Top 20 Restaurants In Sajjan Vihar, Udaipur

top 20 restaurants in sajjan vihar udaipur

Udaipur is a famous city in Rajasthan, a state in North India. It was founded by Maharana Udai Singh II, and it is located around a series of artificial lakes and is better known for its lavish royal residences. It is the capital of Mewar Kingdom, a royal tourist destination for travelers who visit here from all around the world. It has fantastic culture, agriculture, and history. The place is famous for its ancient forts, beautiful lakes, massive palaces, and more. The city mainly follows Rajasthani and North Indian food culture, and its favorite dishes include Daal Baati Churma, Mini Mirchi Bada, Bread Pakora, Pav Bhaji, Dabeli, Hari Mirch Chai Shot, and more.

1. Millets Of Mewar

It is a health food restaurant that caters to Rajasthani and North Indian cuisines with various Shakes, Desserts, and Beverages. Its favorite dishes are Pad Thai Noodles, Rajasthani Thali, Pancakes, Paneer Butter Masala, and more. The food is rich in flavors here and value for the money. It has a beautiful ambiance and a light atmosphere to dine in.

1 Millets of Mewar

2. Sajjanbagh Restaurant

It serves Italian, Rajasthani, fast food, and North Indian dishes. It has an open-air environment with a beautiful dining atmosphere. It includes a comfortable outdoor seating space, and the staff here is friendly and professional. Its food quality and catering services are excellent. Instant food deliveries are available.

2 Sajjanbagh Restaurant

3. The Food Club

It offers delicious North Indian, Continental, Chinese, and Rajasthani delicacies to visitors. It has a beautiful indoor seating arrangement and a superb dining atmosphere. It provides timely and immediate food deliveries, and healthy takeouts are available. The staff here is polite and well-mannered. The food packaging quality is fresh and hygienic.


4. AIR, juSTa Sajjangarh

It has magnificent interiors and marvelous architecture. It caters to mouth-watering Biryani, North Indian, Chinese, Italian, Continental, Asian, and Rajasthani cuisines. It includes a fantastic indoor seating arrangement with a lovely ambiance and an air-conditioned environment. It has an experienced and elegant staff that provides brilliant customer service.

4 AIR juSTa Sajjangarh

5. Jhumar Restaurant

It serves Pan Asian, Multicuisine, Biryani, North Indian, Punjabi, Non-Veg Thali, Italian, Mughlai, and Rajasthani cuisines with various beverages. It has casual dining and a cozy indoor seating space with an air-conditioned atmosphere. It includes a well-behaved and generous staff that is quickly provides excellent services to the visitors.

5 Jhumar Restaurant

6. Hashtag Café And Restaurant

It is a café and a fine dining restaurant famous for serving Italian, fast food, Chinese, and Asian cuisines with delicious Shakes and Beverages. It has a beautiful décor environment and modern interiors to enjoy the food here. It is a brilliant place for partying with friends, and dining out with family.

6 Hashtag Cafe and Restaurant

7. Khamma Ghani Restaurant

It is a Rajasthani restaurant better known for serving delectable Rajsthani, North Indian, Biryani, Non-Veg, and fast food dishes with tasty beverages. Dal Bati Churma, Paneer Tikka Masala, Malai Kofta, Spring Rolls, Chicken Biryani, and Non-Veg Platter are some famous dishes here. It has a remarkable dining space and lovely interiors to dig in.

7 Khamma Ghani Restaurant

8. Tribute Restaurant

It is a themed restaurant that serves mouth-watering North Indian, Tandoori, Rajasthani, Punjabi, and Chinese delicacies with delicious Desserts and Shakes. It has a beautiful ambiance and a fabulous décor background to dining in. The staff here is cordial and courteous with customers, providing excellent home deliveries.

8 Tribute Restaurant

9. Parkview Heights

It’s a Non-Vegetarian restaurant that serves Punjabi, Non-Veg, Continental, Mutton, Sizzlers, and North Indian cuisines. Fish, Malai Kofta, Mushroom Vada, Continental Sizzler Chicken, Handi Chicken, Mutton Masala, and Paneer Paratha are the menu highlights here. It includes a luxurious dining arrangement and an air-conditioned atmosphere with a fantastic ambiance.

