Top 20 Restaurants In Park Street, Kolkata

Top 20 Restaurants In Park Street Kolkata
Top 20 Restaurants In Park Street Kolkata

Park Street is the most famous street in Calcutta. They have many renowned restaurants and pubs. This is the hub for chilling out with friends and enjoying your Saturday night at some bar. These are the top 20 restaurants to eat at when you are on Park Street.

1. Peter Cat

This restaurant serves North Indian, Continental, Mughlai, Fast food, Beverages. Some recommended dishes are the Dal butter fry, Chicken shahi korma, Nalli Gosht, and Farah. With such an impeccable ambiance and service here, you might wonder how much they charge for two people because naturally, fancy places cost a little more than usual. Still, luckily this place costs a very reasonable rate for their food and services.


2. Barbeque Nation

This is one of the top diners in India where they let the customers grill their barbecue on their table itself. They have a buffet system and are children friendly so you can have your kids here with no hesitation. They have valets for you, a lift for the specially-abled people, a common lift for the others, and a parking area.


3. Mocambo

If you love Continental, Italian, or North Indian, then you should eat here! They are known for grilled food and steaks. Their very popular dishes are the Mushroom Garlic Prawn, Chicken Pavlograd, Mixed Meat Risotto, and the Mango Alaska. The cost for two people is approximately rupees 800 without booze here. As per the choice of booze, the bill will increase. The next time you visit this place or plan to go there for the first time, there is no need to worry about wasting food, as takeaway is available in Mocambo.


4. Marco Polo

This is a good option for a Saturday brunch or Friday dinner. They serve seafood, continental, and alcohol. The pasta and noodles are a must-try here. They have a very chic and classy interior, polite staff, and very classy-looking décor pieces, making the place even more inviting.


5. One Step Up

This place is known for its continental dishes. When you are here, try the Cello kebab, Fish Florentine, and Prawn cocktail. They have good food, a good and peaceful ambiance, and a good view. They also are budget-friendly as food is not very expensive, so you will still have money to spend on your choice of alcohol.


6. The Sixth Sense

This restaurant is known for its cocktails, mocktails, and strawberry pizza. That’s right… STRAWBERRY PIZZA! I know it sounds strange but you only live once, so why not try something as strange as a strawberry pizza.

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7. Unplugged Courtyard

If you love Middle Eastern, European, and Asian food, then this is something you should have on your list of future restaurants to try out. Their Sushi, dim sum, curries, and bread are something you should have once in your lifetime.


8. Bar-B-Q

This place offers North Indian, Chinese, Serves Alcohol. Some of the must-haves are Fish Chilly Wine, Garlic Pepper Chicken, and Mixed Fried Rice. This place is known for its large setting arrangements, attentive staff to cater to your needs and have a large proportion of food.


9. Pa Pa Ya

This is a modern Asian restaurant where they have put Asian culinary skills and culture together to make some of the most delicious Asian food in Kolkata. You should try their Sushi Boat, Crispy Rice, Lamb Rendang Curry, and chocolate ball. The cost for two people is roughly rupees 2500 without any kind of alcohol.


10. Moti Mahal Delux

This is the place where tandoori butter chicken came into being. The place where this man who created the tandoori butter chicken was the Moti Mahal.


11. Ping’s Café Orient

This café serves Chinese, Thai, Burmese, and Vietnamese food. The most bought dishes here are the Sweet Potato Bao, Chocolate Marquise, and Chicken Shumai.


12. The Accord

This restaurant is an all-day dining place. Their breakfast buffet is humongous and is a total win-win.


13. Roll It Out

This is a small food joint where they sell crispy and juicy rolls, and you can get the aroma of chicken roll or egg roll from the other end of the street. They also sell Chinese and other fast-food items to curb your hunger.


14. Chowman

This restaurant offers authentic Chinese food and has also held many events like Chinese New Year and Oriental Duck Festival.


15. Eaterniaa

This is a fast-food joint where they also serve Chinese and Italian food like pasta, momos, and burgers.


16. Tea Junction

Tea junction is known for its handcrafted khullad chai and lip-smacking snacks to fill you in the evening or evening during your office tea breaks.


17. Waffle Wallah

This is a new and budding waffle shop. Some of their items on demand are Nutella and Nuts wala and Chhole Wala Waffle.


18. Mamagoto

This restaurant serves sushi, Thai and Asian food. Some of their unique dishes on the menu are Chunky Caramel Sponge Cake, Kiwi Mint Cooler, Rock Shrimp Tempura, and Prawn Dim Sums.


19. 1000 BC

This place serves the best Italian and Mexican dishes like curry soup, watermelon salads, and waffles.


20. Hard Rock Café

Hard Rock Café makes classic food items like nachos, burgers, and cocktails. They also have some Indian dish options now.