Top 20 restaurants in Bhawanipore

TOP 20 RESTaurants in bhawanipore-100

Bhawanipore is an area in the Southern part of Kolkata. It’s close to Victoria Memorial, St. Paul’s cathedral church, and the iconic houses of Subhas Chandra Bose, Uttam Kumar, and Satyajit Ray. You can see Subhas Chandra Bose’s car that he tried to flee in with and his clothes in a glass case in-tact. This is a very happening part, and there is a large crowd of youngsters roaming the streets. These are the top 20 restaurants to eat in Bhawanipore.


This is an American fast-food restaurant that mostly sells submarine sandwiches, salads, and beverages. They serve a variety of toppings to choose from. They have been recognized for their fast services amongst the fast-food restaurants.


Oh, My Fry

This is best for people who want to take a takeaway. They have great chili chicken and cheese fries.


Sip And Sandwich

They serve a variety of quick bites. You can enjoy their Green Apple Cooler, Oreo Cookies Shake or Coco Chip Cookie Shake. If you love burgers, then you must try their Double Chicken Burger, and Veg Cheese Burger.



You must try their coffee. Besides their amazing coffee, they serve fantastic European, Pan Asian, and Indian cuisine. The restaurant is also very spacious and you should try their breakfast buffet.


Kalash- Kalash

This place serves amazing Indian Cuisine. You can get Mughlai, Lucknowi and North Eastern flavours, all in one place. The Thalis, Biryani and kebabs are some of the specialties of this restaurant.


Aloha Café

This is a vegetarian cafe in the centre of Bhawanipore. You must try their stuffed pizza on flame, mocktails, desserts and coffee. They have a very welcoming ambiance.



This is a renowned fast-food restaurant, popular for its fried chicken. When you are out there, you should try their crispy chicken bucket, zinger meal, Choco pie, rice bowl meal, strawberry swirl, and virgin mojito.


The Dugout

This place serves as a cafe with Beverages and Continental, Fast Food and Chinese cuisines. You must try their Honey Lemon Chicken, Drums of Heaven, Cheese Balls, and Chicken Steak. The average cost for two people is rupees 1000 without booze.


Buddha Bites

They serve popular Chinese dishes which are of great quality and taste. They have seven outlets in Kolkata itself, giving everyone a taste of authentic Chinese food.



They specialize in cocktail drinks. You can get both veg and non-veg dishes. Some of their popular dishes are the Cafe Mocha, pizzas, old English fish and chips and the calypso chicken burger. The cost for two people is rupees 2200.



This place serves really good Chinese cuisine. They have both veg and non-veg dishes and the cost for two people is approximately rupees 400, which is super affordable.


Balwant Singh Dhaba

This place was the first to start the steamed milk tea trend in Kolkata. If you want to experiment, you must try their doodh-cola tea and Kesar chai. They also sell delicious North and South Indian vegetarian food like samosa, kachori, daal makhana, vada, idli, and dosa.


Green Palace

This is a casual dining restaurant where they serve North Indian, Chinese, and Continental cuisines. You must try their tandoori chicken and kebab. The cost for two people here is approximately rupees 800.



This restaurant serves North Indian, Chinese and Assamese cuisine. They bring authenticity by using authentic spices to cook the dishes, making them aromatic and mouth-watering. The cost for the two is rupees 500.


Gupta Brothers

They serve sweets, North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, Fast Food, Street Food, Beverages like Rose Milk, Chamcham, Dhokla, Sandesh, Dahi Vada, and Kulfi. You should try coming here for breakfast.



This is a pure Vegetarian Restaurant. They offer a large menu containing North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, Tandoor, Continental and Mocktails, and Jain food.


Fast Filling

This place serves North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Fast Food, and Street Food. You should try their Dabeli, Raj Kachori, Mexican Rice, Vada Pav, Pav Bhaji, and Garlic Bread.


The Little Cake Palace

This place sells amazing Walnut brownies, Double Chocolate Truffle Cake, and Red Velvet cupcakes. The cost is approximately rupees 300 but can vary depending on what you purchase.


Ice Ninja

This is a dessert parlour. Some of the must-try items are Ice Mojito and Coffee Ice Cream. The concept is unique, making this a place that you must check out.


Anuradha Café

This is a pure Vegetarian restaurant serving large-sized authentic Dosa, Idli, Vada, and other South Indian delicacies. The price is affordable and you can also have a takeaway or home delivery if you are in a hurry to sit and have food while watching people walking on the pavement.