Top 20 Restaurants In Golghar, Gorakhpur


It is the city in Uttar Pradesh, a state in India. It is situated on the banks of river Rapti in the Purvanchal region. It has ancient and magnificent temples that are the center of attraction here. Geeta Vatika, Arogya Mandir, Gorakhnath Temple, Gita Press, and Vishnu Temple are famous places here. It is named after Gorakhnath. It follows exquisite food culture that includes many mouth-watering dishes such as Kanji Bada, Bhel Puri, Raj Kachori, Chat, and so on. Its famous sweet words include Rabdi, Jalebi, Burfi, Faluda, and many more.

1. Black Salt Restaurant

This restaurant is famous for its magnificent indoor seating area and a splendid ambiance with an air-conditioned place to dine in. It serves Chinese, Non-Vegetarian, North Indian, Italian, and fast-food cuisines to customers. Chicken Lollipop, Veg Hot and Sour Soup, Chicken 65, Veg Hakka Noodles, and Paneer Do Pyaza are the famous dishes here.


2. Shahanshah

It caters to Pasta, Chinese, and Continental cuisines with many delicious beverages for the visitors. It has a great atmosphere and a cheerful environment with an indoor seating area to enjoy the food. The food quality here is superb and fresh. Its services are instant and liable.

2 Shahanshah

3. Curry On Restaurant

It serves Mughlai, North Indian, Sichuan, and Chinese dishes to the customers. It has a beautiful ambiance and a comfortable indoor dining environment with a lively atmosphere. It is an excellent place to dine in with family and friends. It provides quick catering services and fast food deliveries to its clients.


4. Bobis Restaurant & Bakery, Since 1963

It is a bakery and a restaurant that serves Chinese, North Indian, and Mughlai dishes with many delectable Ice creams. It includes a formal indoor seating area, and a cozy and friendly environment to dig in. The staff here is sincere and skillful in food presentations. Takeaways are available for visitors.

4 Bobis Restaurant Bakery Since 1963

5. Barbeque Nation – Gorakhpur

This restaurant is famous for serving barbeques, and it is a popular franchise, serves BBQs and fast foods. Kulfi, Barbecue Chicken Tikka, Chocolate Brownie, Mocktail, Pani Puri, and Dessert Platter are some famous words here. It has a casual indoor seating type for the customers to eat joyfully.

5 Barbeque Nation – Gorakhpur

6. Rangrezza Restaurant & Banquet Hall

It serves Continental, Mughlai, Chinese, North Indian, Italian, and Mexican delicacies to its customers. It has an aristocratic place with lovely and modern interiors and an air-conditioned environment to dine in. The staff here is polite and humble, and it provides responsive and excellent services to the customers. It is an ideal place for throwing large parties.

6 Rangrezza Restaurant Banquet Hall

7. 10 Park Street Restaurant & Banquet Hall

It is a vegetarian restaurant and a cafe that serves Chinese, Continental, and North Indian dishes with various delicious Shakes and Beverages. Its favorite dishes are Spring Roll, Butter Paneer, White Sauce Pasta, Coffee, and many more. It has a trained and a customer-friendly staff. It includes a peaceful environment and a lovely atmosphere.

7 10 Park Street Restaurant Banquet Hall

8. Quality Jalpangrih

This place is better known for serving fast food dishes to its customers. It is an excellent place to hanging out with friends and for the family crowd. The packaging of food here is healthy, and it provides customizable food at a reasonable price that is value for money.

8 Quality Jalpangrih

9. Delicious Restaurant

It is a fast-food restaurant that facilitates its customers with a comfortable dining area and an air-conditioned atmosphere with a relaxed environment. The staff here is generous and gentle. The services here are incredible, and the food quality is impressive. Home deliveries and takeaways are available.

9 Delicious Restaurant

10. Class Bunk Café & Kitchen

It caters to North Indian and Chinese cuisines with delicious Shakes. This restaurant is famous for its lip-smacking food and large portions of food in an affordable price. This place is elegantly decorated and has lovely interiors to dine in. The staff here is courteous, and the food presentation is eye-catching.

10 Class Bunk Cafe Kitchen

11. Richi Rich Café

It is a fast food café that is famous for serving a wide variety of fast food dishes. Pizza, Momos, Pasta, Noodles, and many more delicious food items are favorite dishes among the crowd. It is a friendly and modern restaurant that includes a comfortable environment for the customers here.

11 Richi Rich Cafe

12. Farzi Dhaba Restaurant & Banquet Hall

It serves North Indian cuisines to visitors. This restaurant is famous for having a beautiful ambiance and lovely interiors with a cheerful atmosphere. It has an air-conditioned environment and a fine dining indoor seating area. The staff here is excellent, and the food quality is exquisite.

12 Farzi Dhaba Restaurant Banquet Hall

13. One Bite

It is a fine dining restaurant that serves fast food dishes and delicious desserts with tasty beverages. It has a friendly ambiance and a cozy atmosphere to dig in. It has a nice and generous staff that provides lovely and incredible catering services to the customers. It includes quick food deliveries, and fresh takeaways are available.

13 One Bite

14. Royal Chef

It serves Biryani, Sichuan, and fast food delicacies to the customers. This restaurant is famous for its healthy and delicious food quality. The food here has the mouth-watering taste and comes on a pocket-friendly budget. The staff here is responsive and provides perfect food presentations with incredible services.

14 Royal Chef

15. Café Mitrah

It offers Italian, Chinese, Tandoori, Multicuisine, fast food, and Indian delicacies. It has a casual dining type with a lovely ambiance and an excellent atmosphere to enjoy the food here. Maggi and French Fries are the favorite dishes here. The staff here is skillful and provides quick home deliveries to its customer, and takeaways are available.

15 Cafe Mitrah

16. The Foody’s Café

It caters to Biryani, Chinese, Continental, North Indian, and fast food dishes. It is a quick-bite outlet and a café that includes an air-conditioned and lively atmosphere with a formal dining area. It has a pleasant and friendly staff that provides outstanding services to the visitors.

16 The Foodys Cafe

17. Food Lovers

It serves Chinese and South Indian dishes to the customers with delectable Momos. It is a restaurant that has a casual indoor seating area and a lively atmosphere to dig in. The services here are superb, and the staff here is intelligent and courteous. It provides immediate and timely food deliveries to the clients.

17 Food Lovers

18. Babel Sky Lounge & Café

It is a fabulous restaurant with spectacular interiors, famous for serving Chinese, Mexican, fast food, North Indian, Snacks, and Italian cuisines with various delicious beverages. It has a friendly and generous staff, and provides liable services to its customers. The food quality is fresh and healthy. Takeaways are available for the customers to dig in.

18 Babel Sky Lounge Cafe

19. Danaram Restaurant & Café ‘o’ Factory

It offers North Indian, Italian, fast food, and Chinese cuisines with a wide range of beverages. It has a lovely ambiance and a cozy indoor seating area with an air-conditioned dining environment. The services here are quick and responsive. It has a polite and humble staff that provides fast home deliveries to the customers.

19 Danaram Restaurant Cafe ‘o Factory

20. Eggetarian

It is a fast-food restaurant that serves a variety of omelets, Chinese, and Italian dishes to customers. Black Berry Ice Cream Roll, Coffee, French Fries, Omelette Roll, and French Toast are the popular dishes here. It has a responsive staff that provides timely services to the customers. Home deliveries and takeaways are available.

20 Eggetarian