Top 20 Restaurants In Colaba, Mumbai

Top 20 Restaurants In Colaba Mumbai
Top 20 Restaurants In Colaba Mumbai

Imagine yourself eating while watching the beautiful Arabian Sea, the wind blowing softly on a warm afternoon or cool evening and suddenly you see seagulls gliding and sitting on the window panel of the restaurant you are eating at. This is part of Old Mumbai, which has the high-end boutiques and the famous Taj Palace! They also have old iconic restaurants here with a beautiful and serene sea to look at. The weather is also good because of the location. Hence, making the food in these top 20 restaurants taste even better.

1. Food Inn

Food Inn is a casual dining restaurant serving Chinese and North Indian dishes. They also serve Biryani. This is a great place to hang out with your foodie friends and eat a hearty meal. The cost for two people approximately is 700 rupees here, which is pretty affordable.

download2. Busaba

If you like to have authentic Thai food like Thai rice, fish, and momos. All you have to do is stop by at Busaba and order anything from their menu. If you haven’t had food here, you really are missing on some good Thai food.


3. Golden Dragon

This place is known for its skilled chefs and exotic foods. You can find steaming dim sums, Peking Duck, and Beggar’s Chicken. You should try their Dim Sum Brunch Buffet.

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4. Copper Chimney

This place serves premium quality dishes like Biryani, Grilled items, bread, curry, dals. They use the best of spices and fuse each ingredient to make each dish stand out.


5. Fenix

This restaurant offers very good Pan Asian, Japanese and European dishes. They also have Indian classic dishes like biryani and tandoori available. This place also serves international alcohols to cater to your fancy needs.


6. Spesso Gourmet Kitchen

This restaurant has the finest Mediterranean, Spanish, Italian and Greek dishes. They are known for their salads and tapas.


7. Ellipsis

This place makes varieties of bread which they got inspired to bake from Artisanal American Bakery. You can try gluten-free options with a cup of coffee.


8. Nara Thai

If you are a fan of Asian and Thai food, then you should come and try their Crispy Bombay Duck, Butterfly Pea Fried Rice, and Pork Belly in Pak Choy.


9. Indigo Delicatessen

This restaurant is an all-day café. They offer mostly European and American comfort food. The cost is fairly reasonable, and the atmosphere is very welcoming.


10. The Table

You can enjoy Thai, Japanese, Italian, French, and American food all in one place. They have a very diverse menu to cater to your cravings. They choose their ingredients from the finest of places, which makes the food more authentic and taste luxurious.


11. Souk

They serve extremely delicious and aromatic Middle Eastern-inspired dishes. With every bite, you can almost visualize that you are in the Middle East.


12. Easyhuman Café

Their café believes in serving dairy-free, grain-free, natural versions of all our favorite foods that are not that healthy. They prioritize health and, keeping that in mind, they make our favorite foods also healthy so that we can eat them without hesitation.


13. Colaba Social

The unique feature of this place is that they have an anti-design interior that looks raw and unfinished but also gives a unique vibe. Besides their interior, they have an entire cocktail kitchen, which is the star of this place.


14. Harbour Bar

This place was Mumbai’s first licensed lounge bar. You can get yourself fine malts, exclusive wines, and exotic cocktails while sitting on their cozy seating arrangements.


15. Garage Inc. Public House

This is an ancient building that is maintained so well even to date in such a busy city like Mumbai. The interior is very creative as they have pictures of the creators of that place hung on the walls and a foosball table. A marvelous thing about this place is the quick service, so no more waiting for hours for your food.


16. The Bar Stock Exchange

This is India’s first stock market-based pub where they serve food and alcohol. The prices keep changing as per real-time demands. Their concept is very unique, and the place is something that you should have on your bucket list for sure!


17. Headquarters

If you love Italian food or have never tried it, this is one place you need to stop by and eat at. The ambiance here is very cozy and the prices are also affordable. So, with even a few bucks, you can enjoy a meal.

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18. Piccadilly

Piccadilly has been known for serving the best Irani, Lebanese and Parsi food for years now. They are also the first to introduce Shawarmas to Mumbai. Their authentic Irani, Parsi, and Lebanese food are so good that you will almost feel like it has transported you to another place.


19. Delhi Darbar

They aim to serve the best Indian dishes in Delhi Darbar. They want to bring the traditional spices like Star Anish, Cardamon, and the other important spices to add flavor and aroma to the food and create the perfect texture to each dish they make and serve it to their customers.


20. Koyla

This is a rooftop restaurant which is in the centre of Colaba, making this place easily accessible for people. Besides their location, their food is also a reason for their popularity. Some of their best dishes are the Achaari Paneer, Lehsuni Palak, and Chooza Biryani.