Top 20 Restuarant To Try In Lagos, Nigeria

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Lagos, Nigeria’s most populous city, is one of Africa’s most diverse megacities, thanks to its vibrant art, music, and food scenes. These restaurants are great places to eat with friends, a particular someone, or a guest at any time of the day or night. Check out these Lagos eateries for mouthwatering African and international fare if you’re on the mainland or the island. Here are some of the best spots to sample the cuisine and culture of Lagos.

1Bungalow Restaurant

From pizza to burgers to crepes and fajitas, Bungalow Restaurant in Lagos has served the best international cuisine since 2004. Every Thursday, the restaurant features live jazz music, which adds to the lively ambiance. At each table, food is ordered on iPads, giving the establishment a decidedly modern feel.

Bungalow Restaurant

2.Seven Eagles Spur

They’re not a big draw in Lagos. Although primarily steakhouses, South African family restaurants offer a wide range of dishes suitable for children and their parents. That’s why there are booths, round tables for four or more people, and playpens for the little ones. Ikeja City Mall’s milkshake shop delivers enormous cups of thick milkshakes in various flavors: basic strawberry and banana, or kiwi, banana, and chocolate. Combine your milkshake with Spur’s trademark burger, and you’ll have an excellent lunch worth every naira you spend.

Seven Eagles Spur

3.Talindo Steak House Restaurant

It’s impossible to go wrong with Talindo Steak House Restaurant regarding Italian steak dishes in Lagos. The staff is friendly and helpful, and the atmosphere is conducive to having a good time. The cooks/catering staff is top-notch, and their dishes and service are worth mentioning. In Lagos, Talindo steak house restaurant serves up meals including mushroom bruschetta, Teriyaki chicken, chili mayo prawns, steak, brownies, apple pie, and gourmet desserts.

Talindo Steak House Restaurant

4Browns Café & Restaurant

Browns Café & Restaurants in Lagos, Nigeria, has a modern, elegant décor and a quiet environment that provides services like power lunches, morning meetings, and a drinks area. Located in Lagos’s Ikeja and Victoria Island neighborhoods, this eatery serves sandwiches, ice cream, Singapore noodles, and an American-style burger, among other delectable treats.

Browns Cafe Restaurant

5.Ocean Basket

Victoria Island’s ocean basket seafood restaurant serves delicious, first-class, and exotic seafood at reasonable pricing and excellent service. A total of 250 people can eat at one time across the restaurant’s indoor and outdoor spaces, including the terrace and garden. Customers can also get take-out and delivery options for their convenience.

Ocean Basket

6RSVP Lagos

There are few restaurants in Lagos that have been talked about as much as RSVP Restaurant, which has the best design in the city and a welcoming atmosphere that makes you want to return. The restaurants have some of the best food in town.

RSVP Lagos


Food at Metisse in Lagos is quietly making its presence felt. The restaurant’s menu features a wide variety of Asian dishes. The workers, especially the chef, are polite, and the restaurant has a lively environment. There are warm settings and outstanding services in the restaurant. There is a timeless elegance to the design of the interiors here. Etim Inyang Crescent is where you’ll find it at AIM Plaza on Victoria Island in Lagos.


8Izanagi Japanese Cuisine

One of Lagos, Nigeria’s most popular restaurants serving Japanese cuisines, is Izanagi Japanese Cuisine. The restaurant is in a warm and inviting neighborhood, and the staff is accommodating. The cost of a lunch ranges from about 1,800 Naira and higher.

Izanagi Japanese Cuisine


The best Chinese and Indian cuisine may be sampled at this secluded eatery, located in an industrial region on the Lagos mainland. Fried rice, sesame buns, chicken masala, and tandoori shrimp are just some of the possibilities. Arrive hungry because Gypsy’s huge meals require plenty of place in your stomach.


10.Nok By Alara

Its shop and customer service have wowed many folks who’ve visited Nok. The store is filled with Nigerian art and offers a beautiful dining experience. It’s fascinating to see how African and Nigerian cuisines are evolving. The garden is lit up, and the decor is meticulous, which makes you enthusiastic.

Nok By Alara

11.Yellow Chilli

Restaurant Yellow Chilies, located in the middle of Ikeja, is a hip hangout. With a wide variety of gourmet dishes, local hot cuisine like pepper soup and stewed snails, as well as fresh ingredients with a lot of herbs, the restaurant delivers Nigerian deliciousness and ethnicity.

Yellow Chilli

12.Villa Medici

Villa Medici, a restaurant in Lagos, is dedicated to showcasing the city’s Western culinary influences. Frog’s legs and hors d’oeuvres are on the menu, which have a French flavor. Cocktails and wine are the perfect accompaniments to various cuisines worldwide. Al fresco restaurants and private dining options are also available in Lagos for a truly unique eating experience in the city.

Villa Medici

13DeChills Hind

The restaurant offers a wide range of cuisines, from African to European. In Surulere, this restaurant is noted for its high-quality ingredients and flavorful dishes; their Beef Rossini and Chicken, both of which are reasonably priced, are delectable. If you want to get a table in the afternoon rather than at night, you may have a higher chance of doing so.

DeChills Hind


The most beautiful outside seating in the city can be found at Arabesque restaurant, where you can get a flavor of the Middle East. Their meal is prepared with care and attention to detail and is delicious. The cocktails at Arabesque are out of this world.


15.RED Chinese Restaurant

This is one of Lagos’ most fantastic Chinese restaurants, thanks to its stunning views and excellent food. It’s the perfect place for a romantic dinner with your significant other because of its exquisite décor and authentic Chinese sound.

RED Chinese Restaurant

16Terra Kulture

For those who want to sample the best of Nigerian cuisine, Terra Kulture’s food court offers a variety of locally sourced and culturally significant delicacies, from catfish to rice and plantains. The hand-crafted wooden furniture in the food court and the servers’ outfits are all distinctively Nigerian. Once customers have finished their meal, they can walk across a bridge in the restaurant to see a display of rich Nigerian art in an elegant gallery setting.

Terra Kulture


Dining at Rhapsody is a special occasion because of the elegant location, timeless decor, inviting ambiance, and delectable fare. With a la carte options and a multi-course feast of salads and appetizers, you may unleash your appetite at the restaurant. Grilled chicken thighs with garlic butter, spicy jalapenos, and chili sauce are served as the restaurant’s signature dish, Chicken Espetada. Food at this eatery is sure to satisfy your hunger.


18.Eric Kayser

In addition to the excellent Italian fare, you should also stop by Eric Kayser’s restaurant to sample the house-made pastries. A full-fledged restaurant featuring appetizers and main-course items is the first of his eponymous franchises to open in Lagos, Nigeria. Check out the award-winning quiche and croissants.

Eric Kayser

19Pool Terrace

Fun, music and food can all be found at Pool Terrace Bar. Anyone who enters the restaurant will be tempted to eat. This restaurant is a popular choice for its delicious food and lively atmosphere. Great food, live music, and Nigerian specialties are all on the menu. All you have to do is enjoy a fantastic a la carte meal while sipping a martini in the magnificent restaurant.

Pool Terrace

20.Marco Polo

Many restaurants in Lagos, including Marco Polo, serve regional Chinese cuisine. As Sino-African ties continue to strengthen, there has been an increasing number of Chinese nationals flocking to Ilupeju, a central industrial district on the mainland of Lagos. Splendidly cooked wonton soup is filled with plump shrimp dumplings, and the vegetable fried rice features wonderfully shaped egg clumps and a rainbow of vibrant vegetables.

Marco Polo