Top 20 Restaurants For Biryani In India

Top 20 Restaurants For Biryani In India
Top 20 Restaurants For Biryani In India

1.Paradise, Hyderabad

We can’t talk about the best biryani without mentioning Hyderabad’s famous Paradise. Made with fragrant Daawat Basmati rice (not a plug–the sign is plastered across the entrance), their mutton biryani is the one of the most recommended dishes to order here. It average costs 800rupess for two. Location: SD Road, Sappu Bagh Apartment, Jogani, Ramgopalpet, Secunderabad, Telangana 50000

Paradise Hyderabad 1

2.Hotel Paragon Restaurant, Kerala

Kozhikode could very well be the food capital of Kerala. This is one of the best places to visit that even on weekdays, this restaurant is crowded with diners savoring delicious biryanis. It is one of the most popular restaurants in the city that is known for its delicious and authentic Malabar biryani. The classic chicken biryani and spicy mutton biryani are also extremely popular here.

Hotel Paragon restaurant Kerala

3.Dil Pasand Biryani, Delhi

We think we would love this city less if Jama Masjid was not part of it. Mohd Taufiq wouldn’t ever have, in his dreams, thought of becoming this famous when he started with only Bade Ki Biryani. Huge boneless beef pieces, pickled rice, their special raita and lots of onion garnishing is what made us his fans for life! We strongly recommend a visit to this place if you ever plan on an exploration of Delhi 6! A meal for two will cost you around Rs 300 here.

Dil Pasand Biryani Delhi

4.Handi Restaurant, Rajasthan

It is a popular joint where you can find a touch of Rajasthani culture and elegance in all their dishes. The ethnic and warm ambience with jaw- dropping biryanis makes it the best in town for biryani crazy people. It costs 1000 INR for two.

Handi Restaurant Rajasthan

5.Aminia, West Bengal

Opened in the year 1929, this place holds a special heart in every biryani lover in Kolkata. They make a stunning mutton pasinda kebab, which pairs really well with the biryani. They make one of the best biryanis in town. The restaurant has branches in various parts of the city, including Barrackpore, Rajarhat, Golpark and more.

Aminia West Bengal

6.Mughal Darbar Bakery And Restaurant, Kashmir

It is a popular non-vegetarian place to enjoy delicious food at a worth able price. They serve kashmiri han wazwan specialities. Their chef’s  specialities combine ingredients and cooking techniques that offer and outstanding balance of love and spiciness. Chicken pulao/biryani Costs 480 INR per plate.

Mughal Darbar Bakery And Restaurant Kashmir

7.Meghana Foods, Bangalore

When it comes to biryani in Bangalore, no other name is as iconic as Meghana Foods. The flavorsome Mutton Biryanis here come with succulent chunks of mutton pieces and enough biryani rice along with it to fill your stomach. If you are hailing from Andra Pradesh, it is a go-to place to satisfy your craving for Andhra-style biryani.

Meghana Foods Bangalore

8.Bawarchi, Hyderabad

If you are a fan of chicken and mutton biryani alike, Bawarchi will give you the best of both. Having had the honour of being inaugurated by Bollywood actor Sunil Shetty, this restaurant has been in business since 1994. Bawarchi boasts of a special chicken biryani in which the chicken is deliciously roasted on the outside and is absolutely tender and juicy on the inside. A meal for two costs approximately 600 INR.

Bawarchi Hyderabad

9.Lalla’s Biryani ,Lucknow

Lalla Biryani is a popular restaurant in Lucknow. One can find the city’s most delicious biryani here. The shop itself doesn’t look fancy but the biryani that you find here is definitely top-notch. Available only in evenings, a typical dhaba like-setting may be off-putting for some, but the biryani is sure to make up for everything here.

Lallas Biryani Lucknow 1

10.Wahid’s Biryani, Lucknow

A heaven for biryani lovers, the dish is cooked in dum style and packs a range of chicken and mutton delicacies that can leave you craving for more. Wahid’s Biryani is prepared from succulent and tender meat with perfectly seasoned rice. The complimentary raita and green chutney will only enhance the flavour in your taste buds.

