Top 20 Restaurants In Apcar Garden Asansol

Asansol is a city in West Bengal, a state in India. It is the most populated and second-largest city in West Bengal. This place is better known for Kalyaneswari Temple, and it is believed that the goddess here is venerated and blesses the barren women with fertility. Historically, this region is believed to be a part of the Vishnupur Kingdom, where the Malla Dynasty ruled till the emergence of the British. Bengali delicacies are famous for their sizzling dishes full of vegetables with the staple diet of Fish and Rice. Doi Maach, Mangsher DoPiyaji, Aloo Posto, Muri Ghonto, Chanar Dalna, Sosrshe Ilish, Kancha Aamer Chutney, and Anarosher Chutney are some famous dishes here.

1. Shawarma Hut

It caters to Lebanese, Chinese, fast food, and Mexican cuisines to customers with many delicious beverages. Honey Mustard Fish, Crispy Chicken, Peri Peri Paneer, and Butter Chicken are famous dishes. It has a lovely dining ambiance, and fantastic interiors, and the staff here is hospitable and polite to visitors.

1 Shawarma Hut

2. Theque Bnr

This is famous for serving North Indian, Kebab, Biryani, Rolls, and Chinese delicacies. It has a casual dining atmosphere with a comfortable seating environment. The food here is delectable and worth the money. Its services are timely and excellent. The food packaging here is clean and fresh.

2 Theque BNR

3. Evening Point

It is a quick-bite outlet and a dining restaurant that caters to North Indian and Chinese dishes. It facilitates Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian food for the customers. It provides quick and punctual home deliveries, and takeaways are available for its clients. Its staff is pleasant, and its services are incredible.

3 Evening Point

4. Food Factory

This restaurant is famous for serving Kebab, North Indian, Biryani, and Chinese delicacies with various delectable Desserts. Its favorite dishes include Chicken Pakoda, Paneer Butter Masala, Chicken Hakka Noodles, Crispy Chilli Potato, and so on. It serves delicious food that is value for the money at a reasonable price.

4 Food Factory

5. Bengal Kitchen

It’s a Dhaba restaurant and a quick bite outlet that caters to North Indian and Bengali cuisines to its visitors. The staff here is friendly and generous with customers, and providing prompt and timely services. It includes a simple and cheap dining environment. Takeouts facility is available for its clients.

5 Bengal Kitchen

6. Nilanjana Restaurant

It is a family restaurant famous for catering to Chinese, Tandoori, Punjabi, North Indian, and fast food cuisines to the customers. Veg Manchurian, Tandoori Roti, Butter Naan, and Nabaratan Korma are the famous dishes here. It includes a fabulous ambiance and beautiful dining interiors with a calm environment.

6 Nilanjana Restaurant

7. Jayashri Food Court

It’s a fast food restaurant that caters to street food, fast food, Mughlai, Biryani, Chinese, and Indian delicacies. It is a food court with an elegant ambiance, and a casual atmosphere to dine in with a relaxed environment. Its services are excellent and the staff here is decent and responsive.

7 Jayashri Food Court

8. Copper Hundi

It serves North Indian, Biryani, Kebab, Seafood, Chinese, and Mughlai food cuisines to its customers. It has a superb ambiance and a friendly environment with beautiful interiors to dine in. The food quality here is value for the money, and facilitating takeaways, and instant food deliveries.

8 Copper Hundi

9. Kolkata Arsalan Biryani

This restaurant is better known for Kebab, fast food, Rolls, and Biryani dishes. The food here is delicious and food quality is exquisite. Its services are liable and appreciable, and the staff here is responsive and experienced. It provides instant home deliveries to its visitors and takeaways are available.

9 Kolkata Arsalan Biryani

10. Jay Baba Lokenath Hotel

It caters to fast food and North Indian delicacies to the customers. It has a simple dining environment, and it provides finger-licking food on at a pocket-friendly budget. The services here are instant and liable, and its staff here is friendly and generous with customers. It endues clean and exquisite food packaging.

