Top 20 Restaurants To Try If You Are Flying To Lima, Peru


Peru is famed for its amazing structures, cultural diversity, and delectable gastronomy. Many Peruvian restaurants have received international appreciation and acclaim in recent years. With the varied terrains and native cultures that Peru’s capital city has to offer, it adds a rich history of immigrants from all over the globe who continue to share their own tastes to the diverse terrains and native cultures.

1 La Picanteria

This restaurant, like many others in Lima, serves cuisine from Arequipa, Peru’s lovely third city hidden in the southern Andean foothills. Picanterias, which are normally only open for lunch, are a way of life there, with delicacies ranging from shellfish to the decidedly meaty, particularly chicharron, or fried pork, a Peruvian specialty. Beef ribs, crab parihuela or stew, and rocoto en chupe, a soup resembling of a chowder made with one of Peru’s hottest native chilli peppers, are among dishes to look out for.

La Picanteria

2 Matria

Matria has a refined calm environment that makes people want to stay long after the dinner is finished. Natural light floods the modest terrace space throughout the day, while warm sunlight bounces off the open brick walls at night. Once you’ve located your seat, Chef Arlette Eulart’s creative menu will transport you and your party around the world. Fish stews and seafood rice dishes are infused with subtle Asian flavours, while Peruvian classics are updated.


3 El Bodegon

Lima has a diverse range of gastronomic tastes that will not leave you hungry. Although it is sometimes assumed that the price of a meal determines its quality, this is not always the case in Lima, where there are numerous outstanding restaurants. On our list of the greatest restaurants in Lima, El Bodegon is a little but formidable challenger. This Miraflores restaurant offers generous quantities of classic cuisine, making it an excellent choice for a full supper.

El Bodegon

4 Carnaval Bar

Carnaval Bar, a highly recognised bar and restaurant with excellent mixologists and chefs, opened in 2017. When looking for the most popular places to sample delectable food and outstanding alcoholic creations, consider Carnaval Bar. This award-winning restaurant offers exceptional service, a full-service bar, a diverse drink menu, and delicious meals.

Carnaval Bar

5 Rafael

Chef Rafael Osterling’s eponymous restaurant has been operational for 20 years and has received tremendous critical acclaim as well as some high-flying gourmet rankings. Its menu pays respect to traditional Peruvian cuisine while combining Japanese and Italian characteristics, and it is housed in a magnificent Art Deco mansion. Ceviche and tiradito, as well as sashimi, carpaccio, and pasta, are among the foods that are now being served


6 Mayta 

Mayta has grown into one of Lima’s best restaurants since 2008. Mayta is derived from the indigenous Aymara language, which means “noble country.” Mayta is a tribute to Peru’s great biodiversity and the best of Peruvian cuisine.


7 Ámaz

Chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino’s Amazonian-inspired restaurant, maz, lives up to its name. Even if you don’t have time to visit the Amazon, dine at the Ámaz restaurant for a neotropical experience. Maz has a jungle-themed interior with a wooden ceiling with Shipibo-inspired motifs. A truly Amazonian sensation is created with colourful furniture and huambe fibres sourced from the Nauta region of Northern Peru.


8 Cosme

For a modern, colourful lunch, go to Cosme Restaurante & Bar. Cosme was founded in 2015 by four friends who pooled their ideas. They designed a restaurant that is both environmentally friendly and delicious, and it has since risen through the ranks of Lima’s restaurants. Comfort cuisine has been elevated into something unique while remaining familiar by the team. Cosme rice, for example, has all of the comforts of home, but in a fresh, modern packaging.


9 Central

The tasting meals at Central typically range from 11 to 17 dishes. As new ideas emerge, the menus change to reflect the chef’s vision and the availability of the ingiredients. At Central, each course corresponds to a distinct altitude and features ingredients native to that region. The variety of ingredients is both exciting and satisfying, ranging from sea level in Lima to the high Andes of Cusco.


10 Rafae Maurlcio

Rafael is one of the best restaurants to visit in Lima simply because of its wonderful atmosphere. Chef Rafael Osterling’s flagship restaurant is located in an Art Deco townhouse just a few blocks from Maido. The foods served are just as intelligent and fascinating as the restaurant’s aesthetic—contemporary Latin American art pieces cling to the walls, exquisitely warm lighting illuminates the area, and a diverse music keeps a steady but never obtrusive beat.

