Top 20 Restaurants In Kolhapur, Maharashtra

Top 20 Restaurants In Kolhapur Maharashtra
Top 20 Restaurants In Kolhapur Maharashtra

Kolhapur is a city on the banks of the Punchganga river in the southern part of the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is the administrative headquarter of the Kolhapur district. Kolhapur is known as `Dakshin Kashi’ or Kashi of South because of its spiritual history and the antiquity of its shrine Mahalaxmi, better known as Ambabai. The region is known for producing the famous hand-crafted and braided leather slippers called Kolhapuri chappal, which received the Geographical Indication designation in 2019. In Indian history, Kolhapur is named Karvir. It is an important centre for the Marathi film industry. The city consists of a vast number of restaurants that are perfect for hanging out with friends. Here below are listed the top 20 restaurants in the town that serves delicious recipes.

1. Barbeque Nation

This outlet is located on the top floor of Sayaji hotel, from where you can experience the beautiful view of the city while eating your meal. The view of the city is even more beautiful at night. They also have live music performances and cricket match screens. Apart from the taste, the presentation of food is also impressive.

Barbeque Nation

2. Patlacha Wada

It is a Maharashtrian restaurant that serves traditional Kolhapuri cuisine in an upscale pleasing dining surrounding. It is located in Anant Vishwa Tower, Nagala park. They have a limited number of seats, so you might have to wait for your turn. Overall the place is well-maintained.

Patlacha Wada

3. Dehaati

This restaurant specializing in Maharashtrian cuisine is situated in Nimbalkar Colony, Kolhapur. The ambience of the outlet is impressive and relaxing. The place is bustling during weekends and the holiday season. You can try anything you like from Kolhapuri cuisine. They accept payments through various modes.


4. The Yellow Chili Restaurant

It is a stylish chain restaurant offering Mughlai, and Punjabi cuisine along with delicious dishes from Northwestern India. The outlet is situated in Tarabai Park. The ambience is top-notch and photogenic. They also customize dishes according to guest’s needs.

The Yellow Chili Restaurant

5. The Biryani Place

It is basically a takeout restaurant offering delicious Biryani with raita and sweet gulab jamun. The packaging is excellent and hygienic. The taste of biryani would leave an impact and bring you back to this place to enjoy the lip-smacking biryani.

The Biryani Place

6. Chinu’s Restaurant

It is a small unpretentious outlet with limited seats serving traditional Chinese dishes. It is situated in Nagalapark, Kolhapur. The noodles are mesmerizing; the color and taste both are fantastic with authentic flavors added. The service is also excellent.

Chinus Restaurant

7. Zorba Restaurant

This restaurant has a spacious sitting area, has a classic vibe and beautiful Indian motifs for décor. It is a multi-cuisine restaurant serving delicious soups, paneer tikka, ice creams, etc. The most popular serving here is veg Kolhapuri.

Zorba Restaurant

8. Hotel The Wood House

This restaurant has been serving terrific Maharashtrian and Punjabi cuisine dishes since 1986 and still can maintain the same taste. The daily thali offered is fantastic in taste. They have a limited number of seats available, and parking is also provided. One must-try dish is paneer starters from this place.

Hotel The Woodhouse

9. Kababiya’s Thali

The outlet is located in Tarabai Park, serving varieties of lip-smacking dishes to their guest. The area is neat and cleanliness is well-maintained. The food is served in enough quantity, and good quality. The site has cozy vibes.

Kababiyas Thali

10. Hotel Koularu

It is a relaxing, airy eatery with an outdoor sitting arrangement located in Patolewadi. They offer hearty staples with veggie options. It closes at 4:30 PM and reopens at 7:30 PM. The ambience is awe-inspiring and also has candlelight sitting arrangement. The taste of the food is quite good.

Hotel Koularu

11.  Hotel The Open Kitchen

It is an open place serving the best meals at the lowest prices. The mini thali that includes roti, dal, veggies, and different chutneys is a treat to taste buds and highly recommended if you visit this place. They also accept orders for small parties. Apart from that, they serve various snack items like pavbhaji and misalpav.

Hotel The Open Kitchen

12. Tandoor Restaurant

It is a Punjabi restaurant serving quality food in reasonable portions. The ambience is mesmerizing, and you would have a lovely experience for sure. It is one of the most famous restaurants in the city that matches the expectation, of people in every term.

Tandoor Restaurant

13. Salt N Pepper

This straightforward and small dining restaurant is located in Shahupuri. The Matka biryani served here is delicious and lip-smacking. They have delivery and takeaway service options. You can even try other items available on the menu.

Salt N Pepper Snacks Corner

14. Laham

It is an Indian restaurant that serves authentic, flavorful dishes that would not disappoint you. The atmosphere is casual and airy. The biryani and desi-style gravies served of good quality are the most attractive point of this place.


15. The Thalis

It is an Indian restaurant opposite to Hotel Maharaj in the Riukar colony. It opens at 7:30 pm in the evening, and is highly recommended to visit with family. The restaurant is clean and the staff maintains the place well. The thalis are filling and delicious at the same time.

The Thalis

16. Niyaaz

It is a famous Biryani restaurant in Tararani Chowk, Kolhapur. They have decent sitting arrangements. Some of the dishes that you must try are Paneer chingari, Khuska rice. Apart from that, this location is among the very few famous places that serve good biryani.


17. Hotel Alisha

It is a Mughlai restaurant serving kebabs, biryani, and other north Indian staple food. The surroundings are casual and have family-friendly ambience. The taste and hygiene of food is well-maintained.

Hotel Alisha

18. Hotel Daulat

This outlet has served the best Kohlapuri thalis in the town for around two decades. The consistency and the taste maintained are excellent. Their pandhra rassa is heavenly delicious and worth craving for. You will have a delightful experience here.

Hotel Daulat

19. Blue Lotus

It is an elegant and quite large restaurant serving Indian cuisine. It is one of those outlets in the city, which provide buffet system. The service is up-to-the-mark. They also serve organic dishes and accept reservations.

Blue Lotus

20. Kamat Hotel

It is a pure vegetarian restaurant that is situated on Mahadwar road. They have many fantastic breakfast options on their menu that are filling and delicious in taste. The quality is best, providing excellent service.

Kamat Hotel