Top 20 Restaurants In Guwahati To Try The Authentic Assamese Thali

Top 20 Restaurants In Guwahati To Try The Authentic Assamese Thali
Top 20 Restaurants In Guwahati To Try The Authentic Assamese Thali

Assam is a state located in the North-Eastern part of India and is a rich reservoir of local heritage.  Being the habitat of different endemic fauna, Assam is also famous for its aromatic tea leaves and kaji nemu (a type of lemon known for its flavor). Guwahati, the gateway to North Eastern India, depicts a part of Assam’s culture with its delicacies and lifestyle. A typical Assamese thali consists of steamed rice served with lemon, chili and bamboo shoot pickle known as “khar” which is accompanied with (mashed potatoes, lentils, fried veggies, a local green vegetable and sour fish curry.

To know about an area’s food pattern is the best way to know about their culture. Having said it right, let us know about the top 20 places in Guwahati to try out the authentic Assamese thali.

1. Michinga

One of the best restaurants in Guwahati which is known for different kinds of ethnic thalis. With a cozy ambiance and delicious foods, it aces to the list of top 20s. They offer different kinds of thalis from Assamese to Naga thalis starting, from 150 INR. Pork with dry bamboo shoots and lotha style chicken are the best sellers.


2. Paradise

It is a traditional Assamese restaurant serving since 1984 in Guwahati. Their thalis start from 500 INR and comprise of a welcome drink, steamed rice, Khar, dal, aloo pitika, vegetable fry, pigeon or duck curry, steamed fish wrapped in plantain leaves, masor tenga, sides (kahudi, kharoli and khorisa), and a traditional Assamese dessert (includes thick cream, puffed rice, jaggery along with Assamese sweets). This thali is included in the list of bestsellers with many choices of side dishes.

paradise restaurant in guwahati

3. Mising Kitchen

Apart from their authentic Mising thalis, the restaurant also serves Assamese dishes. With a beautiful ambiance and cordial hospitality, they serve delicious food whose quantity is more than enough for one person. Their thalis start from 150 INR. The pork thali is one of the bestsellers.

Mising Kitchen resturnt in guwahati

4. Khorikaa

If you are looking for a casual, understated restaurant to try out the Assamese cuisine, this place is a must-visit. This place serves the authenticity of North East India. A delicious platter along with heart warming hospitality with a good ambiance is all you need to spend quality time with your loved ones. Their duck thali and chicken with coconut milk are auspicious.


5. Uruka

Abiding by its name, this restaurant gives off the essence of North-Eastern India.  Their buffet prices 490 INR and gives you a variety of food options to try out, and makes you feel like home away from home.  The staffs dressed in the traditional Assamese garments helps you visualize the North-Eastern culture.

uruka restaurant in guwahati.jpeg

6. Gam’s Delicacy Restaurant

Gam’s Delicacy Restaurant is your go-to place if you want to try out an extensive array of North Eastern Indian dishes. Set in the blonde wooden backdrop, this restaurant has a beautiful ambiance. The food is wholesome and delicious. They serve a wide range of accompaniments such as bamboo pickle, masoor dali bota (lentils paste) and olive pickles.  Their veg thalis start from 190 INR.

Gam’s Delicacy Restaurant

7. Bhut Jolokia Restaurant

This place serves affordable thalis and it is a must-visit if you are an ardent lover of spicy foods. The restaurant is surrounded with the aroma of freshly cooked Assamese dishes. The portions of food are significant. The chicken with sesame seeds is a best seller giving you an exquisite tender and juicy chicken. However, if you visit the place, try to carry some cash because the card option is not available.

Bhut Jolokia Restaurant

8. Majulir Asanj

The name of the restaurant is derived from the famous riverine island located in Assam- Majuli. The thalis are delicious and wholesome which are capable enough to satiate your taste buds.  Poita bhaat (fermented rice) is a must-try. There is a scope of improvement in their services which is overwhelmed by the homely atmosphere.

Majulir Asanj Restaurant

9. Nagameez, Naga & Chinese Cuisine

Affordable, and tasty; these two adjectives are self explanatory for the restaurant.  Portions are great and it is easy on the wallet.   Chicken bamboo shoot curry is one of their best sellers and do not miss out on the pork fried rice, even if it is not a part of Assamese thali.  The place is tiny, so you usually have to wait for a table. But if you are okay with the waiting part, then you can visit this place.

