Top 20 Romantic Restaurants in Gurgaon


If you cannot find the perfect restaurant for your fantastic, romantic date night in Gurgaon, you are at the right site. This is a well-thought list of 20 of the most romantic restaurants in Gurgaon. They have a terrific ambiance and delicious food. It is essential to have a model date night with your partner once in a while, and choosing the right restaurant is the way to go. Here you have all kinds of restaurant aesthetics, dark, light, calm, etc.

1. The Wine Company 

On the off chance that your concept of a heartfelt dinner is Wine and Dine, the wine company will lift your experience a bit higher. It serves the broad wine choice having more than 150 options. They’ve additionally got a stylishly satisfying shining wooden feeling that entices you to go there for a fantastic date. The food here is terrific.

2. Raise The Bar

With an impeccable roof, heartfelt and personal seating and sheer energy, Raise The bar will prevail upon you and your date quickly. If that you and your soul mate love a boozy evening, you can’t miss attempting their creative mixed drinks and newly fermented lager. Likewise, All the tables here are lit up with fire in a glass box. Here, you can partake in the lovely city view while tasting red wine, and flowing on some extraordinary parlor blends. The food here is excellent and delicious.

3. Imperfecto

Energetic, beautiful and provincial, is what’s truly going on with Imperfecto. With particular bike-turned-bar-seats, a wood-terminated broiler, and a peculiar stylistic theme, Imperfecto make for a nice ideal date. You can love the view from their delightful patio sitting. The food presentation is impeccable. The food here is mouth-watering, and this restaurant is a must-visit for an ideal date.

4. Big Tree Cafe

The Big Tree Cafe is enhanced with small pixie lights and particular lights that simply add to the ethereal emanation of the whole cafe. The immense green outside seating region is covered with adorable white seats, and the doorway is only one central sparkling and lit walkway, ideal for those astonishing Instagram pictures. The restaurant is one of the most romantic restaurants in Gurgaon. The food is terrific.

5. Como Pizzeria

Como Pizzeria and Cafe is a lovely spot enlightened with many delightful lights at 32nd Avenue, Gurgaon. Finished with beautiful pixie lights and lavish plants, this cafe has rustic wooden tables with comfortable seats that add to the entire marvelous mood. If you are looking for a fantastic pizza, this restaurant is for you. They have a wide variety of delicious pizzas.

6. Hamoni

They have a rambling outside sitting region ideal for lunch under the colder time of year sun. Furthermore, on the off chance that you’re willing to lay out more, they might coordinate a confidential table total with music and a fantastic menu. For a winter date, this restaurant is perfect. The menu has various model options to choose.

7. Guftagu

Guftagu Cafe in Gurgaon has an ethereal outside seating region decked with shimmering lights and lavish green trees that makes this spot a ton dreamier, and is ideally suited for a supper date with your loved one. The prices of this restaurant are reasonable and their food is delicious. This site is a must-visit.

8. Zanotta 

An extravagance high-end food experience at a dazzlingly planned café, The Leela. Zanotta will make your night out on the town worth recollecting and appreciating with their casual, current style and insides, delicious food, and chic energy. The staff here are generous and courteous. The restaurant has moderate prices.

9. Olly

This slick gallery café in Cyberhub is a must-visit when the weather conditions is excellent. They radiate style via feeling with white seats, exquisite pixie lights, lovely lampshades, and comfortable seats. The ambiance of this restaurant is ideal for a great date. They have soulful music as well as terrific food.

10. Kiyan 

Kiyan is by a wide margin one of the most outstanding heartfelt cafés in Gurgaon that offers a top-notch experience, delightful food, and an excellent place for couples to lean back. Much famous for its dazzling atmosphere, it is one of the heartfelt cafés in Gurgaon for couples. The prices are high, but the food and the ambiance of the restaurant are worth it.

11. The Societe

The Société is a dazzling restaurant gloating stylish stylistic layout with rich couch seats and radiant light fixtures enhancing the roof! It doesn’t simply have a beautiful indoor seating region but has a real outdoors zone where you can eat under the stars on a beautiful evening. The food at this restaurant is fantastic and reasonably priced. This spot is an optimal niche for a terrific night out with your loved one. This restaurant is a must-visit.

12. Town Hall

The Town Hall restaurant has aesthetic interiors with a tremendously delicious menu. The restaurant is ideal for a date as it has positive and romantic vibes. The ambiance of the restaurant is beautiful. The staff is accommodating, and the prices of this restaurant are reasonable. This is a go-to restaurant for a romantic evening.

13. The Piano Man

The wooden insides and warm lighting cause the ideal combo as you partake in the night with jazz music, and a wide cluster of combination dishes. With a broad Bar Menu, both housetop and indoor sitting and vibrant feel, it ticks all sections for an optimal eating experience. This restaurant provides you with a terrific date experience at excellent prices. If you are a jazz fan, this is the restaurant for you.

14. Café Tonino

With a perfect taste and comprehensive exhibit of Italian treats, Cafe Tonino is a superb dwelling place for a heartfelt supper. The common European wooden inside, tranquil mood, and standard lighting of the eatery make comfortable and beautiful energy you’d need to treasure with your date. This café has authentic Italian food that is delicious. The staff at this restaurant is generous and knowledgeable.

15. Café Wanderlust

This café could speak to all the daydreamers who like to live in the dreamland and have great desire for insides. The laid-back energy of this café will make you need to go the entire day glutting on tasty bites and getting up to speed with some light-perusing. You can get a good read from a broad assortment of books on travel. From bean packs to travel guides and delicious food choices, this cafe is the ideal choice for a calm and peaceful date.

16. Pluck 

Pluck is a beautiful eatery in Aero city and elements extravagance and elegance. They serve a combination of excellent recipes with the western wind. Their drawn-out menu and live kitchen draw in food admirers from all over, and they have a wide variety of food and beverages. The restaurant’s ambiance is a model for a fantastic date with your partner.

17. The Pasta Bowl Company

The Pasta Bowl Company is the most heartfelt spot in Gurgaon. With terrific stylish insides, this café doles out extravagant Italian rarities that are mouth-watering and exceptionally satisfying. Stimulate your taste buds by enjoying the most heavenly Italian cooking and relish each nibble of their flavorful pasta bowl.

18. Ladera

This stunning, Santorini-themed eatery is a terrific restaurant. With a heavenly indoor and a marvelous open-air region, enhanced with appealing lights and a relieving, straight-out Instagram-worthy, it is one of the most incredible spots for close dates. Having some expertise in European, Mediterranean, and Italian cooking, you are ensured an unequaled culinary encounter.

19. Artusi

If you’re searching for a pure café for an extraordinary high-end food experience in a tasteful and extravagantly improved climate, Artusi is the spot to be. Planning culinary show-stoppers with imported fixings and conventional techniques for cooking, be ready for actual and flavorful Italian charge. This café is an excellent place for your romantic night.

20. Di Ghent Cafe

Di Ghent Café is ‘the’ place with amazing espresso, ‘happy go-lucky’ energy, and energetic stylistic layout. It is so great that it will magically transport you directly to an attractive Parisian bistro. Serving astonishing European delectables that take care of a wide range of palates, Di Ghent Café is the ideal cafe for your date. This cafe has accommodating staff and mouth-watering food.