Wahids Biryani Lucknow

11.Jaffer Bhai’s Delhi Darbar, Mumbai

Established in 1973, Jaffer Bhai’s Delhi Darbar is an institution when it comes to the biryani. Today, they are popularly known as ‘The Biryani King of Mumbai’.Whether it’s the fragrant Subz Dum Biryani, Murg Biryani or Gosht Biryani, the right amount of spices and marination will have you salivating for more. It costs 260 INR per plate for chicken biryani.

Jaffer Bhais Delhi Darbar Mumbai

12.Nasir Iqbal, Delhi

Located in the Nizamuddin area of Delhi, you will feel the age-old charm as you feast on your meal with raita and Mirchi ka salan in traditional steel brass pots. The Biryani with its succulent pieces of meat and aromatic rice is best enjoyed with their chutney. A meal for two will cost you a very reasonable Rs 200 – 300.

Nasir Iqbal Delhi

13.Sukkubhai Biryani, Chennai

The restaurant was founded in 1975 and till now they have served millions of customers with a smile. The biryani offered at the restaurant is made to satisfy all the five senses of a person and indeed it does that. They have other Biryanis too but Sukkubhai and Beef Briyani are inseparable. They are wonderful synonyms which you cannot resist.

Sukkubhai Biryani Chennai

14.Ya Mohaideen Biryani, Chennai

Ya Mohaideen Biryani thrives on the motto “ Value For Money”. The Biryani is very authentic, tasty and cheap when compared to other high priced Biryani restaurants in the city. Yaa Mohaideen Biryani is not a fancy restaurant, they are in business since 1996 and were recently awarded Chennai’s No. 1 Biryani Award in 2018. You can get half mutton biryani at ₹240 and a half chicken biryani at ₹190 which is quite budget friendly.

Ya Mohaideen Biryani Chennai

15.Oudh, 1590, West Bengal

If you want to get transported back to the times of the Nawabs, there’s no better place than Oudh. This is so much more than simply another restaurant with good biryanis. The experience here is aimed to transport you back in time to 1590 to enjoy traditional Oudh cuisine. For something a bit extra-special, head to Oudh 1590 and you won’t be left hungry or disappointed.

Oudh 1590 West Bengal

16.Hotel Shadab, Hyderabad

Shadab is popular for its dum style biryani and for one of the best Haleem around the city.  Located near Charminar, this place has been serving authentic Hyderabadi biryani for aeons. And if you still have some space left in your stomach after the heavenly plate of biryani, you can try their popular haleem, paya, shirmal, bheja fry, gurda bhaji and kheema.

Hotel Shadab Hyderabad

17.Persian Darbar, Mumbai

Established in the year 1976 in Byculla East, this restaurant has been serving phenomenal mutton and chicken biryanis that leave a memorable taste in the palate. This biryani, according to me, gets it absolutely bang on when it comes to the proportion of rice to meat to masala. It costs 900 INR for two persons.

Persian Darbar Mumbai

18.Reshma Hyderabadi Biryani, Goa

Set on Baga beach, Reshma Hyderabadi Biryani is the place you want to head to after a day of fun. Many say their biryani tastes no different from the one made by mothers at home. It costs 120 INR per plate.

Reshma Hyderabadi Biryani Goa 1

19.Delhi Darbar, Goa

Come to this luxurious restaurant fitted with plush chairs if you are craving North Indian cuisine. Located in the bustling commercial city area of Panjim. Besides the biryani and the complimentary salads, chutneys and raitas, tunday kebabs and seekh kebabs are also some of the other delicacies served here. A meal for two is approximately about Rs 700.

Delhi Darbar Goa

20.Kolkata Biryani House, Delhi

Bengalis missing the aloo in biryani, head to Kolkata Biryani House! Kolkata style biryani made with an array of mild spices tossed in with rice and succulent meat- this little biryani place is offering a lip-smacking affair. This chain of delivery-joints has outlets in multiple locations and the prompt delivery services make it super-easy for the confined foodies to enjoy some authentic Kolkata-style Biryani from the comfort of their homes! A meal for two would cost you around Rs 400 here.

Kolkata Biryani House Delhi