Top 20 Royal Hotels In India

Top 20 Royal Hotels In India
Top 20 Royal Hotels In India

We present you with a list of Fantastic Royal hotels in India that can take you back in history, enriching you with a royal experience-Formerly known as the Jag Niwas, the Royal, which used to be a royal summer palace. Forts built hundreds of years ago, still standing upright to narrate the testimony of the time of Indian Rich culture and history.

1. Taj Lake Palace, Rajasthan

Taj lake palace is a notorious for Destination marriages. The tranquility of the lake water and the fascinating evening. After all-The Taj Palace, Udaipur-has have an award as the most royal hostel in India & the world for a reason. Taj palace was known as the Jag Niwas-the royal, which used to be a royal summer palace.

Taj Lake Palace

2. Taj Rambagh Palace, Jaipur

The Quondam hearthstone of the maharaja of Jaipur, the palace was converted into a plush hostel in 1957. A royal hello awaits you as you arrive and staff you in the Rajput traditions of hospitality. The whole place looks and feels royal & the armature and layout of the hostel breaths of Rajasthani kingliness.

Taj Rambagh Palace

3. The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai

The biggest highlight is the Taj property itself & the impeccable client service & hospitality that Taj group is famed for, Mumbai is the gateway to India & the Taj is the Gateway to Bombay.

The Taj Mahal Palace

4. Taj Falaknuma Palace, Hyderabad

Sheer substance nobility to render you speechless. The Taj Falaknuma palace in Hyderabad isn’t just the sign of luxury. It embodies the substance of a luxury royal hostel in India & the library had one of the fitness collections of the Quran in India.

Taj Falaknuma Palace

5. Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur

Umaid Bhawan palace constructor between 1928 and 1943, this resort and gym is home to the quondam royal family & boasts. The hospitality of Umaid Bhawan palace is fantastic. Destination marriages. Old warm charm.

Umaid Bhawan Palace

6. Samode Haveli, Jaipur

Samode Haveli is a royal heritage hostel in old Jaipur. Royal hello awaits you as you arrive & staff you in the Rajasthani traditions of hospitality. The whole place looks and feels royal & the armature and layout of the hostel breaths of Rajasthani kingliness.

Samode Haveli

7. Ratan Vilas, Jodhpur

Partake down from phthisic Indian road life, on a substantial tract of land shadowed by a dome of seasoned trees, sits the Ratan Vilas Jodhpur. Weaving through the pillars of this worthwhile family hall and spile onto the neatly-manicured meadows & isolated yards are stories of Rajput elevation & tales of the defunct period.

Ratan Vilas

8.The Savoy, Mussoorie

Curve during the time and set against a perfect background of the dogri Himalayas range, The Savoy Mussoorie is elegant and major. The century-old hostel offers a good blend of old- world charm, new- age conveniences & pledges to indulge its guests in unequaled gests with a deeper meaning – The Savoy Experience.

The Savoy

9. Taj Nadesar Palace, Varanasi

Taj Nadesar Palace, in the Royal Horse cart, is driven by the person whose family has been serving the royal family for decent & relax. A royal hello awaits you as you arrive & staff you in Banaras of hospitality.

Taj Nadesar Palace

10. The Oberoi Grand, Kolkata

Oberoi Grand Kolkata is the richest and precious hostel in Kolkata. Kolkata is a thriving megacity notorious for its culture, cookery, and history & it’s an elegant structure of the British period and is a celebrated structure in Kolkata. The library had one of the fitness collections of the Quran in India.

The Oberoi Grand 1

11. Maison Perumal, Pondicherry

It’s a Cozy Heritage hostel in the middle of the Maison Perumal, Pondicherry. They’ve maintained the rich culture of South Indian families and just erected their business around it to look fascinating.

Maison Perumal

12. Jehan Numa Palace Hotel, Bhopal

Jehan Numa Palace Hotel is in the megacity center, located in Bhopal. Sadar Manzil & Buddhist Monuments at Sanchi are original milestones, and some of the area lodestones include the Regional Science Center & Museum of Man.

Jehan Numa Palace Hotel

13. Hotel Rawla, Narlai

Rawla Narlai is the Royal Hotel in Rajasthan. Every View of the palace which you see makes your heart stay there for a while. Guests appreciate the quiet position.

Hotel Rawla

14. Chapslee Hotel, Shimla

The hostel is Notorious for offering impeccable hospitality to its Guest, looking for a affable stay-in the royal apartments. Savor cutlet- shellacking delectables of Famous Indian & World fares, prepared by the expert cookers in the royal kitchen. The property boasts stirring surroundings.

Chapslee Hotel

15. The Imperial, New Delhi

A royal luxury hostel, the Imperial Hotel Delhi has an admiration- inspiring heritage interwoven in social fineness & dwells in its ultramodern delivery of old- style class and nobility. A place of the literal significance of Patiala house is the place Nehru, Gandhi, and Jinnah met to bandy the partition.

The Imperial

16. Niraamaya Retreats, Surya Samudra, Kovalam

Our Kovalam sand retreat perched on archaistic reef edge march by an isolated- Sand celebrates its natural surroundings. A Relax & palace property. Our Kerala Ayurveda retreat is sporadic with culture Keralite heritage cabin that harbor in the shade of breezy coconut triumphs.

Niraamaya Retreats

17. The Naini Retreat, Nainital By Leisure Hotels

The Maharaja of Pilibhit, The Naini Retreat hostel is among the stylish heritage hospices located in Nainital near the lake. It’s a Royal hostel, a beautiful posh structure & incarnate an old- world charm with visible prints of coetaneous luxury.

The Naini Retreat

18. Jaiwana Haveli, Udaipur

Haveli was once the private hearthstone of the Thakur of Jaiwana& one of the jagirdars of Maharanas of Mewar. It personal the substance of a royal hostel in India & the library had one of the fitness sets of the Quran in India.

Jaiwana Haveli

19. Amet Haveli, Udaipur

Haveli was rough-hewn during the rule of Maharana Jagat Singh Ji and 2nd of Udaipur between-1734-1752A.D. A royal hello awaits you as you arrive & staff you in the Rajasthani traditions of hospitality. The whole place looks and feels royal & the armature and layout of the hostel breaths of Rajasthani kingliness.

Amet Haveli

20. Brunton Boatyard, Kochi

Brunton boatyard in Fort Kochi inspires by its settler history. A former shipyard in British times, it has been converted by us to actually reflect the symbols & signs of a literal period known for its stately splendor & good taste as lucid through its air, comfort, service, and food.

Brunton Boatyard