Nagameez, Naga and Chinese Cuisine.jpeg

10  Maihang Ethnic Restaurant

With a beautiful Assamese aesthetic, it serves as a nice ambiance. The food is delicious, waiters are cordial and the hygiene is also maintained. The kheer of black rice is very creamy, and a must-try, although the chicken khorikka needs some work. The presentation of the food is excellent, and this restaurant is a refuge for the people who needs to escape from the city’s hustle.

Maihang Ethnic Restaurant

11. Hotel Urshita

If you want to devour Assamese thali at a pocket-friendly price, Hotel Urshita is the best choice. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian thalis are available here, with variety of meat, and fish options available. The food is adequate in quantity and many accompaniments. The veg thali starts at 100 INR.

Hotel Urshita

12. Assamese Gorkha Kitchen

If you want to taste the traditional Gorkha dishes, this place is you go-to place. The Gorkhali Thali and Sel roti with til ka achaar are remarkable. The restaurant falls short in hygiene, but comes with affordable prices.

Assamese Gorkha Kitchen

13. Naga Bowl

Tasty ethnic foods at affordable price and sufficient quantity- if you search for these criteria, Naga Bowl is your sure shot in ethnic cuisines. There are significantly less options of Assamese thali but the taste is great. Pork akhuni which is a Naga dish, is a must-try.

Naga Bowl restaurant

14. Kareng The Ahom Kitchen

This place is a food love’s paradise. A wide range of traditional dishes from chicken to pork, and other vegetarian meals are served in this restaurant. The taste of food will make you miss home. The prices are up to mark based on the quality and portions of food.  If you visit this place, do not miss out on the Kareng style Duck kosha.

Kareng the Ahom Kitchen

15. Alohi Restaurant

The term Alohi refers to guests in Assamese. And the restaurant justifies   the name- homely environment, cordial hospitality, and good food in pocket-friendly prices. The restaurant is spacious, making it children friendly. The Assamese thali starts from 120 INR comprising steamed rice, yellow dal, black dal, veg Anja, pitika, homemade pickle, dry sabji, khar, behuwa and kheer.

Alohi Restaurant

16. Juhaal

The vegetarian thali here is a steal deal. Cooked with less oil and spices, the food dissipates a homely essence. The ambiance is warm, making it a perfect place to spend quality time with your near, and dear ones. The food is affordable and the veg thali starts from 150 INR.

Juhaal restaurant in guwahati

 17. Bamboo Heights Multi-Cuisine Restaurant

Bamboo Heights is a North-Eastern cuisine restaurant with google ratings of 4.6/5 stars. This place specializes in Bamboo dishes which is an essential cooking ingredient in Assam.  The food is authentic with a flavorful aroma and moderate spiciness. Pigeon curry is a must-try though, the thought of having pigeon meat must sound bizarre, but what’s wrong with giving a shot. The ambiance is beautiful, keeping in mind the essence of bamboo forests in Assam. The pricing is moderate and the hygiene is well maintained.

Bamboo Heights Multi-Cuisine Restaurant.jpeg

18. Tholgiri Store

This location is everything to learn about Assam’s rich culture. The place is decorated with musical instruments, ethnic garments, and ornaments to give out a sublime ambiance. Apart from the Assamese thali, you can relish the sweetness of different pithas, larus (sweets), and various coolers.  The food is served in such an ethnic way that it will leave you reminiscing about your village. The pricing of food is affordable and the quality is also good. However, the restaurant is not much spacious.

Tholgiri Store

19. Tai Singpho

One of the well-known ethnic restaurants of Guwahati, it has the best food in the town.  The ambiance is not extraordinary but it is balanced with the courteous staff and delicious food. The thalis are tasty and fulfilling. If you are an ardent pork lover, then this place is a paradise for you. Tender pieces of pork are cooked with bamboo shoots, making this dish the perfect aggregation of herbs and spiciness. If you want to try something new, then go for tupula bhaat with chicken or pork bamboo shoot.

Tai Singpho.jpeg

20. Heritage Khorikaa

With a rating of 4.1 out of 5, this place makes it to the list of top 20s. With the authentic Assamese and cordial hospitality of the workers there, you can’t get enough of this place. The Bamboo chicken shoot and pork with sesame seeds are worth trying. The restaurant usually remains busy during peak hours. But if you are planning to visit, try to book a table in advance.  The food is budget-friendly too.

Heritage Khorikaa