Top 20 Restaurants In Keonjhar, Orissa

Top 20 Restaurants In Keonjhar Orissa
Top 20 Restaurants In Keonjhar Orissa

Keonjhar is a city in the Indian state of Orissa. It is one of the fifth scheduled areas of Orissa. The city has a total population of 57,232 as of 2011. The official language spoken here is Odia. It is one of the most visited cities in Orissa and has many spots where you can go and enjoy. The bada Ghagara waterfall is one of the most famous sight-seeing spot in the city. There are also many temples like Jagganath temple and Murga Mahadev Temple. The city is also flooded with many good restaurants serving delicious recipes from Orissa, which are lip-smacking and fantastic in taste. We have collected the list of the top 20 restaurants in the city that would add flavors to your mouth and satiate your cravings for tasty food. Let’s have a look at the list mentioned below.

1. Geetanjali Veg Restaurant

This is the best veg restaurant at kendujhar town market. They provide vegetarian food of authentic taste at this restaurant with satisfactory service.People can walk here without hesitation in search of tasty food every time.

Geetanjali Veg Restaurant

2. Hotel Megha

Always recommended to visit here, the food is simply, excellent and if you are in Keonjhar must visit here. Also, this site is often crowded, and food is good but only cash acceptable; they are not accepting any online transaction. This is the best option for having food here.

Hotel Megha

3. Hi5!  Cafe & Resto

The atmosphere is chill and relaxed with good services. The food is pretty good, some Italian classics and some twists, and for their prices it’s 100% worth it. Must visit this place as it is a lovely restaurant or I can say all-rounder one.

Hi5 Cafe Resto

4. Food Traffic

Food was tasty and hygienic. American crispy corn and panner lababdaris a must-try dish here. This restaurant is a bit pricy if compared with the other places for everyday food.

Food Traffic

5. Devi Restaurant

Nice ambience, it is situated in the town of keonjhar. The services and behavior of the staff is quite good. Tasty and good quality food is served here at affordable prices. Both veg and non-veg cuisine are served here.

Devi Restaurant

6. Hotel Rashmi 

They serve excellent food with a good atmosphere. Quality and quantity both satisfy their price. The Paneer Butter Masala and Biryani are must-try dishes here.  One must visit this site if in the city.

Hotel Rashmi

7. Suraj Restaurant & Bakery

The ambience of this place is not so good, but it is a decent place to have regular meals with hygiene standards and quick services. Naan’s at this place is a must-try cuisine. Cakes are also good.

Suraj Restaurant Bakery

8. Hotel Royal Orchidu

This restaurant offers Indian cuisine. This is an excellent place for lunch and dinner. All the preparations are awesome. Just try the menu served in lunch; you will love it and relish the experience.

Hotel Royal Orchidu

9. Radhika Restaurant

This outlet has a nice ambience, great food and atmosphere. It is a place where you can eat all Indian preparation that are freshly prepared. The staff is nice, and is neat and clean.

Radhika Restaurant

10. Green Castle

The green castle is one of the best restaurants in the city. It is an excellent place serving good quality food that too in enough quantity. The behavior of the staff is very friendly and appreciable. It is a family restaurant serving various Indian recipes.

Green Castle

11. Swad Restaurant

This outlet has a non-fancy dining area and is situated on Gandhi chowk. Their specialty is Biryani and serves a variety of biryanis. They have various options in vegetarian thali that are delectable. They do not accept payment through any other mode than cash.

Swad Restaurant

12. Red Star Food Field

This simple, fast food and biryani corner located in the Raj Bhavan colony is highly recommended if you are a biryani lover. The flavors are ideally added and give pleasure to taste buds.

Red Star Food Field

13. Dawat

It is a fine dining restaurant with a simple setup and sitting area located in Keonjhar. The food quality is excellent, and the taste is fantastic. They also serve a wide range of fast food items, which are remarkable.


14. Singh Hotel

It is a small and straightforward outlet with no fancy interiors. It is situated in Brahman gaon square. All things prepared are hygienic and fresh. They serve all kinds of dishes for lunch and dinner. The service is up-to-the-mark.

Singh Hotel

15. Mining House

It is a vibrant place serving varieties like malai tikka, Biryani, and proper meals too. The taste of every dish is delightful and remarkable. The presentation of food is also fantastic, and the desserts are a must-try.

Mining House

16. Subham Hotel

This simple restaurant on the Mumbai-Kolkata highway is the perfect spot to take a rest and relish the delicious meals to satiate your hunger. The food served is hygienic, economical, and of good quality. The portions served are also impressive and can quickly fill up the stomach.

Subham Hotel

17. Food Circle

This small and lovely fast food restaurant is located on DD college road, Baniapat. The atmosphere is casual but is not a fine dining restaurant, so it is better if you take away the order. Taste wise, the food matches up the expectation.

Food Circle

18. Poonam Food Court

They serve delicious South Indian dishes, especially dosa of authentic flavors in a unique presentation. The taste of dosa is terrific and highly recommended if you like dosa. The sitting area is also spacious and pleasing. The site is perfect for visiting with family. It is situated in Kashvi Mall, Mining road.

Poonam Food Court

19. Hotel Sai Samrat

Are you searching for a place that would give you an ultimate different experience in terms of flavors, then you cannot miss this place. Each bite you will eat will be a burst of various flavors. Dosa served here is lip-smacking in taste and a must-try.

Hotel Sai Samrat

20. Maa Fast Food

It is an excellent place for lunch and dinner as they serve snacks that would definitely satisfy your taste and hunger. They have sitting arrange menta also available where you can eat warm meals. They serve a variety of dishes from Indian cuisine.

Maa Fast Food