Top 20 Restaurants In Rajpur Road, Dehradun


1. Town Table

Town Table is an Indian Restaurant in Dehradun. The visitors can enjoy the tasty food here. The food comprises of Continental, Indian and Oriental cuisines. The price is also very nominal. You can enjoy delicious food with your friend for just Rs 1000. It is a very pleasant place for Birthday Parties and Conferences.
The service is also fine when it comes to the staff members.


2. The Terrace Four Points By Sheraton

This 4-star hotel offers a multi-cuisine restaurant. You can find TFP near the Pacific Mall.
The Ambience is very romantic and soothing. The main feature of this Eatery is the Outdoor Seating. During the night time, the view of Mussoorie is very lovely.
Apart from good food, TFP provides free WiFi access to the visitors.


3. Melt Restaurant

You need to reach Paltan Bazar to find this place. It has Indian, Italian, and Chinese food which is mouth-watering. They serve the food at a very reasonable prize. The Service of the Eatery is very fast, so you would love to pay the Service Tax. The interior is very calm and quiet.


4. At Khopcha

The place is unique as its name. You can find “Khopcha” at the New Mussoorie Road. The cover line of the restaurant is “Foodies kaAdda” that means, the place for foodies. The people are fond of the Paratha Platter and Chutney. “Khopcha” is a “Must-try” place. The staff is also very decent.


5. Orchard

This is another beautiful restaurant at Rajpur Road. It has a very pretty entrance. It disconnects you from the crowded streets of Dehradun. The Staff is very friendly and humble. The Nepalese Soup is pretty tasty, and one should try that for sure. The place is very calm, beautiful and romantic. The view soothes the eyes of everyone.


6. Black Pepper

You can find this Hotel on the 1st and 2nd floor of the 3 Astley Hall. It provides Indian, Asian and Chinese Food. The ambience is very beautiful. The Food Quality is very nice. The Restaurant authority can work on Vehicle Parking. You can go and enjoy with your friends.


7. Kumar Foods Restaurant

You can find mid-ranged food for a perfect meal at this place. The quality of the meal is very nice, and it is available at a very nice price. The staff is well-mannered, and you will love every minute here. This restaurant has a speciality of Indian Candies. Customers are very fond of them.


8. Salt And Cravings

You can find this Restaurant in Astley Hall. The rates can be a little bit high, but they do not compromise when it comes to the taste. Salt and Cravings is a decent place to visit with friends and family. The dessert is also very delicious.


9. Kabila Restaurant

Kabila Restaurant is very well-known for its yummy Rajasthani Food. If you miss the traditional Rajasthani food, then you should definitely go to this Restaurant. The ambience of this place gives a Rajasthani feel to the customers. The Non-veg items would compel you to visit this place often. The staff is also pretty decent.


10. My Wife’s Place

The restaurant is as epic as its name. The customers are very much impressed by the Chef. The supporting staff is also very humble and polite. The place has got delicious food, and that is available at a very nominal cost. My Wife’s Place is the best place for family gathering.


11. Moti Mahal

Moti Mahal is a Multi-Cuisine Restaurant located at Rajpur Road. It has a very decent service. The Restaurant provides a small parking area. Butter Chicken and Butter Naan are very flavorsome. The price is also reasonable. It provides yummy dishes for both its Veg and Non-Veg Customers. The ambience and clean and the staff is courteous.


12. First Gear Cafe

First Gear Cafe is a “Not for weak hearts place” as they say. FGC is a restaurant that provides very appetizing food. The price is also nominal. The name is so because the climb to the restaurant is very steep and adventurous. The creamy tea is a treat for customers during the winter season. To reach this place, you will definitely have to move to the first gear.


13. Grille

The location of this restaurant is ideal, and the view of the Mussoorie Hills just adds to the taste of the food that this place provides to its customers. The starters are so tasty that you won’t be capable of keeping space reserved in your stomach for the main course. The prices are a little bit steep, but the taste of the food justifies that.


14. Capsico Restaurant

It is a restaurant in the Osho Resort at Rajpur Road, Dehradun. It provides great Indian Food at a very decent price. Capsico is a decent place to visit for dinner parties. You can visit this place for hanging out with friends and family. The ambience is fantastic, and the staff is very friendly. Overall it is a pleasant place.


15. Best Buddy Cafe

BBC is a “Friends kaAdda” place. You can find the restaurant at Rajpur road, and it has a very “Desi” ambience for friends. Many people call it the best cafe in Dehradun. So, it is a “must try” place. The restaurant can be a bit crowdy at times. But, no one would want to miss out an opportunity to visit this place.


16. Mirabilia Restaurant

This restaurant is a hidden gem in Dehradun. It is not as famous as the other places, but it is no less. It has a Rooftop infinity pool that is unique. There is no place like this in Dehradun. It is present on the fifth floor of the Dia Hotel. This restaurant provides a superb experience.


17. The Orchid

This restaurant is one of its kind. It offers a different ambience to its customers. The wooden chairs give it the Vintage Touch. There is a live guitar band performance that will go on throughout your meal. This feature is exclusively available at The Orchid. It also provides terrace seating so that you can enjoy the beautiful view at night.


18. The Outpost

This restaurant offers the value for money. It is very unruffled and calm. The seating is very cozy. The staff serves the food with a good deal of interest. The food is undoubtedly tasty, and one would love to come here more than once. The owner of the place likes to recommend dishes according to your taste. Listen to him, and you will enjoy what they serve.


19. Razzmatazz

Razzmatazz is restaurant, resort, and cafe. You can relish the sight of hills at this place. The food is yummy, and the view enhances the taste. The ambience is quite decent. The indoor seating is very cozy, and the outdoor seating is very exciting. The coffee is very famous. One should surely try it.


20. Punjab Restaurant

This restaurant is well known for Punjabi food. There are various varieties of Punjabi food available here. This place is a treat for Punjab is. The Non-Veg food is very delicious here. You can enjoy many different Paranthas at this restaurant. The ambience also gives Punjabi feel.