea, Mutton Seekh Kabab, and Malai Chicken are the famous dishes here. It has an aristocratic environment and beautiful dining interiors. It has a cordial and gentle staff.


5. Mezban Restaurant

It serves Biryani, North Indian, Chinese, Mughlai, and Arabic cuisines with delicious beverages and desserts. It has a casual dining type and lovely interiors with marvelous indoor seating arrangement. It includes a decent staff that provides excellent services here. The food comes here at a pocket-friendly budget, and the food packaging quality is excellent.

5 Mezban Restaurant

6. Al Makki Restaurant

It is a middle-eastern Indian restaurant that caters to Multicuisine, Seafood, Tandoori, Arabic, North Indian, Biryani, and Chinese delicacies to customers. It has fantastic dining interiors and a lovely indoor seating arrangement with a cheerful environment. The staff here is humble and polite, and it provides prompt catering services to its clients.

6 Al Makki Restaurant

7. Priya Family Restaurant

It is a family restaurant and an Ice Cream Parlour, better known for serving Punjabi, Mughlai, North Indian, Tandoori, Udupi, Pure Vegetarian, and South Indian cuisines. It has a fabulous dining ambiance and a lively atmosphere to enjoy the food here. It includes an experienced staff that offers appreciable and convenient services.

7 Priya Family Restaurant

8. Taste Of Punjab (Gyan’s Frozen)

It is a Punjabi restaurant that serves Pure Vegetarian, Multicuisine, North Indian, Tandoori, American, Italian, Biryani, and South Indian delicacies. It has a beautiful dining ambiance and décor interiors to dine in. It facilitates an air-conditioned atmosphere, free WiFi, excellent catering service, Jain-friendly food, and speedy home deliveries.

8 Taste Of Punjab Gyans Frozen

9. Poornanand Veg Restaurant

It’s a Vegetarian restaurant that has a casual dining type and a luxurious indoor seating space. It serves delicious North Indian, fast food, South Indian, Punjabi, and Chinese cuisines. The food quality here is finger-licking that worth the money. It has a well-mannered and responsive staff that provides timely customer services.


10. Yaqoob Tahari & Biryani Hotel

It is an Indian restaurant and a quick-bite outlet that offers finger-licking Biryani, Non-Veg, and North Indian dishes. Tahari Beef, Mutton Biryani, Beef Biryani, Biryani with Light Masala, and Biryani White Rice are the few famous words here. It has a casual dining atmosphere and a peaceful ambiance to enjoy the food here.

10 Yaqoob Tahari Biryani Hotel

11. Red Kababish

It is an Indian restaurant that offers North Indian, Arabic, Biryani, South Indian, Punjabi, and Mughlai cuisines. It has an air-conditioned atmosphere and a calm indoor seating type with lively environment. The staff here is courteous and the services here are liable. It provides delicious takeouts and fresh food packaging.

11 Red Kababish

12. Sha Restaurant

It’s a Vegetarian restaurant that serves North Indian, Tandoori, and fast food dishes. Gobi Manchurian, Paneer Butter Masala, Tandoori Roti, Salads, and Kadhai Paneer with Naan are the famous dishes here. It has beautiful indoor seating types and lovely interiors with a delightful atmosphere to dig in. It includes a gentle staff, and its services are brilliant.

12 Sha Restaurant

13. Maharaja Family Restaurant

It offers Biryani, Barbeque, Multicuisine, Bukhara Style, Tandoori, Mughlai, Chinese, and Arabic delicacies. It has a beautiful dining arrangement and lovely interiors with a cheerful and relaxed environment. It is an excellent place with an elegant ambiance. It provides quick food deliveries, and the staff here is generous.

13 Maharaja Family Restaurant

14. Nagendra Hotel Family Restaurant

It is restaurant and a banquet hall with an ample seating area and a fabulous dining ambiance. It caters to delicious North Indian cuisines with delectable beverages. It has a humble staff that provides excellent services to customers. It gives healthy takeouts and incredible food packaging.

14 Nagendra Hotel Family Restaurant

15. KAYI Family Restaurant

It’s a family restaurant that serves Chicken, Chinese, fast food, and North Indian delicacies with delectable beverages. It has a themed environment and beautiful décor interiors with a fantastic dining ambiance. It has a professional and decent staff, and it endues liable services to its visitors. The takeaways facility is available.

15 KAYI Family Restaurant

16. Biryani Empire

It’s a Biryani restaurant famous for catering to delicious Chicken and Biryani dishes. It has a fantastic dining environment and a cozy indoor seating space with an air-conditioned environment. It is an excellent place for spicy Biryani lovers. It provides instant home deliveries and delicious takeaways are available.

16 Biryani Empire

17. Hotel Kasturi Darshani

It is a Dhaba outlet that has an indoor seating area and a relaxed environment to enjoy the food here. It caters to mouth-watering North Indian dishes. The staff here is well-behaved and polite with customers. It includes delicious food quality, and fresh food packaging with an instant takeout facility.

17 Hotel Kasturi Darshani

18. Nawaz Biryani House

It’s an Indian restaurant that caters to delicious Non-Vegetarian, Biryani, and North Indian dishes to its visitors. It has a simple indoor seating area and a casual atmosphere to dig into the food. Tala Hua Gosh Beef, Beef Achari, Beef Biryani, and Rumali Roti are the favorite dishes here.

18 Nawaz Biryani House

19. Lazeez Darbar Restaurant Gulbarga

This is an Asian restaurant that has a fabulous dining environment and modern interiors to dig into the food. It has a polite and courteous staff that offers excellent customer services. It provides punctual food deliveries, and a takeaways facility is available. It serves delicious North Indian and Non-Vegetarian dishes to visitors.

19 Lazeez Darbar Restaurant Gulbarga

20. Appaji Hotel And Daba

It has a comfortable and beautiful outdoor seating arrangement with lovely ambiance and a cheerful dining environment. It caters to lip-smacking North Indian cuisines to its customers at a reasonable price, and the food here has delectable quality that value for money. Its staff is friendly and pleasant with customers.