Top 20 Restaurants In Ram Ganga Vihar, Moradabad


Moradabad is a district in Uttar Pradesh, a state in India. It is a municipal corporation city. It is located on the banks of river Ramganga. It is renowned for its brass work and the handicraft industry throughout the world. It has talented artists that make artistic brass ware, trophies, and jewelry. It is famous for serving many varieties of Indian delicacies. It gives an authentic taste of Mughlai and North Indian fusion dishes with mouth-watering blend of different Indian cuisines. Its favorite dishes are Moradabad ki Moong Dal, Kebab, Moradabad ki Chicken Biryani, and wide more.

1. The Food Planet

It caters to Chinese, North Indian, Biryani, Rolls, and fast food cuisines to customers with many varieties of exquisite Desserts. It has a lovely ambiance and a cozy dining environment with an air-conditioned atmosphere. It has a gentle and courteous staff that provides quick services to visitors.

1 The Food Planet

2. Matiya House

It is a famous Nepali restaurant with modern interiors and a comfortable indoor seating area to enjoy the food here. This restaurant is better known for serving Matka Mutton, Matka Biryani, Matka Chicken, Matka Chicken Soup, and many more flavorful dishes. It provides punctual home deliveries to the customers.


3. Mitti Di Rasoi

It is an excellent restaurant for dining out with family and kids. It caters to Biryani, Punjabi, Chinese, Multicuisine, North Indian, Mughlai, Rolls, and Awadhi cuisines with delicious Desserts. It has an aristocratic ambiance and an incredible atmosphere to dine in. It is a themed restaurant with beautiful décor.

3 Mitti Di Rasoi

4. Hav Stories Kitchen MDA

It is a takeout restaurant that has a formal dine-in area to enjoy the food here and also facilitates with takeout facility and quick food deliveries with takeaways. It gives an excellent and unique taste with best quality of food packaging. The staff here is decent and the services here are incredible.

4 Hav Stories Kitchen MDA

5. Qila Tiraha

It is a fine-dining restaurant that caters to Mughlai, North Indian, Chinese, and fast food delicacies to the visitors. It provides takeaways and home delivery facility, and accepts mobile payments and cash both. It has an elegant ambiance and a lively atmosphere to dig into the food. Its services are convenient and responsive.

5 Qila Tiraha

6. Flavour Restaurant

It is an Indian restaurant that includes a casual dining type and an air-conditioned atmosphere to eat the food with joy. The staff here is polite and gentle, that providing timely service to the customers. It has a lovely environment and facilitates instant food deliveries.

6 Flavour Restaurant

7. Grillz Tandoori Junction

This restaurant is better known for catering Punjabi, Multicuisine, Grill, North Indian, Mughlai, South Indian, Chinese, and Pure Vegetarian delicacies. It has a formal indoor dining type and a comfortable atmosphere to dig in. The food here is value for the money and has hygienic food quality.

1 Grillz Tandoori Junction

8. Chill & Grill

It serves North Indian, South Indian, fast food, and Chinese cuisines to its visitors. It has a casual dining type and a comfortable indoor seating space. It has a spectacular environment and an air-conditioned area. The food here comes in pocket-friendly and at a reasonable price. It provides quick and convenient services.

8 Chill Grill

9. Papa’s Kitchen

It caters to Italian, Chinese, North Indian, Biryani, and Momos to customers. Veg Fried Rice, Schezwan Noodles, Veg Pasta, Masala Cheese Burger, Tikka Masala, and Creamy Gravy Momo are the famous dishes here. It has a decent and polite staff, and it provides quick services to its clients.

9 Papas Kitchen

10. HAV Stories Café

It serves delicious fast food, North Indian, Italian, and Chinese cuisines to the customers. Its favorite dishes are Virgin Mojito, Veg Manchurian Rice, Hakka Noodles, Burgers, Margarita Pizza, and many more. It has fantastic interiors and a splendid environment to dine in. Its services are marvelous and immediate.

10 HAV Stories Cafe

11. Vikas Fast Food Stall

It is a fast food stall that serves Chinese dishes and delicious Momos. It is a quick bite outlet offering food at an affordable price. The staff is quick in completing orders. It has a takeaway facility. The food packing quality is excellent and hygienic. It accepts cash and digital as a mode of payment.

11 Vikas Fast Food Stall

12. Yum Yum Café & Restro

This restaurant serves mouth-watering Tandoori, North Indian, Chinese, Italian, Fast-food, Desserts, and various Beverages. It has a beautiful seating arrangement with a nice ambiance. The staff is polite and decent here that offers prompt services to the customers. Home deliveries are convenient and responsive here.

12 Yum Yum Cafe Restro

13. Gupta Ji Roti Wale

It is a North Indian restaurant famous for catering finger-licking North Indian, Chinese, Italian, Fast food, Desserts, and Beverages. It includes a beautiful ambiance and a lively atmosphere with an excellent environment to dine in. It has a responsive staff and it provides liable and prompt services to the clients.

13 Gupta Ji Roti Wale

14. Loveena Restaurant

It is a South Indian restaurant that includes a modern ambiance and a great atmosphere to dine in with fabulous interiors. The staff here is cordial and skillful. Its services are incredible and the food quality here is fresh and superb. Takeaways are available, and food deliveries are responsive.

14 Loveena Restaurant

15. Ramlal Chat

It is famous for serving delicious and spicy chats to its clients. It is a popular place for catering street food and fast food to the customers. It provides mouth-watering food at an affordable budget and excellent services. It has a friendly staff, and the food packaging here is fresh and neat.

15 Ramlal Chat

16. Dosa36

This restaurant is famous for serving South Indian and Chinese cuisines with various delicious beverages and Desserts. Masala Dosa, Paneer Onion Dosa, Dal Makhni, and many more dishes are famous here. It includes a casual ambiance and a cozy dining environment. It has a polite and decent staff that provides prompt customer services.

16 Dosa36

17. Yammy Tammy

It is a fast food restaurant, better known for catering to Mughlai, Biryani, fast food, Chinese, and North Indian delicacies. It has a lovely atmosphere and an air-conditioned area to dig in the food joyfully. It has a cordial staff and is skillful in presenting the food dishes. Its services are marvelous, and it provides responsive food deliveries.

17 Yammy Tammy

18. The Pizza Central Moradabad

This restaurant is famous for serving Sandwiches, Pizza, Burgers and beverages to visitors. It is a bakery and a restaurant that provides various delicious varieties of Cakes. It has a great ambiance and modern interiors to dine in. The staff here is elegant, and offers timely services to its clients.

18 The Pizza Central Moradabad

19. Thapa Fast Food Corner

It is a quick-bite outlet and a fast-food corner. It is an excellent place to enjoy street food. It serves finger-licking Chilli Potato, Steam Momos, Tandoori Momos, and Chicken Momos to its customers. The food packaging is neat, and the food quality is fresh here. Takeaways are available for its visitors in a reasonable price.

19 Thapa Fast Food Corner

20. Pizza Club

It is a Pizza restaurant that serves Italian and Fast food cuisines with many delicious beverages. It has a lovely ambiance and a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy the food here. Its services are quick and it provides prompt home deliveries to the customers. It facilitates takeaways, and digital payment.

20 Pizza Club