10 Jay Baba Lokenath Hotel

11. Petuk Multicuisine Restaurant

It is famous for catering to Bengali, Biryani, Chinese, Kebab, Rolls, and North Indian cuisines. Spicy Chicken Pakora, Chicken Lollipop, Malai Paneer Tikka, Murgh Tangdi Kebab, and Paneer Tikka Masala are the favorite dishes here. It has a pleasant atmosphere and a lovely indoor seating arrangement, and the staff here is customer-friendly.

11 Petuk Multicuisine Restaurant

12. Spicy Delights

It serves North Indian, Tandoori, Punjabi, Biryani, Barbeque, and Chinese delicacies to its visitors. It has a lovely ambiance and a cheerful atmosphere with a peaceful dining environment. The services here are outstanding, providing immediate and punctual food deliveries to the customers. Takeaways and food packaging quality are excellent.

12 Spicy Delights

13. Punjabi Tandoor

It is better known for offering Chinese and North Indian dishes with mouth-watering beverages to the customers. Its famous dishes are Chicken Malai Tikka Kebab, Paneer Butter Masala, Kadhai Paneer, Paneer Do Pyaza, Tawa Chicken, and many more. Its services are excellent, and include a comfortable outdoor seating to dine in.

13 Punjabi Tandoor

14. Buddies Café

It is a café and a fast-food restaurant that serves mouth-watering Chinese, Italian, Mexican, and fast food cuisines with delicious beverages. It has a beautiful ambiance and splendid interiors with an air-conditioned environment to dine in. The staff here is decent and professional, provides exclusive services to its customers.

14 Buddies Café

15. Purbasha International Hotel

It’s a hotel and a restaurant that caters to Indian, Chinese, Kebab, Biryani, Bengali, fast food, and Continental delicacies to the customers. It has a casual dining ambiance and a cozy indoor seating area with a cheerful atmosphere. Its services are responsive and outstanding, and its food quality here is incredible.

15 Purbasha International Hotel

16. Hotel Priyanka Restaurant

It serves Chinese, North Indian, Non-Vegetarian, Biryani, and fast food dishes. Chicken Masala, Chicken Hakka Noodles, and Veg Biryani are the famous dishes here. The staff here is responsive and hospitable, and providing timely and excellent services to its customers. It includes instant home deliveries and healthy food packaging.

16 Hotel Priyanka Restaurant

17. Hindustan’s Chulha Chowka

It offers North Indian, fast food, and Chinese cuisines to the customers. Paneer Butter Masala, Veg Dum Biryani, Peas Pulao, Chicken Bharta, and Drums of Heaven are the famous dishes here. It is a family restaurant and an excellent dining place. It includes well-mannered and pleasant staff.

17 Hindustans Chulha Chowka

18. Park Café

It is a Vegetarian restaurant that serves street food, fast food, and South Indian dishes. Masala Dosa, Pav Bhaji, and Dahi Vada are the most popular dishes here. It includes a beautiful indoor seating arrangement and modern interiors to dine in. It privileges delectable food quality and healthy food packaging for the customers.

Park Café

19. Food Junction Asansol

It is a casual family restaurant that serves North Indian, Chicken, Biryani, and Punjabi food dishes to its visitors. Veg Biryani, Gravy Manchurian, Paneer Do Pyaza, and Butter Naan are the popular dishes. It has a formal indoor seating area and a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy the food here. Fresh takeouts and quick food deliveries are available.

19 Food Junction Asansol

20. Momo Miia

It is a Momo restaurant and a café that serves delicious Chinese and Momo dishes to the visitors. It includes finger-licking Chicken Fried Momo, Veg Steam Momo, Paneer Tandoori Momo, Malai Momo, and many more. It has a lively atmosphere, and a beautiful indoor seating area is available to dig in. Food quality here is delicious and comes at an affordable price.