Top 20 Restaurants In Namchi, Sikkim

Top 20 Restaurants In Namchi Sikkim
Top 20 Restaurants In Namchi Sikkim

Namchi or Namtse is the district Headquarters of South Sikkim in the Indian state of Sikkim. The word Namchi means Sky High in Sikkimese. This city has a total population of 12,194 and is situated at an altitude of 1,675 m above sea level. This city is well connected to other towns in Sikkim and West Bengal. It is fast becoming a tourist spot and pilgrimage centre. The place has various tourist attraction spots and experiences good amount of tourists every year. The city is embedded with various restaurants to stop and relax while travelling. Let’s have a look at the list of 20 such restaurants.

1. The Brick Restro And Bar

It is a comfortable and relaxing place to visit with family or friends, and enjoy tasty meals. The hygiene is well-maintained and the service is also quite impressive. You can try different types of delicious starters here.

The Brick Restro And Bar

2. Adonai

This family restaurant is located in Central Park, Namchi. They offer excellent Chinese and Continental cuisine. It is the best place to visit if you are a coffee lover. You will for sure love this place, and have a happy stomach.


3. Namchi Roll House

It is a small café in the city which serves delicious rolls and many more items. The price is affordable and quality is also appreciated. The place is beautifully embedded with dim lights and has a chilling vibe.

Namchi Roll House

4. Crumbs And Whips Café

This café is located on Naya bazar road, Namchi, which serves the best coffee and snacks to enjoy along. The presentation of food is impressive, and the taste is satisfying. The burgers are a must-try if you visit this café. You must-visit this place if searching for a café to chill out with friends.

Crumbs And Whips Cafe

5. Flavors

The café is situated on Chardham Road, near Baichung stadium in the city. It is a lovely place with impressive interiors and ambience. The food is exemplary and worth tasting. One must visit this place with family and spend some quality time in the peaceful environment of this place.

Flavors 1

6. Hotel Dew Drop Bar

The restaurant is located in the Market place and easily accessible. It is a perfect place for hanging out with friends along with some tasty dishes while enjoying the ambience of this area. The place is specialized for momos and thukpa, which are freshly prepared.

Hotel Dew Drop Bar

7. Cottage Restaurant

It is a simple and small outlet in south district, Namchi. They have varieties of food items available for your taste buds. The quality and quantity both are decent. The veg simple rice thali is something you can try at this place and will surely become one of your favourite.

Cottage Restaurant

8. Kafal

This place is one of those restaurants in Namchi that you cannot miss out on if you are in the city or planning to visit. They serve fabulous delicacies to satiate your hunger and taste buds as well. Also, the atmosphere and ambience are serene.


9. Taste Of Namchi

This café serving fast food items is located on Namchi-Manpur road in Central park. The menu consists of a wide range of dishes at an affordable price. The place is active from 9 AM TO 7 PM, so make sure you don’t miss this place.

Taste Of Namchi

10. Dine Asian

This Asian cuisine restaurant is situated on Bhutia-Namchi road. The taste is fantastic and lifts up the mood. The place is filled with professionals who strive to elevate hospitality. The Chinese food is a must-try and is of good quality served in enough quantity.


11. Food Fusion

The outlet serves delicious and satisfying Sikkimese food, which is just home-like preparation. The chilli momo and lassi are some delicacies you cannot miss from this place. The environment is soothing and has warm hospitality.

Food Fusion

12. Surenz Kitchen

It is a not much fancy restaurant, but the taste will definitely not disappoint you. It is a dining restaurant where you can go with family. The staff is humble and polite. They also have the takeaway option available.

Surenz Kitchen

13. Chaasum

The place is comfortable and serves the best food in the town. The Chinese cuisine excels among all the cuisine served. The outlet is closed by 9:30 PM so make sure you visit before that.


14. Khapakhap

It is one of the most authentic outlets in Namchi, serving delicious Chinese food. The food not only looks good but taste fantastic. The place is value for money, and a combo meal of fried rice is a must-try.


15. Hotel Green Park

It is a small vegetarian restaurant on Siddhesvara Dham road. The veg thali is lip-smacking in taste and will give you an authentic taste of Indian flavors. The thukpa is a spicy and treat for spicy food lovers.

Hotel Green Park

16. Unique

It is a highly recommended place if you are searching for a pure vegetarian restaurant in Namchi, Sikkim. The food is delicious, and has North and South Indian cuisine available. The ambience is relaxing and has unmatchable vibes. The veg thali is a must-try.


17. 7th Sense

It is a bar and grill outlet serving delicacies from different cuisines. The place is perfect for music lovers as the choice of music played is good. The payment can be made only through cash and reservations are also accepted.

7th Sense

18. Le Bonkers CNW

The restaurant is spacious and beautifully decorated, which adds to the ambience of the place. It is a perfect place to spend some leisure time and chill with family and friends. The pizzas and tacos are fantastic and worth tasting.

Le Bonkers CNW

19. Kava Café

The café offers varieties of dishes to their guests and is specialized in Baked food items. The coffee and different kind of cakes are treat to the taste buds. It is a romantic and cosy place to visit with loved ones.

Kava Cafe

20. Cloud9

The atmosphere of this place is cosy as well as casual. The service options provided are takeaway and dine-in. The restaurant is situated on Namachi-Naya bazaar road. It serves delicious food items and lots of soft drinks for you to enjoy.