Top 20 Restaurants In Bhiwani, Haryana

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Bhiwani is a district located in the state of Haryana. Bhiwani is also known as Mini Kashi of North because there are more than 300 temples in Bhiwani, and it is also known as the city of War Heroes. The population is quite enough and the Haryana people like Desi food as well as western.

Here we have a list of 20 famous restaurants in Bhiwani. If you want to explore Bhiwani, then this article is for you.

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Eat and Smile

Eat and smile restaurant is situated in G-13 halwasiya mall, Haryana. They have an excellent variety of menus for their customers at a very affordable price. Their environment is also clean and well maintained.

eat n smile


Blue Heaven

Blue heaven restaurant is situated near the education board, friends colony, Bhiwani. They have such a beautiful ambiance with great lightings. They are very famous for their biryani in Bhiwani. If you are the one who loves less spicy food, then you should visit here.

blue heaven


Singh Saab

Singh Saab restaurant is situated opposite Bal Bhawan Vatika, Zoo road, Bhiwani. The restaurant is very famous for their veg, and non-veg food, especially biryani, and you can easily find them on zomato.

singh saab



Bistro@13 restaurant is situated in sector 13, Huda, Bhiwani. The restaurant is one of the top-rated restaurants in Bhiwani. They serve good quality veg Singapore noodles, sandwiches, hot coffee, and brownies.



Dalchini Greens

Dalchini Greens restaurant is also one of the top-rated and best family restaurants in Bhiwani. They are situated on the first floor, circular road, Bhiwani. Their plating is professional, food is delicious, the owner’s behavior is good, and the interior is also excellent.

dalchini greens



Sham-E-Khaas restaurant is situated near the old bus stand, Naya bazaar, Krishna colony, Bhiwani. The restaurant is one of the top-rated and also one of the best restaurants in Bhiwani. They have a fantastic interior, well-maintained ambiance, and their food tastes impressive at a very reasonable price.



Spice World

Spice world restaurant also consists of a bakery and situated on a circular road, Bhiwani. They serve North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, continental, and ice cream. The ambiance is beautiful, and the quality of their food is also excellent.

spice world


Vatika Restaurant

Vatika restaurant also consists of Bar, and they are situated near the court, housing board colony, Bhiwani. Vatika Bar and restaurant is one of the best places in Bhiwani to drink and eat. Their ambiance is good. The food menu is for veg and non-veg both.



My Shop

My Shop restaurant is situated on Rohtak gate, Bhiwani. They have a good food menu, and every food has a finger-licking taste. Their tables are properly adequate, and the behavior of the staff is also excellent. If you love cheese, then you should visit here and taste their cheesy pizza which is quite famous in Bhiwani.

my shop


AK Non-Veg Point

AK non-veg point is situated on a circular road, near Bhiwani heart hospital, Bhiwani. Their chicken fry and chicken pakora are famous in Bhiwani, and if you love spicy non-veg food, you should visit here.

ak non veg point


HSB Family Inn

HSB Family Inn restaurant is situated in panchayat pocket, Zoo road, opposite red cross Bhawan, Bhiwani. They have a big party hall and a beautiful ambiance. They serve North Indian, Chinese, or anything you want. You can order from here as they also have a home delivery service.



Black Duck

Black Duck restaurant is a family restaurant and situated near Boora Villa, N.S boots Gali, 84, Patel Nagar, Bhiwani. Here you can find simple Maggie to a proper cuisine. They serve food with appropriate hygiene, and their every food is delicious.

black duck


Chokha Khana

Chokha Khana restaurant is situated in Indira Nagar, Bhiwani. The restaurant location is very good with a proper parking area. The interior of the restaurant is very subtle, and the service is also excellent.

choka khana


The Pizza Central

The Pizza Central restaurant is situated in the housing board colony, Bhiwani. They are famous for their pizza, burger, and tandoori food items. They also serve Chinese and drinks. The restaurant has a good environment, and the behavior of the staff is also excellent.

pizza central


Royal Standard

Royal Standard restaurant also consists of Bar, and they are situated opposite red cross Bhawan, zoo road, panchayat pocket, Bhiwani. Their service is terrific, and the ambiance is also perfect. The rating for the food items are not very high, not significantly less, and the atmosphere of the place is also excellent.

royal stanadard


Chatori Gali

Chatori Gali restaurant is situated on station road, opposite Ch. Bansilal government hospital, railway colony, Bhiwani. They have separate cabins for parties and other small events. Their South Indian food and snacks are famous in Bhiwani. If you love less spicy food, you should visit here once.

chatori gali


The Chicken Company

The Chicken Company restaurant is situated in sector 13, Huda, Bhiwani. They are popular in Bhiwani for their non-veg food, especially chicken balls and chicken sticks. Their customer service is also excellent.

chicken company


Chatpati Chaap

Chatpati Chaap restaurant is situated near the bank of Baroda, improvement market, opposite shop no.2, park colony, Bhiwani. They serve only Chaap related food items like Chaap butter masala, tandoori Chaap, Afghani Chaap, etc. They also have different cabins for couples with extra privacy.

chatpati chaap


Pizza Choice

Pizza Choice restaurant is situated on circular road, Naya bazaar, housing colony, Bhiwani. According to the ratings on goggle, Pizza Choice restaurant is better than dominos because the taste of everything in the restaurant is just perfect. If you want to eat high-quality garlic bread, pizza or burgers you should visit here once.

pizza choice20.DFC Food Villa

DFC food villa restaurant is situated on Chantal that road, near the main branch, SBI bank, park colony chowk, Bhiwani. They serve everything tasty, but their burger is best of all. Their service and ambiance are also perfect.

dfc food villa