9 Parkview Heights

10. Café Grasswood Lakeview Rooftop Restaurant

It is famous for offering fast food, Pizza, Sandwich, Pasta, and North Indian dishes with delectable beverages. Masala Tea, Cheese Veg Sandwich, Cappuccino, Hot Chocolate, and Iced Tea are popular dishes here. It has a lovely seating arrangement, and a cozy dining atmosphere. The food here is worth the money, and food packaging is incredible.

10 Cafe Grasswood Lakeview Rooftop Restaurant

11. Aravali Lake View Restaurant

This is a fast-food restaurant that serves North Indian and Continental cuisines with delicious Desserts. It facilitates a musical dining environment and a fantastic ambiance with lovely interiors to dine in. The staff here is experienced, and it provides appreciable and convenient customer service. It gives instant food deliveries to its visitors.

11 Aravali Lake View Restaurant

12. Yummy Yoga

This restaurant is better known for catering to Chinese, fast food, Coffee, Pizza, and North Indian delicacies with many mouth-watering Beverages and Desserts. Brownie Sizzler, Pumpkin Curry, Vegetable Fried Rice, Lasagna, and Sizzlers are the famous dishes here. It serves food on a friendly budget, and the food quality here is value for money.

12 Yummy Yoga

13. Savage Garden Restaurant

It’s an Italian restaurant that serves finger-licking North Indian, Non-Veg, and Italian dishes with delicious Shakes and Beverages. Its favorite dishes are Spinach Mushroom, Aubergine Tomatoes, Cream Sause Pasta, Fried Banana, Minestrone Soup, and more. It has an aristocratic dining atmosphere and a superb ambiance with beautiful interiors.

13 Savage Garden Restaurant

14. Yessar Restaurant

It serves a wide variety of fast food dishes with delicious beverages. The food quality here is hygienic and healthy. It has a courteous and humble staff that provides outstanding customer service. It includes a fantastic dining ambiance and fabulous interiors. It provides a takeaways facility to the customers.


15. Hot Table Café & Restaurant

It is a fast food restaurant that serves Chinese, Pure Vegetarian, and Gujarati delicacies to customers. It is a café that has a casual outdoor seating area, and a lovely open-air environment to eat the food here joyfully. It has a brilliant staff that provides instant and convenient catering services to its visitors.

15 Hot Table Cafe Restaurant

16. Jaajam Restaurant

It caters to Biryani, North Indian, Chinese, and Rajasthani cuisines with many delicious Desserts. It has a formal seating arrangement and a superb dining environment with beautiful interiors. The staff here is polite and well-mannered. It provides immediate home deliveries and fresh takeaways facility to visitors.

16 Jaajam Restaurant

17. Sharing Spoon Restaurant

It serves fast food and North Indian dishes with a variety of Beverages. It has a casual dining space and modern interiors. The food quality here is delectable and available at a pocket-friendly budget, and the food packaging is hygienic. The staff here is decent, and the services here are timely and instant.

17 Sharing Spoon Restaurant

18. Pap’s Juice

It is a health food restaurant that offers North Indian, fast food, and Pure Vegetarian delicacies to customers. It facilitates Vegan Choices, Gluten Free food, and excellent catering services. The staff here is well-mannered, and the food quality here is amazing that value for the money.

18 Paps Juice

19. Jajmaan Lakeview Restaurant & Hotel

This restaurant offers Rajasthani, Oriental, and North Indian dishes with exquisite Desserts and Beverages. Its staff is well-behaved and pleasant, and the services here are punctual. It facilitates customizable food, and fresh food quality. It endues hygienic home deliveries and excellent takeouts.

19 Jajmaan Lakeview Restaurant Hotel

20. Kitchens of Mewar Restaurant

This restaurant is better known for offering South Indian, Mediterranean, and North Indian cuisines with finger-licking Beverages and Desserts. It has a beautiful dining atmosphere, and pleasant interiors with a superb ambiance. The food quality here is excellent, and its services are timely and convenient. It gives delicious takeouts facility.

20 Kitchens of Mewar Restaurant