Rafae Maurlcio

11 Kjolle

Kjolle, pronounced KO-yay, is a new culinary highlight in Lima. It is an independent project led by acclaimed chef and co-owner of Central, Pia Leon. Since its debut in 2018, Kjolle has received acclaim from both local and international consumers. Kjolle is inspired after an orange-flowered shrub that grows at high altitudes and highlights the distinct components grown throughout Peru.


12 La Mar Cebichería

Gastón Acurio’s flagship restaurant is La Mar. It has opened franchises in other countries and is credited with helping to establish Peruvian cuisine as a global phenomenon, but if you visit the Miraflores branch, bring your appetite for a seafood feast. It’s great to start with the raw bar, where ceviches, tiraditos, nigiri, and maki are expertly made using the day’s catch.

La Mar Cebicheria

13 Osaka

Japan meets Peru, just when you thought sashimi and sushi couldn’t be much better! In Peru, Osaka is a great example of cultural fusion. The restaurant, however, does not limit itself to Japanese-Peruvian cuisine; it also embraces and mixes Thai and Chinese influences that will impress you and leave you wanting more. The Miraflores restaurant in Osaka has a trendy atmosphere with Japanese-styled wooden carvings, an open kitchen, and soft lighting.


14 Canta Ranita

This is a miniature replica of Canta Rana, a famed Barranco cevicheria (ceviche restaurant) run by a family. Canta Ranita, on the other hand, is nestled away in the neighbouring district market, midway between the butcher stand and the fruit vendors, and is regularly praised for its numerous family portraits and soccer-obsessed decor. While the prices are high for an out-of-the-way restaurant and the service is average, meals like Guardia Imperial (perfectly fresh fish ceviche topped with grilled octopus and avocado slices) are hard to match on a hot summer day.

Canta Ranita

15 Cala

The beautiful presentation of food offered at Cala echoes the notion of love. The broad and expansive grandeur of the ocean that stirs before it is reflected in the design of this seaside restaurant. Diners can experience the attractiveness of the restaurant while being caressed by the Pacific Ocean breeze on its vast terrace. Cala is ideal for every event, day or night, thanks to its multi-ambient architecture, which includes a terrace, bar-lounge, main dining hall, and private room.


16 Astrid And Gaston

Astrid and Gaston, or Astrid y Gaston, is a popular restaurant in Lima. Astrid & Gaston’s dining experience will improve your soul while filling your stomach with sublime but daring flavour combinations. Every six months, the cuisine at Astrid & Gaston varies, delivering creative colour, flavour, and texture contrasts and compliments.

Astrid And Gaston

17 Panchita

Panchita, a small business founded by Gaston Acurio, is a popular choice with huge portions. Panchita, one of Miraflores’ greatest eateries, allows customers to sample traditional Peruvian dishes in a modern, friendly setting.


18 Madam Tusan

Madam Tusan, a popular chifa restaurant in Lima, serves high-quality Peruvian-Chinese cuisine. This Lima restaurant introduces visitors to a unique aspect of Peruvian history: Chinese immigration. During the nineteenth century, tens of thousands of Chinese labourers went to Peru. They took their cooking skills and some important flavours with them, which they subsequently mixed with native Peruvian products. Chifa cuisine sprang from this clash of cultures and is still a mainstay for many Peruvians today.

Madam Tusan

19 Nanka

Here, traditional Peruvian meals are given an organic and environmentally responsible makeover. Nanka is a great location that seems to house more plants than the average park in Lima. It is located in the suburban, hillside district of La Molina (there is even an herb wall garden). This is a memorable visit for all diet types thanks to locally sourced ingredients and excellent service (including vegan, gluten- and nut-free). Some of the standouts include fresh paiche (a huge Amazonian fish), osso bucco, artichoke ravioli, and all-natural cocktails.


20 Maido 

Maido is a refined introduction to nikkei, the culinary and cultural confluence of Peruvian and Japanese cultures. Mitsuharu “Micha” Tsumura, a Lima-born chef, invites interested foodies inside his world with a tasting menu called Nikkei Experience, which is located in the centre of Miraflores (plant based eaters can opt for the Veggie Experience). The tasting menu is usually 3 hours long and concentrates on seafood, with dishes like the juicy fish marinated in miso being particularly memorable. For those who are pressed for time, a la carte choices, including sushi, are available.